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Beaches in Georgia

14 Best Beaches In Georgia 2024

Nestled in the cradle of the American South, where history dances with nature, lies Georgia, the Peach State. But beyond its juicy orchards and charming cities, a maritime treasure beckons - "Beaches in Georgia." These aren't just coastlines but portals to a world where serenity, adventure, and awe-inspiring beauty converge. Imagine strolling on the golden shores of Savannah's Coastal Gem or exploring the hauntingly beautiful trees of Driftwood Beach.

Each beach, a chapter in Georgia's coastal narrative, holds secrets waiting to be unveiled. So, step onto the sandy canvas of "Beaches in Georgia," and let the magic of the sea unveil itself in every grain of sand and every whisper of the waves. So, here we are with another mind-blowing list of some of the best and the most mesmerising beaches in California that will enchant you to the core! 

List Of 14 Best Beaches In Georgia

Get ready for an enchanting coastal journey through the Peach State. Georgia's pristine beaches beckon with golden sands and gentle waves, offering a haven where sun, sand, and shores harmoniously converge. Here, we unveil a curated list of 14 captivating beaches, each with unique charm and allure, awaiting your discovery along Georgia's stunning coastline.

  • Tybee Island Beach: Savannah's Coastal Gem
  • St. Simons Island Beach: Serene Golden Isle
  • Jekyll Island Beach: Historic Natural Beauty
  • Cumberland Island National Seashore: Pristine Barrier Island
  • Driftwood Beach: Hauntingly Beautiful Trees
  • Sea Island Beach: Upscale Coastal Retreat
  • East Beach: Wide shoreline on St. Simons Island
  • Gould's Inlet Beach: A Picturesque Hotspot
  • Savannah Beach (South Beach): Vibrant Coastal Atmosphere
  • Massengale Park Beach: Scenic Family-Friendly Haven
  • Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge: Pristine Coastal Wilderness
  • St. Mary's Beach: Tranquil Seaside Escape
  • Great Dunes Park Beach: Public Beach on Jekyll Island

1. Tybee Island Beach | Savannah's Coastal Gem

Tybee Island Beach, often celebrated as Savannah's Coastal Gem, is a radiant testament to the best family-friendly beaches in Georgia. Its expansive shoreline, kissed by gentle waves, creates a welcoming haven for families seeking seaside bliss. Tybee Island Beach is an idyllic destination where cherished memories are effortlessly woven into the coastal fabric.

  • Things to do at Tybee Island Beach. You can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and water sports
  • Major Attractions near Tybee Island Beach. Fort Pulaski National Monument, Tybee Island Lighthouse

2. Sapelo Island Beach | Unspoiled Coastal Paradise

Sapelo Island Beach, celebrated as an Unspoiled Coastal Paradise, is a testament to quiet and secluded beaches near Georgia. This pristine gem, accessible only by ferry, offers a serene escape from the bustling world. Its untouched beauty is a haven for those exploring offbeat beaches in Georgia. The coastal camping sites on Georgia's coast provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural wonders of this hidden paradise.

  • Things to do at Sapelo Island Beach. You can enjoy secluded walks, birdwatching, and shelling
  • Major Attractions near Sapelo Island Beach. Hog Hammock Historic District, Reynolds Mansion

3. St. Simons Island Beach | Serene Golden Isle

St. Simons Island Beach, nestled on the Serene Golden Isle, embodies the essence of coastal tranquillity and water sports in Georgia. Its serene shores and a wealth of aquatic adventures make it a top choice for those seeking coastal activities and water sports in Georgia. Families and water enthusiasts find solace in the gentle waves, creating cherished moments by the sea. This enchanting beach offers a picturesque setting for beachgoers of all ages. Moreover, its pet-friendly policies ensure that even four-legged companions can relish the beauty of this coastal paradise. St. Simons Island Beach is where the serene and adventurous sides of the coast seamlessly converge.

  • Things to do at St. Simons Island Beach. You can enjoy kayaking, fishing, beachcombing
  • Major Attractions near St. Simons Island Beach. St. Simons Lighthouse, Christ Church, Fort Frederica National Monument

4. Jekyll Island Beach | Historic Natural Beauty

Jekyll Island Beach, known for its Historic Natural Beauty, is a timeless coastal treasure. Its unspoiled splendour ranks it among the quiet and secluded beaches near Georgia, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This tranquil haven, steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty, offers a serene escape. As one of the best family-friendly beaches in Georgia, Jekyll Island Beach welcomes all, offering a harmonious blend of history, nature, and family-friendly charm.

  • Things to do at Jekyll Island Beach. You can enjoy biking, historical tours, wildlife viewing
  • Major Attractions near Jekyll Island Beach. Jekyll Island Historic District, Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Horton House

5. Cumberland Island National Seashore | Pristine Barrier Island

Cumberland Island National Seashore, known as Pristine Barrier Island, is a coastal sanctuary where nature reigns supreme. It ranks among the quiet and secluded beaches near Georgia, offering an unspoiled escape into the wilderness. While not just a beach, it's an offbeat destination where Georgia beach vacation packages can unlock its secrets. Families, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking pet-friendly beaches along Georgia's coastline will discover a coastal Eden where the sands seem endless, the waters whisper tranquility, and the beauty of nature is truly awe-inspiring.

  • Things to do at Cumberland Island National Seashore. You can enjoy hiking, camping, wildlife photography
  • Major Attractions near Cumberland Island National Seashore. Dungeness Ruins, Plum Orchard Mansion, Greyfield Inn

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6. Driftwood Beach | Hauntingly Beautiful Trees

Driftwood Beach, with its hauntingly beautiful trees, stands as a unique coastal wonder on Jekyll Island. Here, nature's artistry has sculpted a mesmerizing landscape where weathered trees, bleached white by the sun and sea, create an otherworldly atmosphere. The silent sentinels of Driftwood Beach have witnessed time's passage, making it an offbeat destination for those exploring offbeat beaches in Georgia. While it may lack traditional beach activities, its eerie yet enchanting allure, perfect for quiet reflection, truly embodies the essence of coastal beauty.

  • Things to do at Driftwood Beach. You can enjoy photography, sunset watching, and exploring unique tree formations
  • Major Attractions near Driftwood Beach. Jekyll Island Historic District, Horton House

7. Sea Island Beach | Upscale Coastal Retreat

Sea Island Beach, an epitome of coastal elegance, boasts pristine shores and a serene ambience that invites tranquility. The soft sands stretch beside the gentle waves, offering a perfect setting for relaxation and contemplation. The beach's natural beauty is complemented by the backdrop of swaying palms and picturesque dunes.

  • Things to do at Sea Island Beach. You can enjoy golfing, luxury spa treatments, fine dining
  • Major Attractions near Sea Island Beach. The Cloister at Sea Island, Sea Island Golf Club

8. East Beach | Wide shoreline on St. Simons Island

East Beach, heralded as one of the best beaches in Georgia, graces St. Simons Island with its stunning beauty. Stretching along the island's eastern shore, this beach offers a breathtaking expanse of golden sands kissed by the Atlantic's gentle waves. The horizon seems endless as the ocean meets the sky in perfect harmony. The rhythmic sound of the surf, the warmth of the sun, and the coastal charm of East Beach create an idyllic setting where nature's beauty takes centre stage.

  • Things to do at East Beach. You can enjoy family picnics, kite flying, and sandcastle building
  • Major Attractions near East Beach. St. Simons Pier Village, Neptune Park

9. Gould's Inlet Beach | A Picturesque Hotspot