March 2020 Events and Festivals in India

Come March, and we can't stop thinking about the events and festivals of India that have to follow, Holi being the most favourite of them all. Be it the traditional ones or the fun ones, March events and festivals are never low on the fun quotient. So, without wasting a single second, let's go through the list of festivals as well as events we are going to celebrate and enjoy in the month of March. 

Events and Festivals in India

In total, March has 15 events in India and festivals in India to offer. So, let's have a look at the list that follows. 

1. International Yoga Festival (March 1-7)

Yoga is something that people from the whole wide world swear by and that is why this event is of prime importance. Held between March 1 and 7 in Rishikesh, the do is organized and managed by the Ministry of AYUSH, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Government of India, Ministry of Tourism and Incredible India. This event starts with a 4 am workout called Kundalini Sadhana and continues through the evening. People also indulge in different meditation techniques.

2. Brij Mahotsav (March 4-6)

The Brij region or Brij Bhoomi of Bharatpur, Rajasthan is famous as Shri Krishna’s birthplace. And, on the special occasion of this festival, artists from the entire state, join hands to depict the life of Shri Krishna, known as Krishna Leela. This event is of great importance for the Buddhists as well, as it is said that Lord Buddha built many monasteries in this region where he educated his pupils also.

3. Shikara Race (March 4-15)

Who doesn’t love a ride on shikara? But, ever thought of a race on it? Well, it is actually a thing. In Kashmir, this event is being organized, this year, from March 4 to 15 at Dal Lake where several colourful shikaras would compete against each other. This initiative was taken by the government in 2016 in order to boost the tourism industry and keep the travelers hooked on this beautiful city.

4. Masi Magam (March 8)