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20 cultural cites in India

20 Indian Destinations to Take You Back to Your Roots

India, like people say, is the land of cultural diversification and most of us are aware of its deeply rooted values. Well, while we have the privilege to be born in such a mystical land, the majority amongst us are simply unaware of the unique and incredible cultural values.

Today, tourism is growing at a very faster pace, people have developed an unending desire to learn about the various beautiful countries and cities all across the globe. Indians are not lagging and are embracing the culture of globetrotting and how! But what we as an Indian community is missing is, while we are busy exploring the foreign land, we are paying absolutely no attention to our own country.

There are so many hidden treasures and cities that need your attention right away! Well, these 20 Indian destinations will not only take you back in time but will also bring you closer to your roots.

1. Orchha

You have probably not heard much about this Indian tourism destination and even if you have, it might not be enough to motivate you to visit this historical place. This Indian destination is rich in history and reflects the glorious past of the bygone era. From magnificent temples to stunning architectures and mouth-watering delicacies, Orchha is a one-stop destination for all you history lovers.

2. Jaipur

Now before you book a ticket to the beautiful French lands of Prague, just take a bus to Jaipur and explore this popular Indian tourist destination. To the capital city of Rajasthan will be a journey that you will never forget. From Hawa Mahal to city palace to forts and markets, Jaipur is so rich and the cultures of the city will bring you closer to the Rajasthani cultural values.

3. Udaipur

Talking about Rajasthan and ignoring Udaipur is like visiting Dubai and ignoring Burj Khalifa. Well, this is not an exaggeration. Whether you are someone who is on a bag packing trip or someone who is looking out for a luxurious getaway, Udaipur is one of the must-visit Indian Best Holiday destinations in India.  

4. Jodhpur

Well, Rajasthan is just full of history and every city has a story to tell. If there has to be one state in India, that is still carrying on its legacy, then it has to be Rajasthan. It’s not just cities and architectures but, the deep-rooted Indian history lies in their food, their traditional outfits, and their sweet language. Even to this day, the Rajputs of Rajasthan are proud of their valour. Jodhpur in Rajasthan holds a rich cultural value of India.

5. Lucknow

In case you weren’t aware of the Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb of the city, well you should book your tickets to this city. Once ruled by the Nawabs, Lucknow was known as the Paris of the East. The visitors can still feel the old school charms of this city in its rich delicacies, polite language, and grand architecture.

6. Delhi