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The city of Chattisgarh has been blessed with a great number of pilgrimage sites which are all very famous among Indians. And one such place is the Giroudpuri Dham, standing as an eternal symbol of the Satnami sect. It is the tallest Jaitkhamb in the world and draws the attention of tourists from all across the country. 

Giroudpuri Dham has been one of the most religious places to visit in Chhattisgarh. And Jaitkhamb enables the visitors to appreciate the sun's and nature's magnificence, rich greenery from up above. Giroudpuri Dham is situated at the confluence of the Mahanadi and the Jonk river located at an approximate distance of 80 km from Bilaspur. This place is considered as one of the most reverential pilgrimage sites and is also the birthplace of the founder of Chattisgarh’s Satnami Panth, Shri Guru Ghasidas. 

History of Giroudpuri Dham 

Giroudpuri Dham has got a very deep association when it comes to spirituality and history. Being the birthplace of the founder of Chattisgarh’s Satnami Panth, Guru Ghasidas, it attracts all the more attention of tourists and travellers who come to India to seek something beyond the physical boundaries. 

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The divine saint came from a very humble background as he was born in the family of a farmer. His ‘seat’ has been situated next to the Jait Khamba. It is believed that being a devotee himself, he did severe penance for a very long time under the Auradhara tree to attain self-realization. The place where he worshipped is now referred to as ‘tapobhumi’.

Why You Should Visit Giroudpuri Dham?

Being a historical and spiritual place, Giroudpuri Dham is definitely a must-visit place for anyone who finds themselves to be even a little spiritually inclined. Furthermore, visiting and exploring such places have the power to open up completely the new dimensions of personal development for a person.   

Top Attractions in and around Giroudpuri Dham

Giroudpuri Mela. A great number of travellers reach Giroudpuri Mela to explore the vibrant culture and traditions followed by the locales. Here you also get to participate in the puja ceremony where hundreds of people wearing white clothes participate in the ritual.  

Amrit Kund. This amazing destination is just 1 km away from Giroudpuri Dham. This place has an interesting history. If the stories are to be believed, then there used to be an acute shortage of drinking water here. And all the efforts made by the authorities didn’t bear any results. And even when the water was available, it was unfit for drinking. Seeing this miserable condition of the people, a local saint decided to help the people. With his divine powers, he touched the hillside with his toe and took away some rubble out of the place. To everyone’s surprise, from the same very place a fountain of sweet and cool water gushed out of the hillside. And this water was stored in a kund which is known as The Amrit Kund.

Things to Do near Giroudpuri Dham

Visit Gayatri Temple. For anyone who is willing to explore places situated around Giroudpuri Dham, visiting Gayatri Temple would be a good opportunity to discover something amazing. 

Visit Durg. It is an amazing city situated in the east of the Shivnath River and is part of the Durg-Bhilai urban agglomeration. This place is a unique conglomeration of history and at the same time modernity. Owing to this, it is known as ‘Mini India’ as well. 

Food and Clothing of Chattisgarh

The people in Chattisgarh are considered as quite hospitable and are often ooze friendly vibes. Here, people take a good interest in things like literature, food, and clothing. The women of this state wear traditional Kachhora saree which is made of cotton, silk, and linen. On the other hand, men carry Koundhi which is like a neckpiece made out of beads. Men also wear kadhah which is more or less a bangle worn on any festive occasion. Moving to food now, here one can find an abundance of it. Some of the popular dishes are Aamat, Chila, Bhajia, Faraa, etc. 

How to Reach Giroudpuri Dham?

By Air. The Raipur airport is the nearest airport from this place located at a distance of around 12km from the city. Raipur airport remains very busy as it receives many flights from nearby cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, etc. People planning to travel via flight can get off from this airport and travel the remaining distance by cab or some other means of transportation to reach their destination.

By Train. Batapara, Bilaspur and Mahasamund railway stations are some of the nearby railway stations. You can easily get a train from nearby cities like Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, etc. From there, you would need to take a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your destination. 

By Road. Chattisgarh has a good road connectivity via road. From cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai you can easily reach Giroudpuri Dham. It will take you 26-27 hours approximately, depending on your location.

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