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The cultural extent which can be experienced through tribal culture is distinct from any other tradition of India. It is unique, exciting and knowledgeable at the same time. Like this Madai Festival which is celebrated by the Gond community which are out there to make the most of the occasion.

On this festival, people come out of their homes and get together in a large open field as many other relatives and friends also come to visit from other parts of the country. They perform rituals together, enjoy each and every moment and make memories. The festival is marked by the sacrifice of a goat and then a procession of Gods followed by a feast, shopping, dance and music.

Major attractions of Madai Festival

Madai festival is celebrated with great zeal among the local tribes and communities. They worship the presiding deity during this festival. And at the beginning of the Madai Festival, the tribal people of Chhattisgarh launch a procession on an open field where a large number of devotees and general tourists gather to see how the rituals are performed. And while the ceremony goes on the passersby and the on-lookers maintain perfect silence offering their prayers to the deities. And when the procession is finished then there are many cultural events which take place such as folk dance, drama and songs etc. And owing to the fact that a huge number of villagers and locals gather, the Madai festival is always organized on a vast stretch of land.

How to Reach Madai Festival?

By Air - You can quite easily catch a flight to Raipur from other major cities of our country.  

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By Road - The overall connectivity via road network is also quite good. There are regular buses or you can get a cab or some other means of transportation.

By Train - Raipur Junction is one of the major railheads. There are trains connecting major cities with Raipur.

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