Rajim Lochan Mahotsav

15 February 2023 - 02 March 2023


Rajim, Chhattisgarh

24°C / Clear

Most of the renowned temples of India host a number of grand fairs in their premises for people to indulge in the history and culture of the temple as well as that of the place, and similar is the case with the Rajim Lochan Temple. 

It is situated in the Rajim town of Chhattisgarh and is an enriched religious spot that has extremely exquisite sculptures that draw attention. This place is also known for the Rajim Kumbh Mela which is held here annually and is a great crowd-puller. 

History of Rajim Lochan Mahotsav Chattisgarh

The Mahotsav takes place in Rajim Lochan Temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is located at the confluence of three sacred rivers namely Saunduor, Mahanadi, and Pariri. This area is also known as Prayag of Chattisgarh and Triveni Sangam due to this confluence point. This annual festival is organized from February 16 to March 1 or from Magh Purnima till Shivaratri according to the Panchang, a Hindu calendar. 

Rajim Lochan Mahotsav fair is organized on a large scale by the ministry of tourism of the state in order to showcase to people the best of the architecture and culture the state has got. The fair is also a great opportunity for folk artists to showcase their talent and art in front of tourists and locals. Here, you will see folk dance, music, drama performances and a lot more. The fair is a visual treat and is an entertaining event for the tourists as well as the locals.

Major Attractions of Rajim Lochan Mahotsav 

1. Worth-Praising Architecture

The aesthetically beautiful architecture of the temple will certainly make you fall in love with it. The temple is a piece of art and the finest specimen of architecture belonging to the bygone era. Inside the temple premises, one can witness several ancient hand-carved statues of deities with inscriptions on them. The walls of the temple have bricks made of limestone and bel fruit. 

2. Cultural Performances

This Mahotsav is a cultural event that is aimed at promoting the culture and folk arts of the region. Tourists will get to witness performances by folk singers, folk dancers, and dramas by local artists unfold in front of them at the event.  

How to Reach 

Raipur is a hidden paradise located in Chattisgarh that has been a favourite destination for tourists. The state has a well-developed transportation structure that connects it with all the prominent cities and states. You can arrive here via different modes and routes, some of them have been listed below.    

By Road

Rajim is just 45 km. from the city of Raipur hence it is highly accessible in all ways. People can travel to Rajim by air, rail or road. If you are planning to travel by road then you may either get on an inter-state or intra-state tourist bus or may drive to the town in your vehicle. Tourists arriving from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru are required to cover approx. 1,300, 1,200, 970 and 1,400 respectively.

By Rail

The nearest biggest railway station is in Raipur which has regular train frequency from all major cities of India. Raipur railway station is approximately 50km away from Rajim and one can cover this distance in a local taxi or bus. You may consider travelling by Samta Express or Gondwana Express if arriving from Delhi, Gitanjali Express from Mumbai, Azad Hind Express from Kolkata, and Wainganga from Bengaluru.

By Air

The nearest airport to Rajim is also in Raipur and there are various road transport options available from Raipur to Rajim. From the airport, one is required to travel another 40 km via taxi or a bus to reach the desired location in Rajim town.

There are direct and connecting flights from all parts of the country to Raipur hence one may consider travelling by air. Vistara, IndiGo, and Air India run non-stop flights from Delhi to Raipur, IndiGo from Kolkata and Bengaluru, whereas IndiGo and Air India from Mumbai. The average price of an air ticket for one person lies between Rs.2500 to Rs.3000 which is subjective to variation with different airlines. 

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