Raigarh, also known as the cultural capital of Chhattisgarh, is one of the fastest developing cities with many upcoming projects lined up. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that it is a place that is definitely on a track to fast-paced developments in every field. While undergoing rapid development, the destination has proudly retained its identity as the cultural capital of Chhattisgarh. It is a renowned gharana of traditional art forms such as Kathak dance and classical music.

Another aspect that has made this city very popular is its abundant coal reserves and power generation facility. Despite less population in the city, it is growing each day into an industrial hub. What may intrigue you, even more, is the fact that it also has a huge contribution to the production of steel and iron sectors. 

There are many events hosted to keep the art of dance and music alive in this city. Chakradhar Samaroh is one of them. Owing to cultural fests like these, Raigarh has emerged as one of the most visited tourist attractions in the state of Chhattisgarh, having many sites to attract the crowd. Here, you will find a plethora of temples, museums, lakes, etc. In a nutshell, it is a good destination to set your mood right for exploring activities. 

Best Time to Visit Raigarh

When planning to visit Raigarh, plan a trip to this beautiful city in the winter season. November to February is the best time as the weather is very pleasant, perfect to explore the city at a leisurely pace. Spend the day time sightseeing and nights to catch various cultural programs organised in different parts of the city. Carry woolens as nights can turn out to be a bit chilly with temperatures dropping to as low as 8 degree centigrade. 

History Of Raigarh

Its history dates back to the pre-independence era. Earlier, it was known as the Princely state of Raigarh. During the time of independence, it was also one of the first few states to join the independent nation of India. However, due to various inner conflicts, the soul of this city has somewhat faded away.

In the beginning, it was Raja Madan Singh who had established this state. There was also a time when Raigarh was a part of Sambalpur State and Madan Singh was the Samant of the King of Sambalpur state. But eventually, Madan Singh established a separate city of Raigarh. He was a king who hailed from a small village located in Chanda District and was succeeded by Takhat Singh, Beth Singh, Dilip Singh, and Jujhar Singh, Devnath Singh, Ghanshyam Singh, Bhupdev Singh, and Chakradhar Singh. The last king of Raigarh was Raja Chakradhar Singh.

Places To Visit In Raigarh

Raigarh is a beautiful travel destination. It is among the popular places to visit in Chhattisgarh. Here's the list of tourist places in Raigarh, Enjoy!

1. Raigarh Fort

Apparently, it is one of the oldest forts in Chhattisgarh. This fort stands among the prime tourist destinations and is just the kind of place that you would love to visit if you are keen on exploring the local history.

2. Ram Jharna

A famous waterfall and an incredible destination to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. It is situated at an approximate distance of 18km from the city. The place is also perfect for a quick weekend getaway. Filled with natural resources and unique wildlife, this place is a sight for sore eyes. As per the legend, it is believed that Lord Ram himself had visited this place once during his Vanvas and drank water from the waterfall. Since then, it has been named Ram Jharna.

3. Singhanpur Caves

These caves are quite ancient and are located at an approximate distance of 20km from Raigarh. It is said that here, in Singhanpur caves, you can find the oldest sculptures on Earth. Apart from that, it is the right place to have a great trekking experience in the jungle.

4. Gajmar Pahadi

It’s a sub-mountain region located at the border of the village of Raigarh and Odisha. This mountain range is replete with unique wild plants, fruits. If you are lucky, you might spot leopards, bears, hyenas, and rock pythons. 

How To Reach Raigarh 

The highlighting factor of Raigarh is its coal reserves. And due to its scenic urban vistas, it can be a great travel getaway to explore for travelers. It is well-connected with different parts of the country by all three modes of transportation.

  • Nearest Major City. Bilaspur
  • Nearest Airbase.  Swami Vivekanand International Airport
  • Nearest Railhead. Raigarh Railway Station
  • Distance from Bilaspur. 132 Km

By Air

The city of Raigarh doesn’t have very good connectivity via a flight. However, it does have its own airport of the same name but it is not very well-connected. Thus, it would be best suitable for anyone to look for some other means of travel options like a bus or a train. But still, if you want to travel here by air then your best option would be Swami Vivekananda International Airport. It is located at a distance of 243 km via NH49 or NH53. Formerly known as the Raipur Airport, it is the primary airport that serves Chhattisgarh state and is considered the 28th busiest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic. This airport has only a single runway and is also equipped with CAT-1 Instrument Landing System. After you deboard at the airport, you will need to take some mode of public transportation like a cab or a bus.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Raigarh 

By Train

The overall connectivity via train is good. Raigarh has its own railhead of the same name. This railway station is responsible for serving Raigarh and the nearby cities like Ambikapur, Surguja, Dharamjaigarh, and Sarangarh. After you deboard at the railway station, you can always take a cab or some other means of public transportation to reach your destination. Here is how you can reach here by train.

  • Nearest railway station. Rajgarh Railway Station
  • Distance from Rajgarh Railway Station. 0.72 Km

By Road

The city of Raigarh has fairly good connectivity with other nearby Indian cities. You can also consider traveling from interstate buses. Here is the route you can take to reach here. You can also consider traveling here by interstate or private bus.

  • Distance from Delhi. 1,276 km via NH19 or NH44
  • Distance from Agra. 1,060 km via NH19 or Agra-Lucknow Expressway
  • Distance from Indore. 981 km via NH47 or NH53
  • Distance from Bhubaneswar. 392 km via NH49 or NH57
  • Distance from Jamshedpur. 428 km via NH49 or NH43
  • Distance from Puri. 456 km via NH55 or NH49
  • Distance from Raipur. 250 km via NH49 or NH53
  • Distance from Delhi. 1254 Km

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Raigarh

Ques 1. What makes Raigarh famous?

Ans 1. Raigarh is considered as the cultural capital of Chhattisgarh. The Raigarh Gharana of music and Kathak is very famous. Art and culture in the city was patronised by Maharaja Chakradhar Singh of Raigarh.

Ques 2. In which state Raigarh is situated?

Ans 2. Raigarh is situated in the state of Chhattisgarh.

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