Considered one of the most beautiful parts of the Kashmir valley, the city of Anantnag is a must-visit for anyone who likes to spend quality time with nature. The gushing streams and the vast skies of this place only add to its incredible beauty, making it no less than heaven for travelers. Did you know that Anantnag is regarded as the commercial and financial capital of the Kashmir valley?

Furthermore, this place is situated at a confluence of the three streams, namely Arapath, Brengi, and Sandran. Apart from that, there is another stream that joins the river a little downstream. The views of this confluence are quite unforgettably majestic. In earlier times, this place was considered the main source of transportation for the people.

If you are a nature lover you ought to visit this place at least once in your lifetime as the majestic views of nature’s scenery along with the exuberant and rich celebrations marking the death anniversaries of the Sufi saints, makes this place a definite item on your bucket list. Also, there have been many mystics and spiritual gurus that have walked this land. Apart from all of this, the Kashmiri culture is a must to experience in itself. While visiting Kashmir and experiencing it, you will find that perhaps the statement 'If there is a heaven on Earth, it's here; it's here' might just be true. 

Best Time to Visit Anantnag

Moving on to the best time to visit Anantnag, well, it is during the summer months. During these months, the overall temperature is just apt for sightseeing. 

History of Anantnag 

The meaning of the word Anant in Anantnag is infinite and the word nag means water spring. Thus, Anantnag concludes as a place that is full of innumerable amounts of water springs. Standing true to its name, there are indeed many springs which are located in this town.  

If popular legends are to be believed, then the name of this place Anantnag essentially came because of Lord Shiva. According to one of the legends, it is said that while traveling to Amarnath, Lord Shiva left many snakes behind him from his body and it was owing to this incredible spectacle that the name of this place came to be known as Anantnag. Intriguingly, somewhere around 5,000 BCE, Anantnag also used to be a market town. But there is no physical proof left of that time in terms of ruins and other archaeological evidence. 

Best Places To Visit In Anantnag

1. Martand Sun Temple

This temple is dedicated to the Surya God and was constructed sometime between the 7th and 8th centuries. It is located at a distance of around five miles from Anantnag. So if you visit Anantnag, then you can plan on traveling to this amazing tourist spot and take in all the spiritual vibrations of this place. It will only help you grow. 

2. Amarnath Cave

The Amarnath Cave is located at a distance of approximately 46 km from Anantnag. And the best time to visit this place would be during the procession of Amarnath Yatra. The whole atmosphere is quite liberating during this particular time and is indeed a spectacle to witness. 

3. Kishtwar National Park

The Kishtwar National Park is spread over an area of around 400 sq. km. This park is home to innumerable mammal species which include the musk deer, the Himalayan bear, and the brown bear.    

4. Jhelum River

The Jhelum river is known as the largest and the most western of the five rivers of the Punjab region, carrying a tinge of spiritual vibes as well. The vastness of this phenomenal river is something that compels tourists to ponder upon nature and its musings. Jhelum River is among one of the best places to visit in Kashmir.

5. Ziarat Baba Hyder Reshi Shrine

This shrine is quite well known for its spiritual significance. It is located in the Danter village and attracts a great number of devotees from all across the country who believe in the revered Babaji and his mystical powers. 

6. Manasbal Lake

The Manasbal Lake is located at a distance of approximately 60 km from Srinagar. This place is a heaven for the bird-watchers as here, a great variety of exotic species of birds live. 

How to Reach Anantnag

Anantnag is a place filled with nature's lush beauty. Here you get to see a nice blend of lakes and mountains, wrapped in a calm quilt of greenery. To experience all this, you will need to cover an approximate distance of about 760, 2,129, 2,283, 2,936 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here are the travel details on how you can reach here by the following means of public transportation. 

By Air

The nearest airport from Anantnag is Srinagar Airport (SXR) at the distance of 60 km. This airport have good air connectivity with various other Indian cities. From the airport, you will need to either get a cab or some other means of transportation to travel to your respective destination.

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Srinagar

By Train

You will need to deboard at the Anantnag Railway Station and from there travel by taxi or some other means of local transportation. This station comes under the Northern Railway Network and is also considered the main headquarters of the Anantnag division of the Northern Railway Zone. This railhead was primarily built as a part of the Jammu-Baramulla line megaproject and its aim was to connect the valley of Kashmir with Jammu Tawi. It has been fairly well connected with nearby regions and cities.

By  Road

The connectivity via road is not too good but not too bad either. However, if you plan on traveling via bus or taxi then, you will need to make sure that your driver does have the proper experience for driving in the hilly regions. Mainly the road networks and national highways like NH44, NH48, and NH54 connect Anantnag with other places.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anantnag

Q: What are the main tourist attractions in Anantnag?
A: Some of the popular tourist attractions in Anantnag include:

  • Martand Sun Temple
  • Khanqah-e-Moula Shrine
  • Avantipur Ruins
  • Verinag Spring
  • Anantnag - Sinthan Top
  • Wular Lake

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