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One of the mesmerizing places of Rajasthan is Mandawa that is located in Jhunjhunu District of India. Mostly famous for palaces and forts, the town has got international laurels. Not only domestic tourists, but you will also see a huge number of international tourists every year. Apart from the historical sites, you will also love to explore the tranquil sand, the rich history, and cuisine. 

History of Mandawa

The Mandawa town was founded by Mandu Jat. Previously Mandawa was called the “Mandu ki Dhani”, then it became Mandu ka Bas and finally it was changed to Mandawa.

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Places to visit in Mandawa

Mandawa Fort.  It is the Beautiful evidence bestowed by history. It has been built in the 18th century, still, it has the essence to impress the locals as well as tourists. The colorful painting on walls and the inscriptions are the example of tremendous art work. It is a perfect marvel from Rajasthani Architecture

Sewaram Saraf Haveli. This old yet visually appealing haveli, manages to impress you throughout the exploration of the site. This place also have been the centre of attraction for several movie shoots.

Murmuria Haveli. If you are into the beautiful Murmuria Haveli, you will be mesmerized with utmost artistic work that has been done in gone era. Moreover, you will also notice the fine paintings by the-then painter Balu Ram.

Things to do in Mandawa

Shopping at Mandawa. When are in Mandawa, you can not miss roaming around the local bazaar of Handwa. Apart from the souvenir shopping, the other antiques you can from here such as local handicrafts, paintings etc.

The Bungli Restaurant. Let the taste of Rajasthan flow on your tongue. This Bungli Restaurant is known for delicious Rajasthani cuisine. You will definitely leave with sumptuous memories.

Events & Festivals in/around Mandawa

Gangaur Festival. This colorful extravaganza is dedicated to Goddess Parvati  who is the wife of the great Lord Shiva. Also, it is one of the harvest festivals of Rajasthan that is celebrated in the month of March/April.

The Kite Festival. The Kite Festival or Makar Sankranti is one of the mega festivals of Rajasthan that is celebrated with great pomp and show. This might be one of your mesmerizing experiences in your life. The fierce kite competition is very intriguing. 

Best time to visit Mandawa

The weather is not an issue for a wanderer, he/she can manage anytime. But, if you are planning a family vacation, you can choose the winter months to visit the Mandawa.

How to Reach Mandawa

Mandawa town is located in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan.

Air. The nearest airport is Sanganeer airport aka Jaipur International Airport. It will take almost 3 hours to reach Manadawa from Jaipur International Airport. Offering regular domestic and international flights by renowned airline services like IndiGo, Air India, Air India Express, Oman Air, SpiceJet; the airport is well-connected to major cities of India as well as major cities of overseas. 

Rail. The closest railway stations are Nua railway station, Dundlod Mukundgarh railway station and Kayamsar railway station. If you are travelling from other cities of states of India, it is easier to deboard at Jaipur Railway Station which is approximately 168 kilometres away from Mandawa which will take around more than 3 hours to reach. The outer premises of the railway station is equipped with several local modes of transport like bus, taxi and auto. once can take any of these commuting sources to reach Mandawa.

Road. The roadways of Rajasthan is well interconnected and also with other neighbouring regions. There are frequent buses you can get towards Mandawa served by Rajasthan Transport Corporation or you can take any private bus but can be a little overwhelming.

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