‘Naam Shabana’ Actor Bhuvan Arora Unbosomed His Travel Mantra, Budget Trips and Much More...

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.” - pearls of wisdom by Mark Twain. Time keeps ticking and we age! Shirking travel plans until we get free is the biggest disaster we do to ourselves. Moot point! Make the most of your time while you’re young and restless. And if budget is an impediment, simply ride your bike and hit the nearest getaway.

The right time to travel is TODAY and this is what our special guest from Bollywood has to say. The phenomenal actor, Bhuvan Arora made a remarkable entry in the film industry with a brilliant performance in his debut film, Shuddh Desi Romance. Getting candid with us in a hearty repartee, he disclosed his incredible travel experiences that can feed your lingering wanderlust.

Yes, Adotrip keeps nudging your travel instinct! Take a look at Bhuvan Arora’s first ever travel interview:

: What is travelling for you?

Travelling is an enriching experience. It broadens perspective, fosters happiness and nourishes the soul! It is like a magic bullet that cures all the stress. We all run into challenging situations and in the hard times travelling becomes the antidote, a magical proposition that gives a fresh perspective to deal with hardships of life. I think we all should be willing to learn about diversity and be grateful for the possibility of getting to know different things around the world.

Travelling is exploring aesthetic possibilities and gathering dream-like experiences.

: What’s it like to quit acting, grab a backpack, and travel?

How I wish if someone sponsors me for life! Not that you need too much for travelling, but if I get realistic, then certainly there has to be a sound financial backup. After all, in between dreams and reality, life happens and we all have to make living. I will definitely not mind living out of a suitcase and I am not denying my love for travelling but acting is my passion, also my profession. It took me a while to make a place in this industry and therefore I cannot quit acting for anything in life. I would rather do as many films to fulfil both my dreams; being recognized as a good actor and seeing multitude facets of the world.

On a lighter note, if someone is willing to sponsor my globe-trotting instinct then I can definitely think of taking a sabbatical, only to be a more refined actor.

: Be honest, would you prefer to visit another country or travel within India and which place?

Well, I am quite in love with the exquisiteness of different cultures and gladly being born in a country that is a melting pot of an array of cultures is indeed a privilege for me. Without a second thought, I would first prefer to explore the destinations in India, gradually travelling to different parts of the world. I am looking forward to visiting Kashmir , due to the pandemic I have postponed my trip.

: Born in Delhi, acting course from Pune and now settled in Mumbai. How these places in India made a difference in you as a person?

Delhi turned me into a foodie, trust me the food of Delhi holds so much magic. After getting enrolled in FTII, Pune, I gradually began to learn the basics of life parallelly with acting. Pune taught me contentment in life. The vibe of the city is so chilled out that I would want to make a second home there. Mumbai is warm and embracing, despite being unaware of who stays next door, people always lend you a hand for help. Having spent a few years now in Mumbai, the culture here has made me humane.

: A unique festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

I have attended many music festivals, the Sunburn Festival of Goa and whatnot that are totally unwinding. Now I am keen to attend the Rann Utsav in Gujarat for all the good things I have heard of and also being a music lover, I want to attend Ziro Festival in Arunachal Pradesh. Having got rave reviews, these two festivals are brimming on my bucket list.

: Any experience of adventure sports in India that you can share?

Paragliding in Solang Valley was quite a bizarre experience. It was so damn crazy. I was just bracing myself for flying when the person ahead tripped and got badly injured. I was literally petrified but as I was ready with all the gears on so took a plunge. As I moved, I tripped at the same point but thankfully my glider opened at the right time and it took off. The spellbinding view from the glider was every bit worthy of taking the risk. I have also tried my luck with river rafting in Rishikesh and scuba diving in Bali. Incredible experience, I must say. Scuba diving in Andamans is on the cards, albeit. Sometime soon!

: Have you ever been on a budget trip to any part of India? Share your experience.

Every year, my FTII cronies and I used to attend the International Film Festival of India held in Goa. We were all aspiring actors at that time; wanted to revel but the budget was always an impediment. But a boy in us was unstoppable, we stayed in basic rooms that were low budgeted and also in the dormitory during our acting course to attend the festival. We used to go on a spree at the festival and needed a bed only to sleep at night. Those trips were super fun, never felt like the low-budget trips, though.

Money is just a small part of the big travel plan. It’s trivial in front of pleasures we derive.

: What was the most interesting place in India you have ever visited?

Hunder village in Nubra Valley of Ladakh. I have never seen a jaw-dropping topography of lofty mountains, turquoise river, verdant land and white desert, all in the same place. So many hues of nature, trust me it’s an overwhelming and mind-boggling sight. The night sky is studded with so many stars, I came to know only when I saw it with my own eyes. There is no place like Nubra Valley in the world, I can vouch for it.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

Comfortable clothing and footwear, some cash in hand and good company

: An actor you would like to travel with?

I would have loved to travel with Irrfan Khan. Missed the opportunity:(

: A travel movie that inspires you?

Into the Wild and Eat Pray Love

: One place from where you felt nothing is far?

Adotrip App. There’s so much to gather about travelling that nothing feels far when you are surfing this amazing travel app.

: Which destination in India keeps you connected to roots?

Hometown, Delhi.

: Where did you go on your last vacation?

Kuala Lumpur, Bali

: What’s your favourite weekend getaway?


: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent?

Circuit Planner because it saves a lot of time and money.

: Your favourite travel app?


: Any dish from the Indian menu that everyone must try?

Chole-Bhature, Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan, a typical Punjabi!

: Which Indian airline you think is the best?


Honing the craft teemed with passion, the savvy actor - Bhuvan Arora’s success story speaks volumes about the precision with which he has stepped forward in Tinseltown. Having made a remarkable presence, this Delhi boy’s exceptionally realistic acting in films such as Shuddh Desi Romance, Dedh Ishqiya, Tevar, Naam Shabana has been lauded by all. His latest, Chaman Bahar - a Netflix feature has won him incessant love and praise. Without resting on laurels, he stays fully committed to giving the best of performance with every movie. Humble, Honest, Jovial and Sooo damn charming, Bhuvan Arora possesses all the traits to steal the limelight instantly!

Totally in love with him! Watch out our Trip Talkies section for more inspiring travel stories of your favourite celebrities. Stay tuned to Adotrip - you can now get the best holiday packages at your most promising online travel platform. With us, nothing is far!


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