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Tantamount to wings, road trips give us an opportunity to stop in every small town to learn the culture and stories, feel the tapestry and capture the spirit. These stories that we hear along the way enriches us and become an inseparable part of our life. Travelling and only travelling teaches us that stories matter more than material possessions. Happiness is revisiting the memory lane, right?

So let’s read the travel stories of Jimmy Sheirgill, the superlative and phenomenal actor from Bollywood who certainly needs no introduction. Treat this as a bonus for staying connected with Adotrip, your much-loved Desi travel website. Right from his work related trips to his personal chronicles, his interview here will give impetus for trotting around the travel destinations you have missed in this quintessential land, India.

Scroll down to catch a glimpse of Jimmy Sheirgill’s life excerpts that will warm your heart. Take a dekko:

: What is travelling to you?

Travelling for me is spending quality time with my family. Due to shoots around the year, I am constantly living out of a suitcase. Too many places to shuttle around and plenty of commitments, it’s difficult to spare time for me. To balance this out, I make sure to plan one or two leisure trips in a year when all my time is for family and myself.

In the end, kids won’t remember that fancy toy or game you bought them, they will remember the time you spend with them.

: Describe India in your version?

Having travelled across so many countries, I have realized the fragrance of Indian soil is not to be found elsewhere. I am a true Punjabi lad who is immensely in love with the vibrant fields and everything Desi. India is the only land in the world where so many ideologies thrive together. It’s stereotypical, but you cannot extract diversity from India.

Right from the rich crops to glorious past, India is a mosaic of cultures and traditions painted in myriad hues.

: You were born in Gorakhpur. What are your memories from there that keep you connected to roots?

Sardarnagar is my birthplace which is some 25 km away from Gorakhpur. This town in Uttar Pradesh was inhabited by my ancestors hence it was named Sardarnagar which means a township of Sardars. We still have an ancestral farmhouse there and I remember playing in the fields with my cousins, good old days! We used to have so much fun by taking short trips to Kathmandu, Delhi and Punjab. Sardarnagar is so much within me that even if I am in any part of the world, the petrichor reminds me of the place. I am wishing to take my wife and kids along as they have only heard my childhood stories but never been there.

: Having spent some crucial years in Patiala. Share your version of this beautiful city in Punjab?

I was very young when we shifted to Punjab. As we had houses in UP and Punjab both, the shuffling kept happening but I have spent some good years in Patiala. I graduated from Punjab University and till that time I was oblivious about my destiny of being an actor. Right from the velour to the magnificent Gurudwaras, Patiala is a city of culture and beliefs - the land that has preserved the heritage of Sikhism. Famous for Patiala peg, it flaunts the happy-go-lucky and hearty nature of the locals.

Patiala is one of those places in India where tourists are greeted with cheerful smiles and treated with warm hospitality.

: Any unique festival in India that you have heard of or been a part of?

Dussehra in UP is a feast for eyes. I have witnessed the charm of the theatrical saga of epic Ramayana and also seen the huge effigies of Ravana being ablaze. I still have vivid memories of this festival in India that puts so much on the platter. Another festival that is close to my heart is Diwali. Since childhood, I have been fond of this festival that instantly brightens up the mood.

: How do you like to travel?

To be honest, despite travelling business class in the best of airlines, I truly miss the fun of travelling by a train. Even after becoming an actor, I kept commuting between Delhi and Mumbai by Rajdhani Express. There's something so intriguing about knowing strangers on a journey. On the train it is like spending a day with strangers, sharing and listening to stories. During one of the shoots in Kota, the entire crew travelled by the train and we all had a wonderful time. I also love road trips, driving to Shimla with family is always unwinding. Something I look forward to whenever I get a weekend off.

: Which is your favourite romantic destination in India and why?

My wife once accompanied me to Srinagar, I was shooting the entire month for a movie and it was such a delightful experience to have her around at a place that personifies paradise. Trust me, the surreal landscapes of Srinagar can turn on anybody; the mesmeric beauty is ideal for the couples. Keeping close to nature's heart brings both of us together, always. We are actually mountain people and being anywhere on the mountain feels like falling in love again.

: Which place in India you feel is the most comforting destination?

Any place that is nestled in the lap of nature and takes me away from cacophony is the most comforting destination for me. I prefer going to Chandigarh and Rishikesh because the quaintness captivates me more, plus I get a chance to drive which is my favourite indulgence. Sitting in the balcony that opens to the view of bountiful nature and sipping a hot coffee brings so much solace. It’s about the simple pleasures of life, being girdled by nature makes the heart gentle and puts the mind at rest.

The best remedy is to go to some place where you can be alone with heaven, nature and God.

: Your favourite destination in India that you explored during the shoots?

Kanyakumari. It is a small coastal town at the southern tip of India which is breathtakingly stunning. It's the only place in India where you can witness the sunrise and the sunset at the same beach. The untouched and pristine beaches are spellbinding. While shooting and exploring, we came across these roadside dhaba type of joints that offered delightful dishes. I and the team got so damn addicted to gunpowder, rice and rasam from these joints that we devoured it for almost every meal.

: A destination in India you wish to see?

I am yet to explore the backwaters of Kerala. I have heard a lot about Alleppey which is akin to Venice. I also want to discover the desert of Jaisalmer and Rann of Kutch. Since Rajasthan and Gujarat have different topography all together, it will be enriching to explore the golden sand of Jaisalmer and the silver sand of Kutch that in fact is brimming on my wishlist.

: What is the most enlightening thing that travelling has taught you?

How to pack diligently? I travel so much that I now know the packing hacks that keep me stress free. All this began when I started making a note of things that I hardly use but carry out of insecurities. Honestly, excess baggage is a symptom of something we are missing on the inside, we pack so much that it starts stressing us. Smart packing is about amplifying comfort, it’s important to carry all your essentials in such a way that they are always handy. I no longer dig into my bags to find what is where.

The human spirit was meant to fly into the horizon. Meant to see sunrises from different latitudes. Meant to see sunsets from different longitudes. It’s the natural curiosity in us. We’re all birds at heart.

Rapid Fire

: 3 Travel Essentials

I stick to complete basics. My phone, charger and wallet

: Your favorite travel buddy

It will be my wife and my staff

: How do you unwind

I am very fond of driving and travelling

: Favourite Travel Gadget

My phone

: One place from where you felt nothing is far?

My home

: Any religious destination in India where you felt a spiritual connection

Golden temple in Amritsar

: Where did you go on your last vacation?

Paris, last christmas and new years

: Circuit Planner or Travel Agent?

My wife is very picky so she plans the trips very well. I also personally like to do some research work so travel agents are usually not required. Never tried Circuit Planner, I will definitely want to try it.

: Your favourite Indian dish?

Very desi - sarson-ka-saag, kadhi and rajma-rice are my favourite.

: Which Indian destination have you visited the most?


Embarked upon his acting sojourn with the critically acclaimed Maachis, Jimmy Sheirgill, right from his remarkable debut proved his acting dynamics. Garnered recognition and immense love by acting in movies like Mohabbatein, Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, My Name is Khan, Special 26, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and many more, his acting prowess and relentless spirit scored him a place on the elite list of actors. From working in the highest-grossing films of Bollywood and Punjab, he has also acted in various web series and produced many Punjabi movies that have done extremely well at the box-office. A simple lad from Punjab to making it big in Bollywood - his phenomenal trajectory is laudable and galactic! Like it's said, a true artist is not the one who is inspired but the one who inspires, Jimmy definitely is an artist whose craft leaves a lasting impression! With so much fire in his spirit and so many plans, we hope he keeps inspiring every person who dreams to be an actor. A wonderful actor, husband, father, son, brother; he always exudes the best version of him in every role of life.

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