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Famous European Festivals

15 Famous European Festivals You Must Attend in this Lifetime

The second smallest continent in the world, Europe, houses 50 different countries. Unlike Australia, the smallest country continent in the world, Europe boasts of having not only 50 countries but 50 or more different cultures, traditions, beliefs, and the way people celebrate their lives. Among these 50 countries, there are 5 transcontinental countries spread across Europe and Asia. This further extends the cultural depth of the continent of Europe.

Talking about the European culture and tradition, the European subcontinent has been the house of many important civilizations such as the Greek Civilization and Roman Civilization. Further, history has bestowed a rich heritage of wars, growth, development, and progress on Europe and the countries of Europe. It is said that the First World War ended four European empires – the German Empire, the Russian empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. With such a huge historical background, the countries of Europe do have a lot to cherish.

However, apart from history, the European countries love to cherish and celebrate the different festivals in Europe. The famous Festivals in Europe include those which celebrate Art, Music, and Film.

List Of 15 Famous Festivals In Europe

There are some traditional festivals in Europe, which are celebrated in high spirits. The list of festivals in Europe is long, however, we have curated the best 15 European Festivals you must attend in this life.

  • The Carnival of Venice
  • Europe Music Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Oktoberfest
  • La Tomatina Festival
  • The Carnival of Ivrea
  • Flamenco Fair
  • Lavender Mob
  • Noble Grapes
  • Pizzafest
  • La Tamborrada
  • Maslenitsa
  • Amsterdam Light Festival
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • San Fermin

1. The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous Traditional festivals in Europe. The carnival is a traditional festival marked with the usage of colourful masks and a gala ball. Started in 1979 with the purpose of reviving the culture of Venice, Italy, the Carnival of Venice currently is one of the best festivals celebrated in Europe for around 20 days and includes several competitions such as Best Mask Design Contest, Popularity Contest, and Grand Ball among others.

2. Europe Music Festival

The centuries-old history of Europe makes music an important part of European culture. Therefore, music is celebrated in different forms and ways in various countries of Europe. However, the most important point which needs to be mentioned is that Europe Music Festival is always a dream for all the music lovers whether as an audience or as a performer. Some of the most important Music Festivals celebrated in Europe include-

Glastonbury. It is the world’s most popular and most awaited music and performing arts festival held in England. This festival celebrates the different genres of music including rock, pop, jazz, and techno, among others. Interestingly, each of these genres is respected equally in this festival and music lovers wait for this festival all around the year.

Tomorrowland. It is the biggest and the most important electronic music show held on this earth. This festival usually takes place in Belgium.

Primavera Sound. Celebrated in Spain, this music festival is one of the most respected and celebrated music festivals according to music lovers.

Mad Cool. This music Festival is relatively new but the festival was held in Spain. Moreover, the Mad Cool Music Festival has already started ruling the hearts of music lovers.

AMF. Held in the Dutch Capital, AMF is the festival that celebrates dance music. The festival was originally known as the Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF).

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3. Cannes Film Festival

Celebrating film and the entire process of film production, the Cannes Film Festival is a premier film festival held globally. The festival is held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, in a small village called Cannes in France. Over the years, the Cannes Film festival has gained even more important than the Oscars held every year.

4. Oktoberfest

Considered to be one of the most popular beer festivals celebrated in Europe, Oktoberfest is a folk celebration of the culture of Bavaria, Germany. Starting in the year 1810, the festival highlights include food and beer stalls everywhere on the road and people serving food and beer in traditional Bavarian costumes.

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5. La Tomatina Festival

Considered one of the biggest food festivals in Europe, La Tomatina is held in the town of Buñol, Spain. The highlight of this festival is a food fight involving over-ripe tomatoes smashed on each other, including locals and tourists, on the streets.

6. The Carnival of Ivrea

The festival started in the 19th century as a protest by rebellious commoners throwing food given by Feudal Lords; the Carnival of Ivrea has taken the shape of a war of throwing oranges among commoners these days. The festival is celebrated in Italy during the month of February. The festival is counted both as one of the Biggest Food Festival in Europe and one of the Weird Festival in Europe.