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13 Best Bonfire Destinations in India to Beat the Winter Blues

What’s that one thought that comes to your mind when you think of chilly winters and having a whale of a time with your best buds? The obvious answer is a bonfire, isn't it?

In such weather, we are always on the lookout for the popular bonfire destinations in India where a fun trip can be planned with friends, beer, great food, and whatnot! It not just keeps your body warm in the cold but also instills warmth in your relationships. 

So, break yourself free from the shackles of your monotonous life and read on to find out the best destinations for your next winter outing. 

13 Best Bonfire Destinations in India To Chill With Friends & Family

Without any ado, let’s discover some of the best places to travel and spend one hell of a bonfire night with friends.

1. Rishikesh

When it comes to camping and creating some timeless moments along with your loved ones then Rishikesh is the kind of place that you would be liking for sure. It is a melting pot of spirituality, its highlighting point being the presence of the mighty Ganges itself. 

Just imagine the ecstasy of sitting at the shores of Ganga Beach here and then after a night of thrill, happiness, and joy; waking up with the rosiness of nature. The very thought is quite exciting, isn't it? So, we can say that Rishikesh is truly an exciting bonfire place to travel along with your friends and know the happiness of family bonds.

2. Kullu and Manali

You would definitely fail to find a picturesque location like this, yes! Such is the beauty of this place that will leave you awestruck. This place is very popular among the masses during winter, hence it is better to make all the tickets and booking arrangements beforehand only. The best places to explore here are - Solang Valley, Tirthan Valley, and Bijli Mahadev. 

3. Mcleodganj and Kasauli

The best thing to do would be to tag your friends along and drive out to one of the best bonfire destinations, that is this place. Here, you can leave all your worries behind and disconnect yourself from the world to unwind and recharge yourself. Apart from this, you can also be a part of some electrifying events and festivals that are hosted here locally.  

However, still, if you find yourself a little confused about where to go then these are some of the best options for you to consider - Pink House, Travel Max, Hotel Mountain Trail, Hotel Pine Wood Cottages.

4. Orchha

This is for all the heritage lovers. For those who want to experience the princely state of Orchha in all its might then, what better than spending a chilly night sitting in front of the dazzling flames with good company. It is an unsung travel getaway but it must be on your travel bucket list. Some of the best bonfire hideouts in Orchha are Bundelkhand Riverside and Alipura Palace.

5. Jim Corbett National Park

Now, what can be better than a jungle resort with a bonfire night in the open, amid the thrilling surroundings of a wildlife sanctuary? Interesting, isn’t it? That's what Jim Corbett is for you ladies and gentlemen! Some of the most popular bonfire hideouts in Jim Corbett National Park are - Tiger Camp Resort, The Den Corbett, and Corbett Adventure Resort. 

6. Kudremukh and Kemmangundi, Karnataka