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Tips For Starting Your Own Personal Travel Blog

Best Tips For Starting Your Own Personal Travel Blog

If you love to travel and also love documenting your adventures, then starting your own personal travel blog could be a great way to not only publish your writing and travel movies, but share your unique experiences with the world.

For some, a travel blog is purely a hobby, whilst for others, it’s a side hustle or financial endeavour that can generate real revenue if you know how to do it. No matter what your goals for your travel blog, we’re going to provide you with some of our own expert advice on how to go about starting up your blog, whether it's a labour of love, or a project you see yourself wanting to earn a substantial income from in the long run.

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The reader comes first

It’s true that starting a personal travel blog can be a great way to capture memories, and share them with other like-minded travellers, to potentially even inspire their next trip away. However, what stands apart a successful travel blog from an average one, is that the reader is always on the blogger’s mind when they’re writing.

No one wants to feel as though they’re reading an internet stranger’s diary of funny but very specific ‘you-had-to-be-there’ stories. Save those for catching up with your friends.

Make your blog enticing with plenty of multi-media content, and informative, engaging posts. Your blog doesn’t have to be a rote description of what happened on your travels. Highlight the most interesting, entertaining or important parts, and use plenty of pictures to help visualise the experience. A PNG editor can help you remove the background of your photos for when you want to isolate a particular subject in an image, for example a delicious looking meal you ate, or a cool piece of artwork you found.

This will help keep your blog fresh, rather than appear like one gigantic photo album.

Find your own voice

How many travel blogs are there on the internet? Statistically speaking, about a gazillion. That means yours has to be unique. This shouldn’t be alarming, because a personal travel blog is all about you - and your unique take on the world, opinions and memories will be unlike anybody else’s. Through your writing, you have to harness this individuality, and transform it into a blog that is compelling, distinctive and new.

Ask yourself what your travel blog is going to concentrate on. Will you narrow down your articles to focus on the traditional cuisines, styles of fashion, or cultural holidays of your destinations? Perhaps your blog will focus on one part of the world, such as Europe, or take a really detailed look at a diverse country you’re particularly passionate about, like India or Australia. Think about whether you want your blog to be aimed at solo travellers, families, or couples, and whether you’re aiming to provide precise, practical tips, general inspiration of what to see and do somewhere, or simply recount interesting tales.

Through a combination of a unique writing style and a set strategy of how you want your blog to develop, it will be easier to produce a website that is organic and true to you.

Generate streams of revenue from your blog

It’s naive to think that starting up a personal travel blog simply means you’ll be able to scurry off to wherever you want in the world, write a couple of articles about it, and then earn enough money from them to fly to the next place. As much as that would be the dream, most bloggers don’t earn enough for it to be their sole source of income.

It can be really hard to decipher what full time travel bloggers earn as their annual salary, because the truth is that most don’t make it their only job, and if they do, it’s often after the process of years of building brand partnerships and a loyal following that allows them to generate revenue from other related sources, such as selling products or travel packages.

That means there are two ways to approach this: you can either throw yourself headfirst into turning your travel blog into a reliable source of income, or you can visit it sporadically and use any income you do make to go towards funding your next trip.

If you’re going for the former, you’ll have to be hot on the money in securing sponsorships, allowing ads in your articles, and working with brands in social media posts to advertise their products. You’ll have to learn to see your blog as a digital marketing space - how you orchestrate and rent out that space is up to you, but don’t be misled that all it takes is some funny, well-written stories to land you the luxurious jet-setter lifestyle.

Learn the principles of SEO

If you want your blog to start ranking, you’ll have to familiarise yourself with search engine optimisation, and learn how to use it to propel your blog to the top of those search engine results pages. Without clicks, you’ll struggle to get your blog off the ground, and without a decent volume of traffic it will be exceptionally hard to get brands to sponsor you - if that’s the avenue you want to go down.

Optimising your blog by tailoring your content to what people are searching for, including ticking off all the check-boxes for creating influential digital content such as including meta-descriptions, photo captions and high volume keywords in your articles will help ensure more people see your blog.

Make it fun to read

There are blogs talking about all kinds of things on the internet. Some are pretty straight-forward, and give you the facts on a topic you maybe need to learn more about. The great thing about travel is that it’s nearly always for leisure - so most people who are reading your blog article are doing so because it’s something they find interesting, and are maybe even thinking about going to the place you’re describing themselves.

It can be easy to get swept up in the business side of things - taking up too much time checking you’ve followed all the SEO protocols and chasing after brand deals to turn your blog posts into profits. But beneath it all, there should be a love of travel that you ultimately want to share.

Have fun writing your blog, and people will have fun reading it. Create with Adobe Express to design a blog that looks as fun as the topic it’s talking about, to add animations to your work, build off of existing templates and turn your articles into a more interactive, engaging experience.

If people feel as though they’re simply reading a news article, they’ll be quick to click off your site. When they feel like they’re really at whatever place your blog post is talking about - that’s when you’ve hit the true jackpot.

Starting your own blog can feel like (and ultimately is) working with a blank canvas. But, that’s also the exciting part. With so many ways to tailor your content to suit your personal preference of not only travel but also writing, it won’t take long to build up the bones of a personal travel blog that is uniquely interesting, and uniquely yours. Follow our tips and you’ll soon be well under-way.

FAQ About For Starting Your Own Personal Travel Blog

Q1: How do I choose a niche for my travel blog?
A1: Consider your passions and expertise. Identify unique aspects of your travel experiences or destinations that set you apart, ensuring a niche that aligns with your interests and audience appeal.

Q2: How can I grow my blog's audience?
Engage with your audience through social media, collaborate with other bloggers, and optimize your content for search engines. Consistency in posting and creating shareable content are key for audience growth.

Q3: What equipment do I need to start a travel blog?
A good camera or smartphone for quality photos, a reliable laptop, and a strong internet connection are essential. Invest in a user-friendly website platform and consider a portable charger for your devices.

Q4: How can I monetize my travel blog?
Explore various revenue streams, including affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling digital products or e-books, and offering travel consulting services. Build a loyal audience before seeking monetization opportunities.

Q5: How do I stay inspired and motivated as a travel blogger?
Keep your content diverse, set realistic goals, and connect with fellow bloggers for support. Regularly explore new destinations, and document your experiences with a fresh perspective to maintain enthusiasm and creativity.

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