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15 Famous Food of Assam That You Must Try in 2024

Assam, a beautiful state in the country's northeastern parts, is where you can detoxify your mind and soul through its bountiful flora and fauna. The culture of this state takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a progressive past and mouthwatering delicacies. If you plan to take a break and explore some relishing foods, then Assam should be your destination. The food of Assam has a blend of unique flavours and a plethora of options for non-vegetarian lovers. And who doesn't want to relax and enjoy the holidays with a heavenly treat? Obviously, no one!

15 Famous and Traditional food of Assam that Will Bring Pleasure to Your Heart

Assam is famous for its tea. But many authentic regional dishes will steal your heart. Moreover, Assamese food is known for its balance of nutrition. So you can be sure it will be great for your tastebuds and health. Let's list some of Assam's famous food.

  • Sira Doi Gur - The mildly sweet snack for every morning and evening
  • Laksa - The wholesome meal commonly found on Assamese streets
  • Maasor Tenga - Fish curry that can tingle your tastebuds
  • Hanhor Mangkho - Duck meat curry for special occasions
  • Aloo Pitika - Thing that completes the meal
  • Silkworm Fry - Weird but nutritious and exotic Assamese dish
  • Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura - A classic delicacy in Assamese households
  • Pitha - Sweet snack in the traditional food of Assam
  • Paror Mangxo - The pigeon delight for exploring a unique non-veg option
  • Patot Diya Maas - Pocket parcel of tender fish to add flavour to your meal
  • Khar - The soul dish of the cuisine
  • Til Diya Murgi - Spicy chicken with black sesame to add new flavours to your palate
  • Baah Gaaj Bhoot Jolokia di Gahori - Irresistible combo of flavours
  • Dhekia Bhaji - Light veggies to complement your daal
  • Paiyokh - Perfect dessert to uplift your mood

1. Sira Doi Gur | A Snack That Replenishes Your Energy Levels

It is a type of Jolpan. In Assamese, this word refers to breakfast/evening snacks. It is prepared with flattened (sira) rice, curd, and jaggery syrup. Many people include other things like rasgulla, fruits, boondi laddu, etc., to enhance the flavour. People serve it in Baan Bati, an Assamese metal bowl with a stand. There are many other types of Jolpan prepared with different types of rice.

2. Laksa | Recreated Malay Soup Version from Assamese Streets

Though its roots stay in Malaysia, it is one of the most famous dishes of Assam in the street food category. It is a coconut soup served with tamarind sauce, rice noodles, or fish (sometimes with prawns or chicken). Its sour and spicy flavours can refresh your mind and satiate your hunger at any point in time.

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3. Masor Tenga | The Sour Curry to Make Summers Refreshing

Regarding the traditional food of Assam, Masor Tenga is the signature curry that ranks at the top. Interestingly, the recipe is easy to follow and requires few ingredients. You can find it in any Assamese restaurant, and they serve it with rice. The word tenga means sour; hence, people traditionally use tomatoes to induce a sour flavour. But there are other substitutes like cherry tomatoes (Kon Bilahi), lemons (Kazi Nemu Juice), elephant apples (Ou Tenga), etc. Other ingredients include Rohu fish and different vegetables of your choice.

4. Hanhor Mangkho | Ultimate Dose of Protein and Taste for Celebrations

This dish is more commonly prepared for celebrations, especially for festivals between October and April. It is the prime season to easily get a duck for food. The list of ingredients only consists of a few things, like a duck (especially Paati Hanh), white guard, and onion. People eat it with rice, pulses, and lemon. It is a mildly spicy dish that is a great source of energy.

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5. Aloo Pitika | Mashed Potatoes Delicacy

An Assamese thali or meal is complete with this side dish. It is the love of Assam and accompanies dal and rice. Also, the ingredients are readily available in every kitchen. You only need potatoes, onions, salt, coriander, and mustard oil. It adds so much flavour to your boring dal that you can't resist. Some people compare it to the "chokha" that people eat in Bihar and eastern UP.

6. Silkworm Fry | The Route to Non-vegetarians Hearts

Assam is known for silkworms and is the world's largest producer of Muga silk. But apart from textiles, silkworm dishes are also famous food of Assam. It may sound unreal, but many Assamese families buy silkworms for snacks. Silkworm fry is a crispy appetiser that you can easily find on the streets. Just boil some silkworms and then stir-fry them with onions and green chillies.

7. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura | Traditional Dish to Uplift your Mood

Suppose we observe the recipes of the traditional food of Assam. In that case, you will notice they add many fermented ingredients. Hence, they have a better metabolism and digestive system than others. This dish is also one such option. It is made up of chicken and bamboo shoots. The aftertaste of bamboo shoots may taste different to some people, but you can still try them.

8. Pitha | Tribal snack to Complement your Breakfast and Evening Tea

Pithas are the same as dumplings or pancakes made of rice flour. Usually, they have a sweet filling, but many people also prepare a savoury version. If you love momos, you would definitely love pithas.

9. Paror Mangxo | Delightful Pigeon Meat Curry

You must have tried chicken curry in the past. But Assam has various non-vegetarian options. Paror Mangxo is a curry prepared with pigeon meat and banana flowers. It is nutritious for health and helps defeat winter.

10. Patot Diya Mass | Aromatic Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf