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Tourist Attractions In Gurez Valley

Breathtaking Tourist Attractions to Visit in Gurez Valley! Where's that now?

Gurez valley is the kind of place which is out and out amazing offering the tourists with a plethora of natural beauty to explore and discover. One thing which needs to be considered is the fact that it is considered to be one of the hidden gems of Kashmir and that is for a very good reason. Furthermore, while travelling so close that you can actually see Pakistan occupied hills, isn’t this interesting?

And perhaps this was the reason why the tourists were not allowed to travel at all until very recent times. When you specifically travel from srinagar to nakhonphanom Flight , the distance is about 200 kilometers. So, let’s discuss some of the major tourist destinations to visit in Gurez valley.  

The Aura of Wular Lake Will Mesmerize You

The Wular lake is also known as one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. This is the kind of travel destination which offers you with some of the most magnificent views which you would love to admire with your family and loved ones.

Visiting The Scenic Razdan Pass

The Razdan pass is situated at a very high altitude of about 3,300 meters sitting between Srinagar and Gurez. If you want to look for something scenic then visiting this pass is enough amazing to enchant your senses so much so that you will have to stop here for at least a minute for the purpose of enjoying the scenic views and for getting some amazing photographs.

Gurez valley

Peer Baba Shrine Is the Spiritual Retreat Which You Needed For So Long

This shrine actually falls a little before the pass and is sitting quite phenomenally well overlooking the valley in front and is particularly maintained by the Indian army. Furthermore, the saint who is buried in this place is believed to have arrived from the city of Lahore back in the past and in the year of 1933.

The Welcoming Kishanganga River

Climbing down the Razdan Pass you will be greeted with a restless but welcoming Kishanganga River. This river takes its course and passes through Gurez before it finally merges into the Jhelum River which lies near Muzaffarabad in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Here you can take part in a variety of activities such as Rafting but however, you would be needing many arrangements to be done from Srinagar. Moreover, here trout fishing is a very frequent sport which is quite popular among the locals. Moreover, another activity which you might be indulging in yourself would be in camping near the river.

Gurez valley Road

Habba Khatoon Peak Has A Story To Tell

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist attractions to visit in the Gurez valley. To talk about the name, we can say that in the real world Habba Khatoon was a poetess whose husband was the king of Kashmir. There lies a sad story behind his capture and getting imprisoned by Akbar during his conquest of Kashmir. And now the name stands for a mountain which overlooks Dawar which is the central township of Gurez. Moreover, there was even a film as well which was starring Dimple Kapadia however the plans were never finalized in the first place.