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15 Best Hill Stations Near Surat

15 Famous Hill Stations Near Surat That You Should Go

Widely popular as the “Diamond City of India”, Surat has many natural, cultural, adventurous and historical attractions that make it one of the highly recommended cities to visit in India. The Tourism Ministry of India itself tweeted highlighting the charms of Surat persuading everyone why they should visit Surat. But what makes it more fascinating is its surroundings. 15 Famous Hill Stations Near Surat There are the hill stations near Surat, an escape to a realm where the air is crisper, the landscapes more enchanting, and the rhythm of life refreshingly relaxed.

These hill stations are not mere sanctuaries from the urban hustle but treasure troves of natural beauty. They are cocooned within the verdant embrace of the Sahyadri Range, offering a stark contrast to Surat's urban fervour. In these destinations, the soul finds solace amidst untamed forests, rolling hills, and pristine rivers. Famous Hill Stations Near Surat The journey from Surat to these serene heights is not just a geographical transition; it's a transition of the senses, a shift from the concrete to the organic, from the rush to the hush.

So, leave behind the city's clamour, pack your spirit of adventure, and join us on this journey to uncover the hidden gems of the Western Ghats. Best Hill Stations Near Surat

List Of 15 Best Hill Stations Near Surat | Exploring the Sahyadris

In the upcoming exploration of these Famous hill stations near Surat, we will delve into their unique offerings, from the lush landscapes to the cultural tapestry, and guide you on a virtual tour of these natural wonders that await your discovery.

  • Saputara | Gujarat's Only Hill Station
  • Dang | A Tribal Paradise in Nature's Lap
  • Wilson Hills | A Quaint Escape in South Gujarat
  • Mahabaleshwar | The Strawberry Capital of India
  • Matheran | Asia's Only Pedestrian Hill Station
  • Panchgani | The Plateau with Scenic Views
  • Lonavala | The Land of Waterfalls and Caves
  • Khandala | The Twin Hill Station Adventure
  • Bhandardara | Lakeside Serenity Near Surat
  • Toranmal | A Hidden Gem in the Satpura Range
  • Pavagadh | Ancient Pilgrimage and Natural Beauty
  • Amboli | The Cherrapunji of Maharashtra
  • Chikhaldara | A Paradise for Wildlife Enthusiasts
  • Jawhar | The Warli Art Hub of Maharashtra
  • Malshej Ghat | A Monsoon Wonderland

1. Saputara | Gujarat's Only Hill Station

Saputara, often hailed as one of the best hill stations near Surat, stands as the only hill retreat within Gujarat's borders. This scenic hill getaway is known for its breathtaking views, serene lake, and lush forests. Situated approximately 250 kilometres from Surat, Saputara is a popular choice for a hillside vacation spot.

  • Major Attractions: Saputara Lake, Artist Village and Tribal Museum
  • Things to do: Visit Saputara Lake, enjoy boating, Trek to the Artist Village

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2. Dang | A Tribal Paradise in Nature's Lap

The Dang region, in close proximity to Surat, is a hidden gem among the Scenic hill getaways from Surat. This serene hill town around Surat is a tribal paradise nestled amidst nature's bounty. It offers a unique opportunity to explore the traditions and cultures of the local tribal communities. Travellers can also relish the lush green landscapes and pristine rivers that define this tranquil destination.

  • Major Attractions: Tribal Villages, Dense Forests, Scenic Beauty
  • Things to do: Immerse in tribal culture, explore forests, and go birdwatching.

3. Wilson Hills | A Quaint Escape in South Gujarat

Wilson Hills, one of the top hill destinations near Surat, is a picturesque hill station located just a few hours away from the city. This quaint escape is known for its cool climate and panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. It's a perfect choice for those seeking a serene hillside vacation spot. You can unwind amid the lush greenery, explore tranquil trails, or simply revel in the natural beauty of this South Gujarat gem.

  • Major Attractions: Wilson Point, Marwada Village, Barumal Temple
  • Things to do: Witness sunset views, trek to Marwada, visit Barumal Temple.

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4. Mahabaleshwar | The Strawberry Capital of India

Mahabaleshwar, while a bit farther from Surat, is undoubtedly one of the best hill stations in the region. Known as the "Strawberry Capital of India," it offers a delightful blend of scenic beauty and delectable fruits. This top hill retreat close to Surat boasts lush forests, stunning viewpoints, and pristine lakes. Visitors can savour fresh strawberries, take leisurely boat rides, and enjoy the cool climate throughout the year.

  • Major Attractions: Mapro Garden, Arthur's Seat, Panchganga Mandir
  • Things to do: Savour strawberries, explore viewpoints, and visit ancient temples.

5. Matheran | Asia's Only Pedestrian Hill Station

Matheran, Asia's only pedestrian hill station, is one of the serene hill towns around Surat that allows you to escape the urban chaos. Located at a short distance from Surat, it offers a car-free environment where travellers explore on foot, on horseback, or by toy train. The scenic beauty, lush forests, and numerous viewpoints make Matheran a top hillside vacation spot. Trekking enthusiasts will particularly enjoy the network of trails here.

  • Major Attractions: Toy Train, Panorama Point, Louisa Point
  • Things to do: Enjoy a toy train ride, trek to viewpoints, and go for nature walks.

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6. Panchgani | The Plateau with Scenic Views

Panchgani, situated within driving distance of Surat, is a charming plateau that boasts some of the most scenic hill retreats close to Surat. Known for its lush greenery, strawberry farms, and captivating viewpoints, Panchgani offers a peaceful escape from the city's hustle and bustle. It's an ideal place to rejuvenate amidst nature's beauty, go for leisurely walks, and relish the local cuisine.

  • Major Attractions: Sydney Point, Table Land, Local Markets
  • Things to do: Admire views from Sydney Point, explore Table Land and shop in local markets.

7. Lonavala | The Land of Waterfalls and Caves