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10 Best Things to do in Turkey on Your Next Trip

Türkiye'ye hoşgeldiniz” - Welcome to Turkey - The Land of the Mighty Turks!! Connecting the two subcontinents – Asia and Europe – Turkey becomes the central connecting thread of the Eurasian landmass. It is also a place that presents a bouquet of many such connections, like history and modernity, spirituality and natural healing, pristine natural sightseeing, and modern adventures, among others. Further, the country is well located to present you with the unique experience of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Balkan, and Central Asian landforms, culture, and history.

Turkey is a transcontinental country situated at the confluence of the Eurasian land mass. A part of the country is situated in the Anatolian Peninsula of Central Asia while the remaining country is strategically a part of the Balkan Peninsula of Europe. Therefore, Turkey tourism can also boast of a holistic confluence of East (Asia) and West (Europe). Some of the most important cities of Turkey include the capital city of Turkey - Ankara, historic Istanbul, the scenic Antalya, the Ottoman capital of Bursa, and Prophet Abraham’s birthplace Şanlıurfa, among others.

Turkey can not only boast of its modern cities with historic importance. The country is also blessed with nature’s divine blessings. Turkey is surrounded by the Aegean Sea in the west, the Black Sea in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. In short, the country is enveloped by seas on three sides. Therefore, Turkey Travel Guides presents you with ample options of sun-kissed beaches to spend time in the lap of nature while sunbathing and soaking yourself in the precious reservoir of Vitamin D. In fact, the beaches also line up numerous things to do in Turkey such as kayaking, snorkelling, and canoeing among others.

Not only this but the country is also blessed with pine-covered forests. These beautiful temperate forests are home to various creatures and thus these forests are surely something you should not be missing while you are in Turkey for a real adventure. In fact, Turkey tourism has a long list of places to visit in Turkey for any kind of traveller such as history lovers, nature enthusiasts, or adventure lovers.

A list of 10 Must-Do Things and Top sights in Turkey would definitely include:

1) Visit the Turkish cities mentioned above, especially the city of Istanbul

İstanbul'a hoş geldiniz (Welcome to Istanbul)! The city of Istanbul is well connected by international and domestic flights. The city of Istanbul often acts as a connecting terminus for long-distance flights flying from Europe and the Americas. This city has different sites to surely impress you as a traveller. History Enthusiasts have an opportunity to visit important historical monuments such as the huge Byzantine Basilica which is also known as Aya Sofya or Hagia Sophia. The lavish Topkapi Palace of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire is another site that you can cherish. Apart from being a part of the famous Turkish history, you can also enjoy the modern city life by wandering on the backstreets or by going for café-on-bar hopping in the Kadikoy area which is known for its happening lifestyle. Even people interested in art have an option to enjoy contemporary artwork in Beyoglu. Apart from tasting Turkish delights in the city, one thing that you should definitely not miss is sipping the ‘cay’ or tea while taking a ferry ride. This would surely mesmerise you as you soak yourself in the grandeur and beauty of spectacular Istanbul.    

2) Take a Sun Bath at the Turquoise Coast

Turkuaz Sahil or the Turquoise Coast is a treat for nature lovers. The sun-kissed sea and the pristine beaches make up for the most sought-after sand vacations and sea shore explorations. Some of the prominent sites which you can visit include the rock tombs of Myra, the picturesque Phaselis, the best Turkish beach of Patara, and the Antalya Museum. You can engage in driving around the coastal roads; go out for exploring the Mediterranean coastline on a Gulet cruise, or enjoy hiking the Lucian way. The point is you should enjoy the Turkuaz Sahil your own way!!!

3) Get Enchanted at Pamukkale

Pamukkale is another nature lover’s paradise. The scenic bright white terraces showcase the most beautiful picture-perfect portrait ever as if this entire rural town is painted with freshly fallen snow, that too in full symmetrical patterns. The warm mineral water flowing through the rural city gives you the warm hospitable kiss of nature which can cure any amount of depression and anxiety that you may have in your personal life. Nature is indeed a healer in itself, isn’t it! Further, the ancient spa city of Hierapolis can further relax and rejuvenate you for the future grind of life. So the next time you are looking forward to that much-needed break from your busy hectic schedules, you know your dream destination.

4) Romanticise Cappadocia or Romance at Cappadocia

Kapadokya'da romantizm!!! The next place that you can visit is a place where you can experience romance. Yes! Romance in the true sense…. You have beautiful, cosy, and private cave hotels and many theme-based restaurants which would definitely be a honeymooner’s paradise. Romance at Cappadocia would be fully charged when you add on the enchanting sunrise balloon rides to your honeymoon experience. Your honeymoon would surely become Oh! So beautiful! But! The romance here is not merely restricted to the love birds since nature too romances here. This is why the early Christian history can also be traced to this place. This particular place is also known as the geographical wonderland of the country. Few places to visit in Cappadocia include Göreme Open-Air Museum, cave churches, green valleys, underground cities in the World, and hiking and biking trails, providing romancing opportunities for historians, adventurers, nature lovers, and honeymooners in one place.  

5) Take a train ride on the Eastern Express

The train starts from the capital city of Ankara and takes around 24 hours to reach Kars located in the eastern part of Turkey. So you waste 24 hours??? No indeed, it’s a pleasure because this is the most famous railway route in the world. This journey gives you the opportunity to view the cinematic landscapes and sceneries. Most importantly, this train ride gives you the option to see the changing geography of Turkey in a step-by-step mode. It passes through villages, valleys, and canyons and gives you the holistic feel of nature and ample time to reconnect with yourself.

6) Mesmerise yourself on your Journey on board the Van Lake Express

The Van Lake Express is another alternative train route to the famous Eastern Express. This train ride offers you the valuable opportunity to experience splendid natural views, especially in the winters. The train departs from Ankara and takes 25 hours to reach the Tatvan district of Bitlis.

7) Enjoy Yachting at Fethiye

The harbour city of Fethiye is known as a popular yachting destination. People looking to enjoy sailing activities surely know where to visit isn’t it? Fethiye also offers exclusive cruise rides along the Mediterranean coast which is perfect to have the perfect holiday. Not only that, but the city also offers glimpses of history such as the Lycian ruins from the classical era among others.

8) Enjoy the Black Sea with the Karabuk-Zonguldak Express

This two hours fifty minutes ride gives you an opportunity to visit the Turkish wilds and have an enchanting view of the Black Sea Geography. For visitors travelling with a small-time schedule, this would be a perfect choice.

9) Fall in love with nature aboard the Taurus Express

The Taurus Express is another route that gives you a splendid view of the magnificent red pine forests, steppes, historic bridges, and the Taurus Mountains. The journey begins at Konya and ends at Adana. The beauty of Turkey can be experienced well through this ride.