Visakhapatnam, aka Vizag, is a marvellous stretch of land in South India with epic wonders. This destination is regarded as the oldest port city in India, boasting a magnificent cultural past. Vizag is a hotspot to explore the wonderful beaches and a hub of cultural and traditional legacy. Talking about the glorious festivals & events, Visakha Utsav is one of the most popular annual events of Vizag that drives thousands of tourists every single time. 

This City of Destiny wonderfully showcases literally everything that depicts this land's magnificence. From dance performances to eye-popping artistic handicrafts, you will see a myriad of phenomenal items that will amaze you completely. Come, be a part of the jubilant celebrations of Visakhapatnam and witness the indigenous arts unfolding its layers most creatively. 

Are you ready to explore the event soaked in the kaleidoscope of colours? Then, scroll down to gain more insights into the event! 

Date and Venue of the Visakha Utsav 2023

The Visakha Utsav will be held on the 29th and 30th of December 2023. The venue for the event will be Rama Krishna Beach, Visakhapatnam. 

History of Visakha Utsav 

The Visakha Utsav was first held in 1997, and following this, this mega event started to be celebrated yearly. This event was organised to bring forth the cultural richness of Visakhapatnam and let people know about the magic of the City of Destiny. The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department organises the Visakha Utsav to display the colourful and the most aesthetic side of this wonderful city.  

Major Attractions of Visakha Utsav 2023

The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development will organise this event, and over 850 tribal artists will be participating in this majestic event displaying their applauding talents. The Vizagites will leave no stone unturned to make this event spectacular! Here are some major highlights of the event which you will definitely love exploring. 

1. Fancy Indigenous Handicrafts and garments exhibition.

Being a part of the glorious event of  Visakha Utsav and not buying the striking stuff feels no good! From beautiful Kalamkari paintings to excellent Pochampalli, you will also have a chance to get your hands on some dandy Ikat sarees. This event is mainly a site where the people of Vizag put on a show of their artistic talents, so do not hesitate to buy as many items as you wish! 

2. Sensational Music.

Not a single event is complete without music! Do you also agree? Well, I do. The Visakha Utsav will be playing a stage to some rhythmic local music that will just bless your ears. 

3. Fantastic Dance Performances.

The folk dance performances will be staged in this event to provide all the visitors with an indigenous feel and let them have a closer look at the true essence of culture. 

4. Lip-smacking delicacies. 

Who all craves some delicious food? Well, I do a lot! Try some mouth-watering delicacies of Visakhapatnam that will just satiate your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Take breaks from the other happening event corners and fill your bellies with amazing food. 

5. Entertainment shows. 

For the merriment of the visitors, there will be a plethora of entertainment shows in the event to have fun. This way, the event will have a complete vibe where you can explore and participate in several entertaining and delightful activities. 

How To Reach Visakhapatnam For Visakha Utsav

Visakhapatnam is a port city of Andhra Pradesh and can be reached by all means of transport. Keep reading about the airbase and railhead details to reach your destination. 

  • Nearest Major City. Kakinada
  • Nearest Airport.  Visakhapatnam Airport 
  • Nearest Railway Station.  Visakhapatnam Railway Station 
  • Distance from Kakinada. 143 Km

By Air 

The port city, Visakhapatnam, has its own airport, namely Visakhapatnam Airport, which lies very near the main city. You can easily book a cab or other mode of public transport to reach your destination. 

  •  Distance from Visakhapatnam Airport. 12 Km

By Train

Visakhapatnam has its own railway station that offers excellent services and quick access to the main city. You have to book a cab or hire any other public means of transport to reach the destination. 

  • Distance from Visakhapatnam Railway Station. 2 Km

By Road  

Visakhapatnam is well-connected with all the national highways and roads. You can easily reach the destination by your own personal vehicle or private cab. 

  • Distance from Kakinada. 143 Km
  • Distance from Rajamahendri. 179 Km
  • Distance from Brahmapur.  239 Km
  • Distance from Vijayawada. 313 Km
  • Distance from Guntur. 340 Km 
  • Distance from Bhubaneswar. 394 Km
  • Distance from Warangal.  395 Km
  • Distance from Cuttack. 411 Km
  • Distance from Rourkela. 531.9 Km 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Visakha Utsav 2023

Q1. Where is Visakha Utsav held?
A1. The glorious Visakha Utsav is held at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The venue is Rama Krishna Beach. 

Q2. How is Visakha Utsav celebrated?
A2. The Visakha Utsav is celebrated with all the zest and fervour in the port city of Visakhapatnam. The event exhibits a wide array of colourful handicrafts and fantastic cultural performances to delight visitors, making it a big hit. 

Q3.  Are there direct flights to Visakhapatnam from the Major Indian city for Visakha Utsav ?
A3. Yes, there are direct flights to Visakhapatnam from several major Indian cities. Visakhapatnam is well connected to other parts of the country by air. Some of the major cities that have direct flights to Visakhapatnam include:

PLEASE NOTE : Dates can vary due to cancellation or last-minute changes.

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