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9 Types of Travel Insurance Coverage in India for a Stress-free Vacation

While thinking about or planning for a vacation, we all go head over heels, but in this rush of excitement, are we missing out on an essential thing like Travel Insurance? 

Yes, most of us do! Travel insurance is highly imperative as it covers the risks like medical emergencies, flight accidents, and offers compensation for lost baggage, flight delay, flight cancellation, lost passport, legal aid, personal accident, and any other untoward incident that may happen on a vacation or trip. With travel insurance in your hand, you can travel stress-free and every bit of your trip.

Here is a compilation of the types of Travel Insurance Plans in India. Scroll down to find out about all the diverse kinds of travel Insurances that you may pick from depending on your travel needs and purposes.

1. Domestic Travel Insurance

This travel insurance covers the insurance holder for trips that are within the legal boundaries of India. Most of such policies cover lost baggage, lost travel tickets, delay in flights/cancellation, theft of valuable items, sickness, permanent disability, death, legal aid, and third party damages incurred by you during a trip, which are covered under the name Personal Liability. Some insurance providers also provide this policy to foreigners working in India on work permits. People between 18 to 65 years of age are eligible for this policy.

2. International Travel Insurance

If you are traveling overseas for work or vacation, you must get yourself insured before taking the flight. The international travel insurance will give you life cover, cover for stolen/lost luggage, evacuation to India, cashless hospitalization, hijack risk, loss of documents like passport, ID’s, or tickets, and medical cover.

3. Luggage Insurance

All of us have heard a couple of stories from your friends and family members about luggage theft or total loss of baggage. Losing one’s luggage will cause distress and financial loss, but with luggage insurance, you can at least recover the monetary loss.

One must get luggage insurance beforehand, though it’s covered in other travel insurances like domestic or international travel insurance, but if you want you can buy luggage insurance separately. The insurance covers luggage theft, total baggage loss, damage to the belongings through fire or water, or during riot or strike.

4. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance