Places to Visit in Manali for Couples

The unconquerable mountain ranges, cloud-kissing snow-capped peaks, the soothing sounds of a waterfall, the awe of the meandering river water, and the thick green cover! Hill stations located in the valleys or higher up on mountain slopes have inexplicable charm - more so because they are so close to nature and yet mighty, powerful, and standing tall!

The unfathomable mystique of places like Manali is the true reason why it makes for such a romantic getaway for couples. If you choose to stay away from the city center, there is abundance, serenity, and calmness all around. Disturbed occasionally by the chirping of birds and the winds blowing by! If you are staying close to the River Beas, it is the sounds of ravaging water cruising through boulders and pebbles that add spice to your intimate escapade.

The weather plays the symphony, signaling that nature orchestrates and ameliorates just the kind of ambiance you want. All set for a trip to the mountains with your spouse or partner? Here are a few exclusive places to visit in Manali. Scroll down the list and find out some must-visit places when planning a trip to Manali.

Solang Valley

The snow-filled valley lies about 13 km from Manali. The sight of the snow-white land surrounded by mountain peaks is awe-inspiring. The entire landscape will remind you of a song sequence direct from a Hollywood movie. The clear skies and evergreen trees dotting the horizon are enough to fill the soul and mind with unparalleled tranquility. Amidst such a picture-perfect setting, spending hours with your beloved is the ideal way to rejuvenate your relationship. Solang Valley is so beautiful that it is one of India's most popular honeymoon hotspots.

Besides the terrain, Solang Valley offers incredible adventure-related activities. Couples can try their hands at skiing, zorbing, and paragliding. The latter option gives you a panoramic view of the lush valleys and the meadows below. Other adrenaline-pumping activities include quad-biking, snowmobiling, and a ride down the Solang Ropeway.

Rohtang Pass

When at Solang Valley, you can proceed ahead to Rohtang Pass, 47.3 km away. If you plan to cover the distance from Manali, it is about 53 km from the city center. The Pass is strategically located between the Chandra River and Lahaul Valley. At an altitude of 13,054 feet, the Pass offers motorable access to Leh, Spiti Valley, and Lahaul from Manali.

Rohtang otherwise means the 'land of corpses,' but its unparalleled scenic beauty will stun you. The Pass is one of the most romantic tourist places in Manali,with the overwhelming sight of the majestic Pir Panjal Mountain Range. This watershed area between the Beas and the Chenab Rivers is covered with white snow and temperatures touching the freezing point. The white sheet exemplifies pristine beauty giving both of you the chance to unwind, play snowball games, and even indulge in making snowmen.

Some of the must-try activities include trekking and mountain biking. This is also the ideal spot for capturing memorable pictures, especially if you are a photography lover. Sledge rides, paragliding, skiing, and snow scooter riding are some of the other pursuits to indulge in.


One offbeat Manali tourist place is Kothi, also known as Koshtampi. This quaint small town is nestled in the foothills of the Rohtang Pass. Located at an altitude of 8,202 feet, Manali is at a distance of 12 km from Kothi. The exceptional beauty of the place is unmatched, offering a private retreat to couples. You can sit down and sip hot coffee amidst the magnificence of the snow-capped glaciers and mountains. The Beas River flowing through the deep narrow gorges near Kothi creates a picturesque ambiance. It is an ideal spot for nature-lovers to go idle and soak up the place's scenic beauty. You can climb up to the Rohtang Pass on foot from Kothi.

You can also visit the Goddess Shuwang Chandika's temple during your stay here.

The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)

As a couple, you can plan a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the National Park located in Kullu, approximately 50.6 km from Manali. The Great Himalayan National Park covering an area of 1,171 sq km, is home to almost 800 animal species and 350 plant species. There are four endangered species living here, including the serow, snow leopard, musk deer, and the Himalayan tahr. The Park is home to three endangered birds - the koklass, Western tragopan, and cheer pheasants.

If you are interested, consider the option of camping here. Trekking through the alpine pastures is also a common activity. Stopover to catch a glimpse of the three different oak varieties - the kharsu, mohru, and ban. You can shop for locally sourced and made pine needle baskets, pickles, and juices. A well-curated Manali tour package is incomplete without a stopover at GHNP. A well-deserved holiday from the hectic city life, this is the place that takes you the closest to nature.

Waterfalls Near Manali

Water is conventionally an essential aspect of a romantic refuge. Besides spending momentous time on the banks of the River Beas, you can explore the five stunningly beautiful waterfalls near Manali. These are -

Jogini Waterfall

It is about 2 km away from Manali. This waterfall drops from a height of about 160 ft. and is close to the Vashisht Temple - almost an hour by foot. The trek itself is beautiful amidst the pine trees and rolling hills. The waterfall is characterized by crystal-clear water. You can go for a bath here, after which you can relax with your loved one.

Jana Waterfall 

It is one of the most-frequented picnicking spots in Manali. It is because the hiking trail to the waterfall is simple. About 33 km from Manali, this is an ideal spot for a day trip.

Knoi Waterfall