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Hill Stations Near Noida

Top 16 Hill Stations Near Noida 2024

Nestled within a short drive from Noida, these hill stations offer a serene respite from urban chaos. Mussoorie enchants with its colonial charm and the Queen of Hills moniker, while Shimla unveils a colonial-era ambience. Nainital beckons with its emerald lakes, and Rishikesh stirs the adventurous spirit. Lansdowne remains a quaint hideaway, while Kasauli boasts lush forests. Each destination promises picturesque landscapes, adventure, and moments of tranquillity, making them ideal for Noida weekend getaways or extended vacations from the city’s bustling life. These nearby hill stations are nature's gift to the urban soul.

List of 16 Hill Stations Near Noida

  • Lansdowne | Where Tranquility Meets the Hills
  • Nainital | The Lake City's Enchanting Charms
  • Sattal | Serene Lakes in Nature's Embrace
  • Kasauli | Where Pine Forests Whisper Serenity
  • Auli | India's Alpine Wonderland
  • Chail | A Royal Retreat in the Hills
  • Narkanda | Gateway to Snowy Adventures
  • McLeod Ganj | The Himalayan Abode of Peace
  • Jibhi | Unveiling Nature's Hidden Paradise
  • Kasol | Where Mountains Beckon and Rivers Serenade
  • Manali | Gateway to Adventure and Bliss
  • Tosh Valley | Where Time Slows Down in the Himalayas
  • Dalhousie | The Swiss of India
  • Shimla | Where Every Season is a Reason to Visit
  • Mussoorie | Queen of the Hills
  • Rishikesh | The Yoga Capital of the World

1. Lansdowne | Where Tranquility Meets the Hills

Nestled at an elevation of 1700 meters above sea level, Lansdowne, one of the best hill stations near Noida, beckons adventure seekers with open arms. This Uttarakhand hill station offers riverside camps, vibrant markets, charming churches, and captivating viewpoints, making it an ideal summer escape. Immerse yourself in nature with a camp stay, indulge in cliff jumping, fox flying, and serene nature walks because Lansdowne is all about unwinding amidst the wilderness.

  • Distance from Noida: 243 km
  • Travel Time: 6 hours' drive
  • Things to Do. Explore Bhulla Lake, Visit the War Memorial, Trek to Tiffin Top, Birdwatching at Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary, and Enjoy a nature walk in the forest.
  • Major Attractions. Bhulla Lake, War Memorial, Tiffin Top, Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary, and Garhwali Museum

2. Nainital | The Lake City's Enchanting Charms

The lakeside haven nestled in the foothills of the Kumaon region, Nainital is the quintessential summer retreat. While boating in the famous Naini Lake is a must, you can explore hidden pathways and trekking trails on the city's outskirts. Stay in comfortable hill resorts around Noida and discover local markets, savour thukpa from Tibetan stalls, or embark on day trips to less-visited gems like Bhimtal to escape the tourist crowds.

  • Distance from Noida: 294 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 7 hours' drive)
  • Things to Do. Boating in Naini Lake, Visit Naina Devi Temple, Explore Snow View Point, Shop at Mall Road, and Trek to Tiffin Top.
  • Major Attractions. Naini Lake, Naina Devi Temple, Snow View Point, Mall Road, Tiffin Top

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3. Sattal | Serene Lakes in Nature's Embrace

Sattal, one of Uttarakhand's most underrated and exquisite hill stations, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Often cloaked in mist, this picturesque town unveils its true beauty when the clouds disperse. The azure skies, lush green forests, and turquoise Sattal Lake are breathtaking. Enjoy boating or kayaking on the lake, venture on exhilarating forest treks, or unwind in the comfort of your hotel.

  • Distance from Noida: 319 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 7 hours and 30 minutes drive)
  • Things to Do. Birdwatching at Sattal Lake, Exploring the Butterfly Museum, Visiting Subhash Dhara, Trekking around the seven lakes, and enjoying a picnic by the lakeside.
  • Major Attractions. Sattal Lake, Butterfly Museum, Subhash Dhara, Seven Lakes of Sattal, Methodist Ashram

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4. Kasauli | Where Pine Forests Whisper Serenity

Once the summer capital of the British, Kasauli charms visitors with its Gothic architecture showcased in its churches and panoramic views of snow-clad mountain peaks framed by dense forests. The hill station's rustic beauty has become a favourite spot for pre-wedding photoshoots. A must-visit spot here is the Kasauli Brewery, the oldest operational distillery for Scotch whiskey.

  • Distance from Noida: 333 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 6 hours 30 minutes drive)
  • Things to Do. Take a walk along Lover's Lane, Visit Christ Church, Trek to Monkey Point, Explore Gilbert Nature Trail, and Enjoy the tranquillity at Kasauli Brewery.
  • Major Attractions. Lover's Lane, Christ Church, Monkey Point, Gilbert Nature Trail, Kasauli Brewery

5. Auli | India's Alpine Wonderland

For a taste of winter in the summer, Auli is your destination. Dotted with numerous ski resorts, this hill station has gained popularity among tourists. The snow-covered slopes aren't just for admiration; they are for skiing! Don't miss the breathtaking views of the lake, lush meadows, and snow-clad slopes from the ropeway – it's surreal.

  • Distance from Noida: 382 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 9 hours 40 minutes drive)
  • Things to Do. Skiing and Snowboarding, Riding the Auli Ropeway, Trek to Gurso Bugyal, Visit Auli Artificial Lake, Enjoy the panoramic views of the Himalayas.
  • Major Attractions. Auli Ski Resort, Auli Ropeway, Gurso Bugyal, Auli Artificial Lake, Himalayan Views

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6. Chail | A Royal Retreat in the Hills

One of Himachal Pradesh's most picturesque hill stations offers a serene summer getaway surrounded by towering pine and deodar trees. It's an ideal place for hiking or simply relaxing in the lap of nature. The Chail Cricket Stadium is an unmissable attraction, India's highest cricket ground.

  • Distance from Noida: 382 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 8 hours' drive)
  • Things to Do. Visit Chail Palace, Explore Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Trek to Kali Tibba, Enjoy horse riding at Chail Cricket Ground, and Relax amidst pine and deodar forests.
  • Major Attractions. Chail Palace, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali Tibba, Chail Cricket Ground, Gurudwara Sahib

7. Narkanda | Gateway to Snowy Adventures

A lesser-known alternative to Shimla, Narkanda is celebrated for trekking trails and enchanting forests. Adventure seekers can tackle the 7-km Hatu Peak trekking trail for breathtaking vistas. Choose quiet hill retreats near Noida for a comfortable stay. Don't forget to savour freshly picked apples at the famous Stokes Farm. Visiting in June offers the splendid cherry blossom season, a sight to behold.

  • Distance from Noida: 449 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 10 hours 10 minutes drive)
  • Things to Do. Skiing in winter, Visiting Hatu Temple, Trekking to Hatu Peak, Exploring Stokes Farm, and Enjoying apple and cherry blossoms in summer.
  • Major Attractions. Hatu Temple, Hatu Peak, Stokes Farm, Skiing Slopes, Tannu Jubbar Lake

8. McLeod Ganj | The Himalayan Abode of Peace

McLeod Ganj, a charming small town, is a dream destination for backpackers. It boasts cute, Instagram-worthy cafes that have recently sprung up, making it an ideal spot for a weekend escape. Since the town is compact, you can easily walk to cafes and monasteries. Whether you opt for the famous Triund trek or prefer to relax with delicious food and a steaming cup of tea at the renowned book cafe, Illiterati, McLeod Ganj offers the perfect hibernation experience. Imagine a good book, stunning views, and mouthwatering pizzas – what more could you ask for?

  • Distance from Noida: 510 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 10 hours 40 minutes drive)
  • Things to Do. Visit Tsuglagkhang Complex, Trek to Triund, Explore Bhagsu Waterfall, Attend teachings at Namgyal Monastery, and Savour Tibetan cuisine at local eateries.
  • Major Attractions. Tsuglagkhang Complex, Triund, Bhagsu Waterfall, Namgyal Monastery, Tibetan Market

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9. Jibhi | Unveiling Nature's Hidden Paradise

Situated just 15 km from the renowned Tirthan Valley, Jibhi is a picturesque village ideal for those seeking solitude during their summer holidays. Spend your days amid the charming stone and wood houses and evenings enjoying breathtaking sunset views and cosy bonfires. Explore forest trails, have lakeside picnics, or try trout-fishing while relishing this hill station's tranquil and lazy ambience, creating lasting memories during your holiday retreat.

  • Distance from Noida: 543 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 12 hours' drive)
  • Things to Do. Visit Jibhi Waterfall, Explore Jalori Pass, Enjoy trout fishing, Trek to Serolsar Lake, and Stroll through the village.
  • Major Attractions. Jibhi Waterfall, Jalori Pass, Serolsar Lake, Chaini Kothi, Shoja Village

10. Kasol | Where Mountains Beckon and Rivers Serenade

Nestled against the backdrop of Parvati Valley with apple orchards and artsy cafes scattered around, Kasol is a traveller's haven. Located just 20 km from Tosh Valley, this small village is gaining popularity among backpackers, nature enthusiasts, and trekkers. It serves as the base for the renowned Kheerganga trek. Explore the village on foot, savour Israeli delicacies, or unwind in a riverside café while finally finishing that long-awaited book.

  • Distance from Noida: 551 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 12 hours 30 minutes drive)
  • Things to Do. Trek to Kheerganga, Explore Parvati River Valley, Visit Manikaran Sahib, Relax in hot springs, and Shop for souvenirs in local markets.
  • Major Attractions. Kheerganga Trek, Parvati River, Manikaran Sahib, Tosh Village, Malana Village

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11. Manali | Gateway to Adventure and Bliss

For a romantic weekend getaway, head to Manali. This beloved summer retreat offers a plethora of experiences, from snow-covered slopes and numerous trekking trails to famous attractions like Rohtang Pass and Hidimba Devi Temple. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast or seeking leisure, Manali has something for everyone. Stroll along Mall Road, or cozy up in one of the pizzerias in Old Manali.

  • Distance from Noida: 569 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 13 hours' drive)
  • Things to Do. Rohtang Pass excursion, Visit Hadimba Temple, Adventure sports, Explore Old Manali, Shop at Mall Road.
  • Major Attractions. Rohtang Pass, Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley, Old Manali, Mall Road

12. Tosh Valley | Where Time Slows Down in the Himalayas

Tosh Valley, located near Kasol, has recently gained popularity, especially among young travellers. Surrounded by hills, this village offers mesmerising views of the Himalayas and the Parvati Valley. It serves as the starting point for the famous Parvati Valley trek, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a long trek with camping options. Tosh Valley is also renowned for its unconventional cafes.

  • Distance from Noida: 571 km
  • Travel Time. (Approx. 13 hours 40 minutes drive)
  • Things to Do. Trek to Tosh Village, Explore the Parvati River, Visit Manikaran Sahib, Relax in serene surroundings, and Enjoy the local cuisine.
  • Major Attractions. Tosh Village, Parvati River, Manikaran Sahib, Serolsar Lake, Malana Village

13. Dalhousie | The Swiss of India

Nestled in the picturesque Himalayan foothills, Dalhousie earns its reputation as India's very own slice of Switzerland. This charming hill station exudes colonial-era charm with its British architecture, serene pine-covered landscapes, and meandering streams. A perfect escape for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity, Dalhousie offers breathtaking vistas, delightful hikes, and a serene ambience, making it an idyllic retreat.

  • Distance from Noida: 592.5 km
  • Travel Time. 11 hours 21 minutes
  • Things to Do. Stroll along Subhash Baoli, Visit St. John's Church, Explore Khajjiar, Trek to Dainkund Peak, and Enjoy a picnic at Panchpula.
  • Major Attractions. Khajjiar, St. John's Church, Dainkund Peak, Subhash Baoli, Panchpula

14. Shimla | Where Every Season is a Reason to Visit

Shimla, often called the "Queen of Hill Stations," is a timeless wonder where every season unfurls its unique charm. Shimla is a year-round destination, whether it's the winter wonderland under a blanket of snow or the vibrant hues of spring and summer. Adotrip helps you with the best budget hill trips near Noida to Shimla. Its colonial heritage, lush landscapes, and various activities, including shopping at Mall Road and exploring Jakhu Temple, ensure an unforgettable experience.

  • Distance from Noida: 373 km
  • Travel Time. 7 hours 42 minutes
  • Things to Do. Visit the Ridge, Explore Mall Road, Trek to Jakhoo Temple, Enjoy a toy train ride, and Discover Kufri.
  • Major Attractions. Mall Road, Jakhoo Temple, The Ridge, Kufri, Christ Church

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15. Mussoorie | Queen of the Hills

Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, Mussoorie is one of the nearest hill stations from Noida. It reigns supreme as the "Queen of the Hills." This majestic hill station offers panoramic vistas of the Shivalik ranges, cascading waterfalls like Kempty Falls, and an enchanting aura that has captivated travellers for generations. Stroll along the iconic Mall Road, visit the historic Christ Church, and explore the verdant landscapes to discover why Mussoorie is a cherished destination.

  • Distance from Noida: 283.3 km
  • Travel Time. 6 hours 11 minutes
  • Things to Do. Visit Kempty Falls, Explore Camel's Back Road, Trek to Gun Hill, Enjoy a cable car ride, and Discover Mussoorie Lake.
  • Major Attractions. Kempty Falls, Gun Hill, Camel's Back Road, Mussoorie Lake, Lal Tibba

16. Rishikesh | The Yoga Capital of the World

Rishikesh, the "Yoga Capital of the World," beckons seekers of serenity and spiritual awakening. Situated on the banks of the holy Ganges River, this sacred town offers yoga and meditation and thrilling adventure activities like white-water rafting. Whether practising yoga by the riverbanks, exploring ancient ashrams, or embarking on a spiritual journey, Rishikesh leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

  • Distance from Noida: 232.5 km
  • Travel Time. 4 hours 16 minutes
  • Things to Do. Experience Ganga Aarti, Try river rafting, Visit Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Explore Beatles Ashram, and Attend yoga and meditation sessions.
  • Major Attractions. Ganga Aarti, Laxman Jhula, River Rafting, Triveni Ghat, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Adotrip, your trusted travel companion, can craft an unforgettable journey to the scenic hill stations near Noida. With a plethora of curated itineraries and local insights, Adotrip ensures you experience the best of these tranquil retreats. Discover picturesque places like Lansdowne, Nainital, and Kasauli with ease. We provide hassle-free travel arrangements, including transportation and accommodation, tailored to your preferences. Explore lush forests, serene lakes, and charming markets while savouring regional cuisine. Whether you seek adventure or a serene escape, Adotrip's well-planned trips guarantee a rejuvenating experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Noida

Q1. What are the nearest hill stations to Noida, Uttar Pradesh, that offer a cool escape from the city's hustle and bustle?
The nearest hill stations to Noida include Lansdowne, Kasauli, and Nainital, offering a refreshing getaway from urban chaos.

Q2. How can I reach these hill stations from Noida, and what is the travel distance?
A2. You can reach Lansdowne by road (243 km), Kasauli by road (333 km), and Nainital by road (294 km) or train from Noida.

Q3. Can you recommend any serene or less-crowded hill stations near Noida for a tranquil experience?
A3. For a peaceful retreat, consider visiting Sattal (319 km) or Jibhi (543 km), which are less crowded and offer tranquillity.

Q4. What adventure activities or trekking opportunities are available in these hill stations?
A4. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy trekking in Lansdowne, paragliding in Nainital, and hiking in Kasauli.

Q5. Is there an ideal season or time of year to visit these hill stations for pleasant weather?
A5. The best time to visit is typically summer (March to June) for pleasant weather, but winters (December to February) offer a snowy charm.

Q6. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable accommodations available in these hill stations?
A6. Yes, many eco-friendly resorts and lodges are available in these hill stations, promoting sustainable tourism.

Q7. Are there any historical or cultural attractions near these hill stations to explore?
A7. Explore the Christ Church in Kasauli, Naina Devi Temple in Nainital, and Tip-in-Top viewpoint in Lansdowne.

Q8. What safety precautions should travellers keep in mind when visiting hill stations from Noida?
A8. Carry warm clothing in winter, stay hydrated, and be cautious while trekking or engaging in adventure activities.

Q9. Are there any guided tours or local guides available for a more informative visit?
A9. Yes, local guides are available for sightseeing and trekking in these hill stations.

Q10. Where can I find local markets or eateries near these hill stations to sample regional cuisine?
A10. Explore Tibetan cuisine in McLeod Ganj, shop at Mall Road in Nainital, and enjoy local food stalls in Kasauli for a taste of regional flavours.

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