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11 Famous Places To Visit Near Ram Mandir

11 Famous Places To Visit Near Ram Mandir | Best Tourist Attraction

Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, has always been a place close to the heart of ardent devotees. This place has a mystic connection with the devout followers of the Hindu religion. Located on the banks of River Sarayu, this Holy City has donned a new look lately. Years of unwavering faith, devotion, tears, and prayers of Ram Bhakta culminated in the inauguration of a beautiful temple. Here, devotees throng to glimpse Lord Rama's baal-roop vigraha. The impressive idol of Ram Lala speaks to you. The experience is truly surreal and is bound to stay with you forever.

When you step into Ayodhya, it's as if you're immersing yourself in a chapter of the Ramayana. It truly feels like being a part of that tale, where the journey of Rama and Seeta unfolds. For those who hold this tale close to their hearts, Ayodhya remains where Ram and Seeta's presence lingers while Hanuman stands guard over the city. Every temple and palace in Ayodhya pays homage to its history. While many visitors come here to witness the grandeur of the Ayodhya. Places to visit near ayodhya ram mandir there are many places to visit near Ram Mandir that add a spiritual aura to this holy land. 

List Of 11 Famous Places To Visit Near Ram Mandir

The Jan 22nd inauguration of the Ram Mandir serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit and resolve of the city as it strives to reclaim its historical heritage. Beyond its importance, the temple has transformed into a symbol of national pride, drawing pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the world. This surge in visitors has not only revitalised Ayodhya's economy but has also heightened its profile on the global tourism stage. When planning a trip to this Holy City, check out other tourist attractions near Ram Mandir to experience the mysticism of the city in its entirety.

  • Hanuman Garhi | Discover the Fortified Abode of Lord Hanuman
  • Kanak Bhawan | Delve into the Radiant Palace of Sita-Ram
  • Treta Ke Thakur | Tracing Divinity's Footsteps in Ancient Ayodhya
  • Guptar Ghat | Where Tranquility Meets the Flowing Sarayu
  • Sita Ki Rasoi | Relish the Mythical Kitchen of Sita Ji
  • Dashrath Mahal | Embrace Royalty at the Palace of King Dashrath
  • Ram Katha Museum | Tribute to the Timeless Epic
  • Gulab Bari | A Picturesque Garden
  • Bahu Begum Ka Maqbara | Soak in Its Serene Ambience
  • Tulsi Udyan Garden | | Adorned with Flowers
  • Terhi Bazaar | A Sensory Feast of Sights, Sounds, & Flavours

1. Hanuman Garhi | Discover the Fortified Abode of Lord Hanuman

Nestled gracefully in the land of Ayodhya is Hanuman Garhi, also known as Siddha Peeth Shri Hanuman Garhi. This historical temple, located 1km from Ayodhya, symbolises devotion and captivating pilgrims and travellers. Within its grounds lies a unique deity of Lord Hanuman that cannot be found elsewhere in India. Since times immemorial, Lord Hanuman has been protecting Ayodhya, and his presence at Hanuman Garhi is believed to bring protection to the city, honouring his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama, the divine ruler of Ayodhya.

Situated peacefully on the banks of the holy Saryu River, Hanuman Garhi represents the enduring connection between deity and devotee. The sacred rituals here carry an ambience as the temple priests humbly offer their prayers to Lord Hanuman. According to legend, if a priest requires a blessing or seeks permission for something important, they ceremoniously present a letter inscribed with their prayers to the deity.

  • Darshan Timings- Summer | 7:30 am to 11:30 am & 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Winter- 9 am to 11 am & 4 pm to 9 pm

2. Kanak Bhawan | Delve into the Radiant Palace of Sita-Ram

Explore Kanak Bhawan, a gift bestowed upon Devi Sita by Queen Kaikeyi following her marriage to Lord Rama. Mythical tales intertwine with architecture as Vishwakarma creates a sanctuary dedicated to the couple that is strictly off-limits to males, including Hanuman. With its origins dating to the reign of Vikramaditya and later renovated in 1891 under the patronage of Queen Vrishbhanu Kunwari, this majestic structure continues to captivate pilgrims with its awe-inspiring visuals. Immerse yourself in the rituals of worship and offerings, a timeless practice steeped in unwavering devotion. There is no dearth of hotels around Ram Mandir where you can enjoy a comfortable stay and explore other significant attractions in the city.

  • Darshan Timings- 5 am to 10 pm

3. Treta Ke Thakur | Tracing Divinity's Footsteps in Ancient Ayodhya

Within the heart of Ayodhya, you'll find the revered Treta Ke Thakur Temple, a place that pays homage to Lord Rama, the divine ruler of the Treta Yug. This holy site, one of the historical places near Ram Mandir, sits gracefully along Ayodhya's Naya Ghat. The temple has stood for three centuries since the king of Kullu built it. It holds significance for pilgrims who come from near and far to seek solace here. The temple is steeped in mythology. It is said to be where Lord Rama performed the 'Ashwadmedha Yagya.' This temple emanates an aura of divine grandeur and is adorned with idols carved out of black stone, including Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lord Lakshmana, and Lord Hanuman. Visit the temple in Kartik to immerse yourself truly in its ambience.

  • Darshan Timings- Opens only on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi

4. Guptar Ghat | Where Tranquility Meets the Flowing Sarayu

Eight kilometres west of Naya Ghat in Ayodhya, you can find a spot called Gopratar Ghat, also known as Guptar Ghat. It is situated by the Sarayu River, close to Ayodhya Cantonment. According to the Skand Puran, Lord Ram departed from here to Baikunth after completing his journey. Raja Darshan Singh constructed this ghat in the half of the 19th century. You'll find temples dedicated to Sita Ram, Narasimha and Guptahari on this serene ghat. Many cultural events near Ram Mandir, such as Ram Navami, Ram Leela, Sawan Jhula, and more, are organised occasionally to entice tourists from far and vast areas.

  • Timings- Open All Day

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5. Sita Ki Rasoi | Relish the Mythical Kitchen of Sita Ji

Sita Ki Rasoi, located in Ayodhya's surroundings, invites pilgrims and those seeking fulfilment to experience its enchanting atmosphere. With roots in mythology, this revered place is believed to be where Devi Sita, Lord Rama's consort, used to cook. The fusion of legend and devotion takes visitors back to the ram mandir ayodhya darshan timings of the Ramayana, where the heavenly fragrances of offerings once permeated the air. Today, Sita Ki Rasoi stands as a symbol of respect, giving pilgrims a glimpse into culinary delights. Its sanctity and historical importance make it an essential destination for those on a quest in Ayodhya. There are several pure vegetarian and some of the best restaurants near Ram Mandir where you can enjoy lip-smacking cuisines.

  • Darshan Timings- 8 am to 6 pm

6. Dashrath Mahal | Embrace Royalty at the Palace of King Dashrath

Dashrath Mahal, a masterpiece located in the heart of Ayodhya, stands as a symbol of the city's cultural heritage and regal ancestry. It takes its name from King Dashrath, Lord Ram's father, and this magnificent palace exudes opulence and grandeur. Combining elements of Mughal and Rajput styles, the palace's intricate carvings and ornate facade create a mesmerising sight for visitors. Every nook and cranny whispers stories of glory and royal extravagance, transporting guests to an era of nobility. Dashrath Mahal serves as a reminder of Ayodhya's past, inviting travellers to immerse themselves in its timeless charm.

  • Timings- 8 am to 12 noon & 4 pm to 10 pm

7. Ram Katha Museum | Tribute to the Timeless Epic

The Ram Katha Museum in Ayodhya is a captivating tribute to the timeless epic Ramayana. Situated amidst the city's surroundings, this museum immerses visitors in the fascinating stories of Lord Rama's saga. Its artefacts, dioramas and immersive exhibits bring to life the cherished tales of bravery, devotion and righteousness described in the ancient scriptures. From portrayals of moments in the epic to artefacts that evoke the essence of a bygone era, this museum offers an enchanting journey into the core of Hindu mythology. It serves as a landmark that safeguards and celebrates India's treasured heritage.

  • Timings- 6 am to 6 pm

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8. Gulab Bari | A Picturesque Garden

Gulab Bari, located in the heart of Ayodhya, is a sanctuary with a historical background and vibrant floral displays. Known as the "Garden of Roses ", this captivating place was built in the century by Nawab Shuja ud Daula, the ruler of Awadh. Within its surroundings lies the tomb of Nawab Shuja ud Daula and his family, featuring intricate Mughal architecture and tranquil water features. True to its name, the landscape is adorned with roses of colours that fill the air with their scent. Gulab Bari offers visitors an escape where they can immerse themselves in Ayodhya's past while surrounded by picturesque gardens.

  • Timings- 4 am to 7 pm

9. Bahu Begum Ka Maqbara | Soak in Its Serene Ambience

The Bahu Begum ka Maqbara, located in the landscape of Ayodhya, represents the city's rich cultural heritage. Constructed in the century by Nawab Shuja ud Daula, this impressive tomb pays homage to his wife, Bahu Begum. The stunning Mughal architecture of the mausoleum, adorned with carvings, majestic domes and delicate latticework, captivates visitors with its splendour. Surrounded by gardens and reflective pools, the maqbara emanates an atmosphere of serenity and reverence. As you explore its corridors, the tomb softly narrates tales of love, legacy and nobility that beckon travellers to immerse themselves in Ayodhya's timeless charm and majestic history.

  • Timings- 7 am to 4 pm

10. Tulsi Udyan Garden | Adorned with Flowers

Tulsi Udyan Garden, located in the heart of Ayodhya, is a sanctuary that seamlessly blends the magnificence of nature with a sense of peace. The garden takes its name from Goswami Tulsidas, the poet-saint. It offers a sprawling greenery expanse that invites locals and tourists to find solace in its tranquillity. Adorned with flowers, winding pathways, and serene ponds, this is one of the most enchanting parks and gardens near Ram Mandir. It encourages them to relax amidst its natural wonders. Alongside statues portraying scenes from Tulsidas's epic work, Ramcharitmanas, this garden is a tribute to his timeless contributions to literature. Tulsi Udyan Garden is not just a spot but a sacred haven where nature and spirituality come together harmoniously.

  • Timings- Open 24 Hours

11. Terhi Bazaar | A Sensory Feast of Sights, Sounds, & Flavours

Terhi Bazaar, a market in the heart of Ayodhya, is a hub of culture and commerce full of energy and diversity. It is famous for its range of shops, stalls and vendors offering an experience for all the senses. Every corner reflects Ayodhya's rich heritage, from crafts and beautiful textiles to spices and delicious street food. In this atmosphere filled with activity, locals and visitors come together to immerse themselves in the city's spirit and enjoy the timeless allure of its bustling markets. Terhi Bazaar, one of the most visited local markets near Ram Mandir, truly represents the Ayodhya's cultural fabric.

  • Timings- Morning to Evening

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit Near Ayodhya

Q1. What are some popular tourist attractions near Ram Mandir in Ayodhya?
Popular tourist attractions near Ram Mandir in Ayodhya include

  • Hanuman Garhi
  • Kanak Bhawan
  • Treta Ke Thakur Temple
  • Sita ki Rasoi
  • Guptar Ghat
  • Dashrath Mahal.

Q2. Are there any historical sites or monuments to visit near Ram Mandir?
There are several historical sites and monuments near Ram Mandir, such as Hanuman Garhi, Kanak Bhawan, and Dashrath Mahal.

Q3. Can you recommend any scenic spots or parks close to Ram Mandir?
Scenic spots and parks near Ram Mandir include Nageshwarnath Temple and Saryu River Ghats, offering serene views and tranquil surroundings.

Q4. Are there any specific shopping areas or markets near Ram Mandir?
Specific shopping areas and markets near Ram Mandir include Terhi Bazaar, where visitors can explore a variety of traditional handicrafts, textiles, and local products.

Q5. What are the best dining options and restaurants near Ram Mandir?
The vicinity of Ram Mandir offers a range of dining options and restaurants catering to different tastes, including local eateries serving authentic cuisine, as well as cafes and restaurants offering diverse menus to suit varied preferences.

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