Indian Idol Host Mini Mathur And Her Unforgettable Travel Memories

In need of travel inspiration? #AdotripHaiNa. We understand that travel callings are strong at the moment and ignoring them will only lead to frequent pop ups until you make it to the place. And if that’s not inspiring enough, taking some cues from Mini Mathur might help. She is someone who does what her heart says and travels where her passion takes her! And that’s the right way to settle those travel blues, isn’t it? Ahaan! Hold on your horses because the vivacious Indian Idol host, Mini Mathur is here with us to share her inspiring travel stories from places in India. Here’s your chance to know how she fixes her wanderlust.

Exclusive travel interview of Mind The Malhotra’s Actress, Mini Mathur

Now that’s a treat for all her fans, right? Here’s the much needed dose. SCROLL DOWN!

: What is travelling for you?

Travelling for me is my most basic need. I work hard only to deserve my next trip. My perpetual life goal is always to travel to where I haven’t been. What fascinates me about new places is the local cuisine, meeting people from different cultures, the tastes, sounds, smells, spices!! Lately, my work has also revolved around my passion - I host and produce a show based on travel called MiniMe.

I would say, travel is always the brightest highlight on my calendar.

: Any childhood travel memory that makes you nostalgic?

When I was growing up, I spent the entire summer in Nainital and Shimla with my parents or then at my Nani’s house in Amritsar. I am very attached to these places. These hill stations of Shimla in Himachal or Nainital in Uttarakhand hold strong childhood memories around every nook and corner. The bakeries with those cream rolls, the treks, the boats in the lake, the pine cones, skating rinks, all those basic mountain holiday things, I have done them all.

For me, these touristy trips make for perfect childhood memories despite having discovered deeper and more enriching aspects of adult travel.

: What keeps you connected to Delhi?

My parents, friends, food, school & college memories -Delhi always feels like home. I did my schooling from DPS, RK Puram, I graduated from Lady Shriram College, did my MBA from IMT-Ghaziabad, my bestest friends are still in Delhi. Plus, having grown up in Delhi, I know most parts of it really well. Whenever I am in Delhi, I try and revisit the regular haunts. My parents know I have my own map. Choley Bhature from Bengali Market, lunch at Pandara Road market, going to my favourite shops in Khan Market, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi Haat, I go to Lodhi Garden and Deer Park whenever I want to enjoy open spaces in Delhi.

For me, Delhi is more about my childhood. My growing up years, my formative years.

: Which part of the country you think is worth exploring? Why?

Oh! We live in a country that is rich and diverse -there’s something new to discover whichever direction you move in. For me, Kashmir tops my list. Fortunately, I have spent a lot of time in Kashmir: the gentle people, the culture, their music, the natural beauty and the wazwan. I love everything. It’s not called paradise on Earth for nothing.

Next on my list is Ramgarh in Uttarakhand, where I go every single year with my kids. Soulitude in the Himalayas, is a luxurious cocoon, a very well regarded homestay where you wake up to the most stunning view of the Nanda Devi range. I spend 5 days at Soulitude in the Himalayas and another 5 days at Soulitude By the Riverside which is nestled in a valley with a river flowing through it. 2020 is the only year I missed going there.

Then there is Kerala which is just after my heart. I love south India - the backwaters, the lush greenery, art, culture, food, and sarees, I just love Kerala so much! Then, there’s the eternal favourite - Goa. But who doesn’t love Goa :)

The only place that still beckons to me is the North East. Though I have been to Darjeeling, Assam, and Shillong, that’s one place that holds a lot of mystique for me even though I have many friends in the Northeast. They keep sending me rice, sarees, chillies, embroidered pieces and I really want to do a longish trip to the Northeast which I am sure would happen very soon.

: You stayed in the jungles of Malaysia while hosting a show. How was the experience?

Spending 3 months shooting a TV show in Taman Negara which is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world was an incredible experience. Living in a real jungle is pretty fascinating. We used to walk around 10 to 12 kms every day and often with snakes and leeches at close quarters. We used to take 700 to 800 steps to reach the shooting spot and then right back. The same food every day, no room service, geckos in my room, we were living with just the basics. But the adventure was totally worth it.

: Any unique festival in India that you have attended or is on your bucket list?

I anyway celebrate a lot of festivals in my home. But yeah it would be nice to celebrate festivals in local destinations. I do remember Amritsar during Lohri and how festive Kolkata is during Durga Puja, or Bombay during Ganpati. Goa all through Christmas is lovely. I am sure Eid in Kashmir would be amazing. Every festival has a unique charm when celebrated amongst locals.

: You have hosted so many travel shows. Which place in India was a great discovery?

I was the host of one of India’s first travel shows Indian Holiday. I travelled the length and breadth of our country, thanks to the show! Rajasthan and its old world charm, historical vibe, the architecture of the palaces still have my heart. Now I produce my own travel show, ‘Minime’ wherein I travel to different parts of the world with my daughter. For me, there’s no better learning for kids than travel.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

Good speakers, Sunglasses, Sunblock

: Describe India in one word


: Whom would you like to travel with?

My girlfriends or my kids.

: What will you drop if you have excess baggage?

My big-big bottle of shampoos. I have this bizarre habit of carrying big size bottles while travelling.

: Your favourite beach destination in India

Lakshadweep and Andamans

: Your favourite Indian Dish

I love Kashmiri cuisines. Kashmiri Gushtaba

: One Indian Handicraft that you totally love

Sarees. I love wearing handloom sarees

: A place in India that children must see


: A place in India from where you felt nothing is far

Pangong Lake. It’s totally surreal.

: Your favourite shopping destination in India

I love picking up stuff from Delhi.

: Your favourite weekend getaway

Goa, very close to Mumbai.

: Where will you travel to India if you have to go on a solo trip?


Multitasking turns you into a superwoman and who proves it better than Mini Mathur. The super stunning ex MTV VJ; the country’s finest television host and now an actor who makes you laugh in her show on Amazon Prime, ‘Mind the Malhotras’. She is a perfect homemaker who wears many hats & juggles multiple roles. She is a mom, a producer, a traveller, a model and also manages to host the most exquisite high tea parties according to her friends! A true influencer in real life! Is there anything that Mini can’t do? She’s a complete fireball; full of zeal and always inspiring! There’s so much to partake in from her heartwarming travel interview.

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