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Famous Festivals of Hungary

15 Famous Festivals of Hungary You Must Experience in 2023

Welcome to the vibrant world of Hungarian festivals, where tradition comes alive in a captivating tapestry of cultural celebrations. From the enchanting allure of traditional festivals in Hungary to the rhythmic beats of music and dance extravaganzas, this country's rich heritage is showcased in all its splendour. As you delve into the heart of Hungary's national celebrations, you'll find yourself immersed in a symphony of history, art, and community.

Moreover, Hungarian arts and crafts fairs provide a unique window into the country's creative soul, offering a glimpse of the meticulous craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. Join us on a journey through the Festival of Hungary, where each event is a testament to the nation's enduring spirit and its unwavering commitment to preserving its cultural legacy.

Sparkling Festivities in Hungary | From Face Painting to Wine Tasting

If you are planning a trip to Hungary, be sure to check out the festival calendar to see what events are happening during your visit.

  • Sziget Festival | Music, Culture, Fun
  • Busojaras | Colourful Traditional Celebration
  • Holloko Easter Festival | Experience Folk Music and Dance
  • Summerfest International Folklore Festival | World-Renowned Music, Dance & Food
  • Budapest Spring Festival | Embrace Classical Opera and Ballet
  • Folklore Festival of Szeged | Witness Colourful Folks
  • Tokaj Autumn Festival | Enjoy Wine, Music and Food
  • Balaton Sound Festival | A Beach Party Filled with Music
  • Margit Island Festival | Stunning Nature Fused with Music and Art
  • Szarvas International Jazz Festival | Immerse in the Jazz Music Culture
  • Eger Wine Festival | Celebrating Wine and Food
  • Hortobagy National Park Festival | Cherish the Traditional Horsemanship Culture
  • Kecskemet International Puppet Festival | World Famous Puppet Culture
  • Miskolc Jazz Festival | The Classical Conspiracy
  • Gyula Mediaeval Festival | Discover the Mediaeval Jousting History

1. Sziget Festival | Music, Culture, Fun

A music festival with a wide variety of genres, from rock and pop to electronic dance music. The Main Stage is the largest stage at the festival, with performances from some of the biggest names in music. The Dance Arena is a dedicated dance stage with performances from top DJs and electronic music producers. The Island of Freedom is a space for workshops, talks, and performances on a variety of topics, from politics to art to sustainability.

  • Location: Budapest
  • Date: August 8-15
  • Highlights: Main stage, dance arena, island of freedom, world-famous artists, diverse lineup of music genres, fun activities and attractions, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Busojaras | Colourful Traditional Celebration