In Conversation With Pad Man Actress Himika Bose

Are you craving to catch the mountain whiff or dainty sea breeze? Well, we suggest you to keep calm and stay at home until things get normal. We deeply regret the disruption of your travel plans, however, being your travel partner we feel obligated to keep your wanderlust satiated. Hence, we got in touch with the sensational Pad Man actress, Himika Bose this time. Being a travel junkie herself, she shared her best travel memories for all her fans. Now that’s a treat, right?

Pad Man Actress, Himika Bose

Enjoy reading Himika's exclusive interview which will surely keep you inspired. Keep on planning and bucket listing your favourite travel destinations, we will hit the road soon!

: What is travelling to you?

I just love travelling. It is an inexplicable feeling but if I have to plainly define it, then I would say that it's meditation, living in the moment. Travelling gives me an opportunity for self exploration, to test my endurance level. Discovering new things with every trip is something that excites me and keeps me going.

Travelling is one of the greatest indulgences, in fact a compulsive break that helps me tune out my life.

: Which is the most cherished travel memory of yours?

The firsts of everything are always treasured and my first trip definitely left a lasting impression on me. I have a vivid memory of this trip to Thailand with my brother and his friends. It was soon after getting my passport back in 2017 and trust me there was no looking back as this trip turned me into a travel junkie. Also, meeting new people from different walks of life is enriching and heartwarming, these travel memories are forever etched in my heart.

I have gathered so many fond memories of meeting these lovely people across the globe who touched my heart with their humble gestures and immense love.

: Any unique festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

The grandeur and enthusiasm of Durga Puja fascinates every Bong and I am no exception. It's one extraordinary festival that immerses the entire Kolkata in the festive spirit and the positive vibes are just to the next level. 5 days of back to back celebration, Oh My God, it's one festival I look forward to celebrating, it’s so high on energy!

: If you have to travel solo, which part of the country would you like to explore?

There are actually two places on my wishlist. One is Himachal Pradesh for its majestic mountains and breathtaking valleys and the second is exploring South India because of the vibrant culture and natural bliss. I have already been to Manali in Himachal and Kerala down south whilst shooting. Both these places triggered my solo travel instinct. I wish to discover both these regions in India that are strikingly different and have unique things to offer.

: Have you ever hitchhiked and if yes how was your experience?

Not really hitchhiked yet but the idea of hitchhiking is pretty fascinating. I am too skeptical of trying it out in India but I will check out the possibilities abroad. Hitchhiking is ultimate freedom but at the same time it’s intrinsically dangerous. We gotta weigh the risks!

Rapid Fire

: What are the three travel essentials for you?

If I am going to the beach then it’s sunscreen, book and sunglasses. And if I am going to the mountains, I carry books, my music albums and a diary.

: Shoes, Clothes, makeup what will you drop if your baggage exceeds?

I don’t carry a lot of makeup when I am travelling so it won’t really help me in reducing the weight. Shoes, I really cannot so I might just have to get rid of clothes or I will just layer them up. It’s difficult to part with your possessions.

: Which travel movie do you wish to have done?

Can I tell you a secret? I have a goldfish memory. I really cannot remember what happened in which movie but I would love to be a part of Emily in Paris for the sheer love of shooting in Paris. Haha!

: One actor you would like to travel with?

Timothée Chalamet. He is irresistible!

: Which is your favourite Indian Dish?

Puchka. So the Golgappas in the north and pani puris in the west actually originated from the puchkas of West Bengal, Kolkata to be precise.Yumm! I am already drooling!

: Which is your favourite weekend getaway?

Goa because it is really close to Bombay. I have been to Mahabaleshwar and it was just ethereal because it’s enchantment doubles when it rains there.

: A place from where you feel nothing is far?

I think New Delhi because you have easy access to so many idyllic places like Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur in Rajasthan. You can also go to the hills of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

: A place on your bucket list?

I have 3. Morocco, Turkey and Amsterdam.

: Relaxed or action packed holiday. What’s your pick?

My holidays are a blend of everything. I usually explore in the daytime and party hard at night and in between, I sneak out the time to get a good dose of sleep.

: Would you like to book your holiday with Adotrip?

If I get great deals and customized plans, then why not? Ofcourse, I would like to book a holiday with Adotrip.

The Gen-Z actress, Himika Bose has amped the game in the film industry with her talent and acting prowess. After gaining popularity in digital channels such as ScoopWhoop, Filtercopy, All India Bakchod, The Viral Fever, Himika stepped in the world of cinema with a Malayalam film - Valiyaperunnal. She grew to prominence in Bollywood with her mind blowing performance in Pad Man and Jai Mummy Di. She is a model in numerous ad commercials, digital content composer, a trained dancer, an impactful actor, a curious traveler, there’s so much to admire about Himika. Gorgeous and sensational, the damsel with cute curls can make us skip our heartbeat with just a simple smile. Don’t you agree?

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