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15 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Hungary

15 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Hungary | You Must Visit In 2024

Step into the captivating realm of Hungary, a nation that calls out to explorers with its enthralling history, lively cultural scene, and awe-inspiring natural vistas. Situated in the very heart of Central Europe, Hidden gems in Hungary and renowned sites, each promising an unparalleled and memorable journey.

The Hungarian capital, Budapest, is a testament to the country's rich past and dynamic present. Straddling the Danube River, this city of two halves - Buda and Pest - is a captivating blend of historical landmarks, modern architecture, and a lively atmosphere. 15 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Hungary The iconic Buda Castle perched on a hilltop, the majestic Hungarian Parliament Building along the riverbanks, and the thermal baths sprinkled throughout the city reflect Hungary's diverse heritage. Hungary's top places to visit include Eger, Lake Balton, National Parks, cobblestone streets and much more.

List Of 15 Famous Places To Visit In Hungary 

While discovering Hungary’s travel destinations, you'll encounter charming cobblestone streets, historic churches, and ornate palaces. The mediaeval town of Szentendre, the university city of Debrecen, and the spiritual centre of Esztergom are just a few of the many destinations that weave together Hungary's colourful narrative. So are you excited to unfold these heavenly places of Hungary? Keep reading till the end.

  • Budapest | The Pearl of the Danube and Capital City
  • Eger | Historic Town and Home of Bull's Blood Wine
  • Lake Balaton | Hungary's Serene Inland Sea
  • Szentendre | Charming Artist's Haven on the Danube Bend
  • Pécs | A Cultural Oasis in Southern Hungary
  • Aggtelek National Park | Subterranean Wonders and Cave Systems
  • Tokaj | World-Famous Wine Region and Vineyard Landscapes
  • Hortobágy National Park | Exploring Hungary's Great Plain
  • Buda Castle | Iconic Fortress in Budapest
  • Hungarian Parliament Building | Majestic Symbol of Democracy
  • Szeged | Vibrant University City with Beautiful Architecture
  • Hévíz | Europe's Largest Thermal Lake
  • Visegrád | Mediaeval Castle Overlooking the Danube
  • Debrecen | Lively City with Historical Treasures
  • Esztergom | Spiritual Centre with Magnificent Basilica

1. Budapest | The Pearl of the Danube and Capital City

It is amongst the Must-see places in Hungary, Budapest, Hungary's splendid capital city, is a gem along the Danube River, earning its nickname "Pearl of the Danube." This enchanting metropolis seamlessly merges the past and present, boasting historical landmarks, awe-inspiring architecture, and a dynamic modern culture. The Buda Castle, situated on Castle Hill, offers stunning cityscape vistas, while the Hungarian Parliament Building is an iconic symbol of democracy and architectural grandeur. Budapest's thermal baths, including the renowned Széchenyi Baths, provide a serene retreat for relaxation.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  • Danube River
  • Chain Bridge
  • Heroes Square
Things to Do:
  • Explore the Buda Castle
  • Visit Parliament Building
  • Take thermal baths.

2. Eger | Historic Town and Home of Bull's Blood Wine

Nestled in the northern part of Hungary, Eger is a captivating historic town steeped in legends and charm. The Eger Castle, a proud fortress withstood Ottoman attacks, proudly overlooks the city and offers a glimpse into its storied past. Eger is renowned for its Bull's Blood wine, a robust red blend from local grape varieties. Visitors can explore the charming Baroque buildings lining the streets, discover the Eger Castle Museum, and immerse themselves in the region's rich history.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  • Eger Castle
  • Valley of the Beautiful Women (wine cellars).
Things to Do:
  • Discover the historic Eger Castle.
  • Savour Bull's Blood wine.

3. Lake Balaton | Hungary's Serene Inland Sea

Lake Balaton, often called Hungary's "inland sea," is a haven of tranquillity and natural beauty. Stretching across a vast area, the lake is a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking relaxation and recreational activities. The northern shore offers lively cultural events and festivals, while the southern coast is known for its thermal spas and picturesque landscapes. With its historic abbey and breathtaking viewpoints, the Tihany Peninsula offers stunning vistas of serene waters.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  • Tihany Peninsula
  • Balatonfüred
  • Badacsony.
Things to Do:
  • Relax on serene beaches
  • Enjoy water sports.

4. Szentendre | Charming Artist's Haven on the Danube Bend

Located on the scenic Danube Bend, Szentendre is a charming town that has captivated artists and visitors for generations. Its quaint cobblestone streets are lined with colourful houses, art galleries, and craft shops, creating a bohemian and creative ambience. The town's Baroque and Rococo architecture, including the Blagovestenska Church, adds to its artistic charm. Szentendre's riverside setting invites strolls and outdoor dining along the Danube.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  • Danube Bend
  • Visegrád
  • Dobogókő.
Things to Do:
  • Immerse in the arts scene
  • Wander along the Danube Bend.

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5. Pécs | A Cultural Oasis in Southern Hungary

Pécs, located in southern Hungary, is a cultural oasis with historical treasures and architectural wonders. The Pécs Cathedral, an exquisite example of Romanesque architecture, takes centre stage amidst the city's landscape. The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, showcasing the renowned Zsolnay ceramics is a testament to the city's artistic heritage. Pécs' multicultural past is reflected in its diverse architecture, including the Mosque of Pasha Qasim, a remnant of Ottoman rule.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  • Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
  • Cathedral of Pécs.
Things to Do:
  • Delve into cultural treasures
  • Visit the Pécs Cathedral.

6. Aggtelek National Park | Subterranean Wonders and Cave Systems

Aggtelek National Park, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, unveils a world of underground wonders and captivating cave systems. The Baradla Cave, one of Europe's longest stalactite caves, astounds visitors with its intricate formations and hidden chambers. Above ground, the park's Aggtelek Karst showcases unique limestone landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. Guided cave tours offer an opportunity to explore the underground marvels, while hiking and nature observation allow visitors to experience the breathtaking surface beauty of the park.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  • Baradla Cave
  • Aggtelek Karst.

Things to Do:

  • Explore stunning cave systems
  • Watch Natural wonders

7. Tokaj | World-Famous Wine Region and Vineyard Landscapes