Pallavi Joshi: Her Travel Stories From India Are Truly Inspiring

The National Award winning actress, Pallavi Joshi not only aces the best of characters in films and television shows but also has a penchant for so many other things. Travelling being one of her greatest indulgences, she shares some intriguing stories that will inspire you to travel.

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Here's a look back at Pallavi's enriching travel experiences. Take a quick read to the exclusive chat.

: What is travelling for you?

Travelling is a great way to connect with our inner self. You get so much quality time for yourself when you are nesting away at quaint places. There is so much to unwind and gather in the blissful moments when you disconnect from the cacophony of city life. Travelling helps us to grow as an individual in so many different ways. I feel that we travel in order to spruce up our life, to make it more enriching and meaningful.

We learn, we embrace, we adapt. I think travelling is one of the greatest indulgences that certainly adds more value to life.

: Any childhood memory that gives you nostalgia?

As a child, I really did not travel much apart from frequent breaks in Pune, Delhi and Indore where we had our relatives. Back in those days, holidays were meant to catch up with relatives and family. It was a kind of ritual as both my parents come from big joint families. Either we used to go to our hometown, Indore or they used to drop by in Mumbai. So my childhood memories are basically all about emotional bondings and all, more about family staying together.

For me travelling actually began when I started working for films. That was when I actually travelled alone and my parents didn't escort me. It was great to be out in the world all by myself making travel memories that I carry along.

There is this vivid memory of Surajkund when I was shooting for a Doordarshan show in Delhi. The schedule was really tight but one fine day there was slightly less work and Doordarshan was also closed. So my Massi and her husband took me for a picnic to Surajkund which was on the outskirts of the city. I was so enthralled by the beauty and surreal vibe that when by evening everyone wanted to go back home, I was actually keen to stay back at some hotel nearby only to savor the serenity. It was that ethereal.

: You're a Mumbaikar. What is your version of the city?

I love Mumbai. Infact my husband keeps telling me that one day he'll just leave the city and settle in Manali to pursue his passion for paintings. But I told Vivek already that I am not gonna leave Bombay because I feel so connected here. There is a sense of belongingness that probably no other place can give me. I love the vibrancy here and the best thing about the city is cultural inclusivity.

People of Bombay are so embracive and chilled out. Anybody from any community can settle here and make it their home.

: What keeps you connected to India?

I think it's the people of India. I have almost travelled the length and breadth of India while I was working on a show called Bharat Ki Baat. Apart from discovering fascinating places, what really caught my fancy during the show was experiencing the remarkable hospitality by the natives of Bihar - Nalanda to be precise, Northeast, Hampi etc. In fact, you can find warm hearted folks in every nook and cranny of India and their humble gestures leave a lasting impression. I believe, Indian people truly stand by Atithi Devo Bhava, we definitely hold the strong ethos of greeting the guests and making them feel special. There are so many incidents of meeting lovely people who did things out of the blue that touched my heart.

Extending warmth is the essence of Indian culture which probably makes us the best host in the world.

: Which part of the country you think is worth exploring and why?

I would say the entire country. The South is immensely beautiful and so is the North East. Places like Manali and Kashmir are just under heaven. Tourism in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the coast of Maharashtra has so much to offer. My heart goes out to the untouched beauty of the Northeast region where I saw phenomenal development in infrastructure which probably made way for more tourists. It's way more accessible now than it used to be some two decades ago when I first touched base with this spellbinding region.

When I recently visited Meghalaya, the drive from Shillong to Guwahati was merely three hours and the roads were incredible. Meghalaya is one of the most scenic places in India which has beauty akin to Scotland. It's verdant and perpetually pleasant. There is this beautiful Walking Lake close to the Bangladesh border where you can actually see the bottom as the water of the lake is crystal clear. Boating over the pristine lake was a wonderful experience.

Then there's this Loktak lake in Manipur which is surreal. It is the largest freshwater lake in North East India and is famous for the phumdis floating over it. States like Tripura and Mizoram are unexplored and worth witnessing for its virgin beauty. People are wonderful and you can expect great hospitality.

There's no dearth of beautiful places in India and trust me, every place has something unique to offer. Just travel to collect as many unique experiences in India.

: Any unique festival in India that you have attended or is on your bucket list?

I want to see Kalaripayattu -one of the oldest fighting systems which is displayed during Onam in Kerala. Then there is Jallikattu -the bull taming displayed during Pongal in Tamil Nadu. So these two are definitely on my bucket list as I want to see the live performances of both these traditional art forms of India.

Rapid Fire

: Three travel essentials?

Me, me and me, that's it. I don't need anything else.

: Describe India in one word.


: Which actor would you like to travel with?

I don't want to travel with any actor. In fact I like to travel solo.

: What will you drop if your baggage exceeds?

Books maybe or a few clothes.

: Your favourite beach destination in India?


: Your favourite dish from Indian menu?

I love street food in Mumbai. I can survive on it for years.

: Your favourite piece of Indian handicraft?

Khadi stuff. My office and home is full of handcrafted stuff and artifacts that I keep collecting from places I travel.

: One place from where you felt nothing is far?


: Your favourite shopping destination?


: Your favourite weekend getaway?

Goa, Delhi

: A place in India where you feel spiritually connected?


: If you have to go on a solo trip in India where would you go?

Some beach places but not Goa because you need friends to accompany you in Goa. I’ll go down to Kerala or Chennai and definitely to the beaches.

: Adotrip promises to give the most economical flight tickets? Would you like to book your next holiday with us?

Yeah definitely! Saving money is the biggest incentive.

Actress Pallavi Joshi, known for her remarkable acting in movies like Andha Yudh, Buddha In A Traffic Jam, Tahalka, Saudagar and many more has always garnered praise for her natural onscreen presence. Having won the prestigious National Award for her stellar performance in The Tashkent Files, today her name is etched in the list of the finest actors of the country. Knowing how to strike the work life balance, she makes time for a trip or two to unwind and prepare herself for more challenging scripts. Her unconventional choices, contagious smile and charming persona left us in complete awe. She is not only a director's delight but a great person to have a conversation with. Knowing her a tad more was incredible, don’t you agree?

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