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If you travel along with a singer, every minute of your journey turns into a mellifluous ride because travel, music and good company are the best therapies. On this melodious note, we bring to you an exclusive travel interview with Shibani Kashyap . Our special guest, as you all know, is super talented, extremely gorgeous and an extraordinary singer, artist and a producer. Perfectly tuned, silvery, symphonious! Her music touches our heart and so does her travel stories, for they are as engaging as her voice.

From exciting holidays in India to enriching experience in Egypt, she has revealed the best journeys of her life in an exclusive chat with us, at Adotrip. Take a sneak peek into Shibani Kashyap’s travel interview to brace yourself for a next trip. Let the jam begin! Scroll down!

: What is your travel mantra?

Connecting with different cultures, exploring new landscapes, gathering melodies from around nature, making beautiful memories is what travelling is all about. I travel around the globe for shows and concerts. Be it Egypt, USA, Mauritius, Bali or even Rampur, every place has something unique to offer. Travel memories of each place are my souvenirs that I cherish forever.

Travel is a way to live, you feel complete. It enriches and makes you subtle in so many ways.

: What keeps you connected to India?

An array of experiences that are possible only in India keeps me connected. Be it culturally evolved northeastern region or historically entrenched Rajasthan, there is so much to savour in India. Food, traditions, river systems, spice gardens, tree houses, mountains, deserts, beaches; even a lifetime is short to discover the Indian landscape.

Unique and mind-boggling travel experiences keeps me connected to India.

: Born and brought up in Delhi, what is your version of the capital city?

Delhi is exponential! It’s a city that encapsulates good living. Born and raised in Delhi, I never felt unsafe. Crime is happening all over the world but it gets amplified in Delhi. There are so many positive sides of the capital city that stay overlooked, it saddens me sometimes. The city is dotted with amazing places like Hauz Khas Village, Sunder Nursery, Dilli Haat, Garden of five senses etc and then there is grandeur of Old Delhi, ancient monuments, food joints that have been running for centuries, the city boasts some of the best malls, there is so much more to Delhi.

Delhi is an amalgamation of vibrant culture, rich history, politics, luscious food and everything worth a praise.

: You are a creative person, a singer, which place in India inspired you through your journey this far?

Terrace of my house. It makes me feel comfortable and vibes with my innermost desirable place where I can be myself and extract the most creative element within me. My terrace is a calm and serene place that is densely green which gives a outlet to the creative me. Apart from my terrace, any place that is rich in greenery and is close to nature strikes my creative cord and acts as a muse. It is a blissful place where I feel meditated and can focus on the musical note to be lost into the harmony.

Green foliage, fauna is like retreat which allows me to tune into the best creative self.

: Any unique festival in India that you have attended or is on your bucket list?

The festival where I felt most enchanted is Pushkar festival- I got an opportunity to live in a tent there. Despite densely populated with a massive inflow of people, it was well organized and I felt grateful to be a part of the event. I also had the privilege to spend some time there in a tent where devotees stay during the festival.
Apart from Pushkar, I had the chance to perform at Hunar Haat festival - which also happened to be a jam packed affair with approximately 1.5 Lacs attendees. However, despite the given huge crowd it was organized meticulously keeping in account the safety. Everyone had to wear a mask and it was organized by the Ministry of Minority Affairs to facilitate the art and handicraft, so that they do not go out of work during this time and go vocal for local. This Central Government initiative was a treat to the eyes and food for soul brimming with all sorts of creativity.

I have also attended Lavazza festival, Worli festival, Jazz festival and Kala Ghoda festival. Out of all these, Kala Ghoda was the most enchanting and memorable one.

Interacting with crowds in these festivals makes me come alive and jive to the groove.

: Any spiritual destination in India where you visit frequently?

Yes, the places I revere and visit most are - Trimbakeshwar, Banaras, Ujjain. Trimbakeshwar is a jyotirlinga which is ahead of Nasik. It is an ancient 500 year old temple which marks the trinity of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Mahesh. In Banaras, I had the opportunity of performing and thereby visiting and seek Gods’ blessing. And I frequently visit Ujjain, I feel so connected in MahaKaleshwar temple. Golden temple in Amritsar is also one of the revered shrines where I seek blessings and feel super connected.

These temples glorify my soul and attune me in the most pure and blessed form of me.

: Which part of the country you think is worth exploring? Why?

I would question this question, which part is not worth exploring? India is a kaleidoscope of scenic wonders and can be visited from head to toe and yet can’t be fully explored. For instance, the North East is worth exploring and unveiling the heavenly locales treats with blazing sights. Even South India has many spots such as Cochin, Kerala and Pondicherry that I simply love. Beautiful spots like Rajasthan and Gujrat have its unique charm. For unraveling hills one can plan a trip to Himachal and Uttaranchal as every place there has a different story to tell. It’s also gorgeous travelling to Madhya Pradesh. I stayed in Bhopal at a palace property perched near a lake which was extremely stunning. Odisha is also an exquisite place where I had a chance to perform at Puri beach festival.

All in all, one life is short to explore all of India which has innumerables places to visit and engrave in the travellers’ diary.

: You travel around the world for concerts. Any travel experience that is close to your heart?

I am certainly magnetised with Egypt. I had the chance to perform there with four concerts among which three were in Cairo, Alexandria - which incidentally has the largest library of the world. It’s like a whole building turned into a library and is really beautiful. The library runs on solar power and comprises a large amphitheatre for performances. Egyptians love Bollywood music, especially movies of SRK and Amitabh Bachchan. The best part of the concert was that the audience sang the song with full devotion even when they couldn’t decipher a single word, this indeed was heartwarming. So much love and adulation because you are a Bollywood singer - it is crazy. Right from trips on river Nile cruise, the largest river of the world, to visiting the museum, to pyramids, to the old city of Egypt, old churches and learning the fact that when Jesus Christ was born, he lived 30 years in the part of Cairo was overwhelming.

Egypt marks a special place in the heart when it comes to concerts and travel experience. It is a treat to the mind and soul.

Rapid Fire

: Your 3 Travel Essentials

My essentials are a battery pack for phone and camera, basic medicines incase of emergency (Vitamins, Crocin, hygiene packs) and my Guitar.

: Where would you like to go on a solo trip?

I would love to go to Bali because of the lovely massage, spa and great night life. Place to pamper yourself. In India, it would be Arunachal Pradesh as I can enjoy jam sessions everyday. I also love going to relaxing yoga centres and meditation retreats. Rejuvenating ya!

: Your favourite mountain and beach destination in India?

My favourite mountain destination is Himachal Pradesh and for beaches I can’t get over Goa.

: Your favourite shopping destination in India?

With no doubt - Delhi

: Your favourite travel buddy

Husband, he is a travel geek, always up for adventure plus he clicks amazing pics.

: What will you drop if your baggage exceeds?

Extra shoes - Two pairs are enough, high heels and sneakers are all you need.

: Your favourite dish from the Indian menu?

Rajma Chawal

: One place from where you felt nothing is far?

When I shifted to Mumbai. Mumbai is land of opportunities, if you are focused sooner or later you will reach your goal.

: Where did you go on your last vacation?

To Mashobra last September, in Himachal. I have a small cottage there for family holiday, it is so pretty that I discover something new each time I visit there.

: Your favourite weekend getaway?

Goa, or if driving down then Lonavala or Alibaug

From singing in enclosed space to diversifying her voice to the world, Shibani Kashyap is a singing sensation who rose to fame because of her conviction in melodies she herself creates. Her famous chartbusters Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa and Zinda Hoon Main, mark a surprise that how she has not embraced playback singing full-fledgedly and chosen her own path to success. Since Shibani believes in her own creations, her originality has won the hearts of millions. Last year, she delivered around 60 online concerts to raise money for Covid-19 patients, which indeed gives a glimpse of how compassionate she is towards society. Not just a wonderful singer, Shibani’s benevolence speaks volumes about her charming persona. Touched and how, she is definitely one of the warmest personalities from the industry.

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