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Adotrip is a content-rich and AI-driven travel platform in India featuring comprehensive information about all the unexplored and popular travel destinations in India. In addition to interesting trivia, Adotrip also features some exciting stuff like Trip Talkies where you get to know how your favorite celebrities travel, travel blogs with unknown facts and interesting information, holiday packages with heavily discounted travel deals, travel news covering the latest announcements/trends, exclusive coverage of events and festivals in India, and an AI-driven Circuit Planner that plans the best itinerary for you.  

Adotrip is a visionary digital travel portal that also works as an audio guide with its Audio feature. The content on Adotrip can be read in Hindi and soon it will be available in all the regional languages. All the content on Adotrip has been sourced from official sources such as Government websites, certified tourist guides, or the locals who know about the place, event, or festival in and out.

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Nothing is far when you have a companion by your side on a less traveled road,  nothing is far when you are going to catch the sun rising at the most beautiful beach,  nothing is far when you have a vagabond spirit, nothing is far if you can live out of the suitcase, and NOTHING IS FAR WITH ADOTRIP!

With all that’s said, catch a glimpse of all that brews up at Adotrip:

1. Events and Festivals

Travel destinations in India are well described by a Hindi phrase “Kos Kos par Badle Pani Char Kos par Vani” which means that on every ten miles, the water changes and on every forty, changes the language! With this immense diversity in culture, religion, demography, clothing, cuisine, topography, heritage, events, and festivals, it’s impossible to witness all of it on a single visit! Adotrip is an ode to the diversity of India and attempts to showcase all the local, regional, and national destinations and events on one digital platform.

Ranging from harvest festivals of regional communities to the big fat celebrations of the mainstream religious festivals, to the celebrations dedicated to art, music, dance, and culture the celebrations, It would not be inappropriate to say that Indians celebrate every aspect of life in a larger than life way and its grand festivals are a testament to that.

2. Destinations

Every Indian state is a treasure trove of unique culture, architecture, indigenous art forms, cuisines, and a lot more. At Adotrip, get to know about all the history, major attractions, culture, and top things to do in each state and Union Territory of India. Go on a virtual kaleidoscopic journey of 28 states and 8 UT’s of the country with Adotrip. 

3. Trip Talkies

Time for a sneak peeks into the celebrity travel stories! Don’t you want to know how your favorite celebs travel across India and what their favorite destinations are? Celebs like Sukhwinder Singh, Jimmy Sherigill, Javed Jaffery, Isha Koppikar, Ronit Bose Roy, Sayani Gupta, Major Bikramjeet Kanwarpal among many more talented celebrities have shared their travel diary on Trip Talkies. 

Trip Talkies is a fun segment that features celebs quirky rapid-fire answers, their take on sustainable traveling, travel tips and hacks, crazy travel tales, and a lot more interesting stuff. So, bookmark Adotrip for travel chit-chat with celebs!  

4. Circuit Planner

Adotrip’s AI-driven Tour Planner is a unique tool that helps travelers locate the worth-visiting destinations across the length and breadth of the country and also access the information regarding transportation and nearby stays. Even the celebrities are a fan of this smart feature that assists them in discovering the sites and planning a perfect itinerary.  

5. Tour Packages

If you are looking for some crazy tour packages to the most popular tourist or holiday destinations in India, then you only have to log in to Adotrip. The packages are listed under categories like Winter Holiday, Year-End Holiday, Family Package, Festive Package, Deluxe Package, Honeymoon Package, Best Value, Weekend, Adventure Package, and are available in diverse budget ranges. You can opt for a package of your choice depending upon the time availability and the type of hotel you wish to stay in! These deals go off the table in minutes, so keep an eye on them and book fast!     

Adotrip is more than just a travel portal, it’s your getaway to the exotic world of surreal sights and man-made marvels. Adotrip believes that traveling is not wandering its gathering knowledge, and it’s not about sightseeing its enhancing one’s vision, so, 


--- Published By  Stella Wilson

Flight Booking Tour Package

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