Hailing from Chattisgarh, Guru Ghasidas was an Indian saint who was the leader of the Satnam sect. In fact, he is known for establishing the Satnami community in Chhattisgarh that continues even today. The revered Guru strictly opposed the caste system and preached equality.

Guru Ghasidas not just opposed disparity basis caste and creed but was also against murti puja. In fact, his teachings can also be called quite similar to that of Buddhism and Sikhism. And it is this legacy of his that is celebrated on December 18 as Guru Ghasidas Jayanti.

History of Guru Ghasidas Jayanti

Guru Ghasidas was born on December 18, 1756, in Giroudpuri, Chattisgarh. He was the son of Mahngu Das and Amrotin Devi and grew up to be one of the most sought after religious figures of his time. After Ghasidas, his teachings were carried on by his son Guru Balakdas.

According to historians, Guru Ghasidas himself had experienced the evils of the caste system at a very early age. And this helped him understand the flaws present in the caste-ridden system. It is also believed that to find solutions to this problem, he travelled extensively in Chattisgarh.

He put in efforts to not just eliminate the caste system from the society but to also make it equal and more peaceful. His teachings are still followed by his followers who celebrate the Jayanti with great fervour.

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Major Attractions of Guru Ghasidas Jayanti

1. Morning Prabhat Pheris. The anniversary of Guru Ghasidas, who was considered as the epitome of peace, is celebrated with great zeal among the locals. On the occasion of this festival, Prabhat Pheris are taken out early in the morning by the people belonging to the Satnami Sect. People also dance in devotion while chanting Guru’s couplets which is quite an experience to witness.

2. Social Welfare Meetings and Community Building Functions. On the occasion of Guru Ghasidas Jayanti, many meetings, as well as social functions are held at various places locally. The main purpose of these meetings and functions is the welfare of the society and how certain measures can be taken to improve the overall well-being of people.

How to Reach

To celebrate the festival in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, you can take the air, road and railway routes to reach the destination. From Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru, Raipur is located at the respective distances of 1,227 km, 1,111 km, 938 km, and 1,376 km. You can consider the following routes to reach Raipur.

By Air. If you are planning on visiting Raipur, Chattisgarh then travelling via flight would be a good option. Raipur's Swami Vivekananda Airport is situated between Mana and Naya Raipur and is considered as the 28th busiest airport in the country in terms of passenger traffic as well as 29th in terms of aircraft movement. Airlines like IndiGo, Air India, and Vistara operate direct flights to Raipur from many Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. After deboarding at Swami Vivekananda Airport, you can take a cab or an auto depending upon the location of your destination. 

By Train. The main railway junction connecting Raipur with other Indian cities and towns is the Raipur Junction. Due to the high frequency of travellers, it is known as the highest revenue-generating junctions of India. Travelling to Raipur via train network is definitely a convenient option. One can deboard at various junctions namely Raipur Junction (R), Saraswatinagar (SRWN), Urkura (URK), WRS Colony Ph (WRC). From Delhi, you can board the Durg Hamsafar to Raipur from H.Nizammudin Junction, from Kota, you can take Durg Express from Kota Junction, from Ahmedabad one needs to take PBR Howrah Express from Ahmedabad Junction. 

By Road. If you have a thing for road trips then this part would definitely intrigue you. In summer, it is always best to leave as early as possible due to the unbearable heat. Raipur is very well-connected with other cities via well-maintained road networks. From Nagpur, you will need to cover a total distance of around 284 km via NH53, from Bhopal you will need to cover a total distance of around 631 km via NH47 and from Raigarh, you will have to cover a total distance of around 255 km via NH 53. 

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