Jawhar is an endearing hill station situated in the Palghar District of Maharashtra that brims with nature’s abundance. Here, you get to fall in love with the picturesque views of hills, waterfalls, and the floral beauty of Jawhar. 

The rocky backdrop mixed with gushing and cascading waterfalls just adds that perfect touch to the whole scene. Apart from nature’s abundance, Jawhar is also loaded with man-made marvels like Jai Vilas Palace and Shirpamal. These architectural wonders showcase the sheer display of productive brilliance of our people in the olden times.

Best Time to Visit Jawher

Overall, Jawhar is more than a perfect destination for romantic couples as well as for people who want to make their holidays memorable in some way. So, if you have plans to visit Jawhar then the best time to travel here is between the months of October and February. During these months the weather conditions are favorable for exploring around.

History of Jawhar

It is believed that Jawhar was founded by Raja Jayaba Mukne in 1343. Going back in time, we see that it went through several ups and downs historically before finally merging into the Union of India in 1947. 

When Jawhar was under British rule, it was a part of the Bombay Presidency. However, for some reason, it was neglected when it came to working towards its development both by Britishers and the erstwhile Rajas. 

Many historians claim that it was due to the low revenue generation and messy organization of the city that both the Rajas and Britishers didn't pay any attention to it. 

It was only during the timeline of Raja Patang Shah IV and subsequent rulers after him that Jawhar saw some amount of success in terms of infrastructure and economy.

Major Attractions in and Around Jawhar

1. Dabdaba Falls

If you want to see something natural, raw, endearing, and something stellar then Dabdaba Falls in Jawhar is one place you should definitely consider visiting. Wrapped in the quilt of lush greenery, Dabdaba Falls is a major tourist attraction in Jawhar.

2. Jai Vilas Palace

Located on the hilltop, Jai Vilas Palace is regarded as a major travel destination in Jawhar. Many times, it is also referred to as Raj Bari and once was also used to serve the Munke kings. Furthermore, the palace proved a great strategic location when it came to keeping an eye on the enemies. Overall, it is a great travel getaway with an amazing architectural style - something that is just right for all the history buffs out there to explore. 

3. Hanuman Point

Now, this is yet another amazing travel destination worth visiting in Jawhar. Set in a wonderful location, this place exudes great spiritual vibes. One story associated with this place states that Lord Hanuman had rested here while on his way to meet Lord Rama’s brother, Lord Bharta. 

How to Reach Jawhar

Jawhar is an interesting blend of nature’s beauty and local culture in the state of Maharashtra. It is located at a distance of about   1,350, 121, 1,984, 1,079 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here is how you can reach Jawhar by the following means of public transportation. 

By Air

The nearest domestic airport is the Nashik Airport (ISK) situated 100 km away whereas the nearest international airport is the Mumbai Airport (BOM) situated 120-140 km away. 

The Nashik Airport is majorly owned and operated by the Hindustan Aeronautics. Mainly it is used by the Indian Armed Forces. However, in 2014, a brand new passenger terminal was also inaugurated for serving the people. With one of the longest runways, this airport is becoming quite busy in terms of passenger movement day by day. From the airport, you can easily book taxis, buses or some other means of local transportation. 

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Jawhar

By Train

The nearest railway station is the Igatpuri railhead (IGP). This is fundamentally a loco change-over point for trains going to and fro Mumbai. It has overall good connectivity with nearby regions. Once off the train, book a cab or a bus to reach Jawhar. 

By Road

Depending upon your location, you can also consider traveling to Jawhar by motorable roadways and networks of national highways. To travel to Jawhar, you can consider booking interstate/private buses which are readily available from the nearby states. Otherwise, you can also travel in a cab or your own car/two-wheeler.

  • From Pune - 250 km via Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway
  • From Nashik - 80-90 km via NH848
  • From Aurangabad - 280 km via Aurangabad-Nasik Highway

Frequently Asked Questions about Jawhar

Q. What are the popular tourist destinations in Jawhar?
A. Some of the popular tourist destinations in Jawhar include the Jai Vilas Palace, the Janjira Fort, and the Jawhar Hill Station. The tribal villages of Jawhar, such as the Warli and Koli villages, are also popular among tourists.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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