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Situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, TIrthan Valley is an awesome travel destination for all the adventure buffs out there. Lying about 3 km away from the entrance of the Great Himalayan National Park, a trip to Tirthan Valley introduces you to the enriching ultimate beauty of nature comprising sky-touching Himalayan peaks, organic scent of the soil flowing along with the crisp winds, apple orchards, vast sky and so much more. 

The valley derives its name from the Tirthan River which gracefully flows through the valley itself. Due to all this, Tirthan Valley comes across as a paradise for nature lovers. The Great Himalayan National Park located in this region only adds up to the charm of biodiversity of flora and fauna here. There are even a few villages situated nearby which you can consider traveling to and interacting with the locals to have an unforgettable travel experience of a lifetime. 

The best time to visit Tirthan Valley would be between the months of March and June if you are a fan of the Summer season. However, depending on your taste for traveling, you can also consider visiting here during the winter months. The monsoon season can see moderate to high rainfall, thus, to avoid any unnecessary jargon, it is best to avoid the monsoon months. 

Major Attractions In and Around Tirthan Valley

1. River Crossing

This is one of the best places to visit in Tirthan Valley. Considered as one of the most adventurous spots for those who crave that adrenaline rush, River Crossing is all about overcoming your fears. For this activity, a person is tied to a safety harness and then is made to slide from one point of the river to the other as the water splashes, gushes, and writhes several feet beneath the person. 

2. Serlosar Lake

The Serolasar lake is another major attraction around Tirthan Valley which is situated at a distance of about 5 km from the Jalori Pass. Located at an altitude of about 3,100 meters, this lake is believed to be having some unique medicinal properties as well. And its natural beauty is one of the major distinctive factors why so many tourists and locals flock here all year round. However, to reach here, one needs to trek all the way to this place and the tourists are also advised to carry on their own refreshments.

3. Jalori Pass

This pass is a stunning example of nature’s raw beauty; the panoramic views of the Dhauladhar mountain range here are bound to mesmerize you with their majestic and captivating aura. For anyone who is a fan of natural destinations must-visit Jalori Pass at all costs. 

4. Trout Fishing

The Tirthan River is a great source of Trout fish. Filled with brown and rainbow trouts, this river has become one of the favorite places for all those who love to indulge their time in angling. 

How to Reach Tirthan Valley 

To reach Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh, you will need to cover a total distance of about 494, 1,901, 543, 2,654 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Check out the details on how you can reach Tirthan Valley. 

By Air

Deboard at the Bhuntar Airport aka Kullu Manali Airport (KUU) situated 48-50 km away. To reach here, it is advised to take connecting flights from Delhi and Chandigarh. From the airport, consider booking a taxi or some other means of public transport to reach the valley.   

  • From Delhi - Board Air India flights from Delhi Airport. The airfares start from INR 4,000-5,000
  • From Chandigarh - Board Air India flights from Chandigarh Airport. The airfares start from INR 7,000-8,000

By Train

The nearest railway stations are the Ambala and Kirtapur railheads situated  250-300 and 200 km away respectively. Both the stations are well-connected with nearby towns and cities. However, as Kiratpur is the nearest, you can consider deboarding there. From the station, you will need to take a taxi or some other means of public transport to travel to the valley. 

By Road

You can take state-run buses or private buses which are frequently available to and fro this place. As the roadways are well structured and maintained towards Himachal, you can also consider booking a taxi or traveling via your own vehicle here. 

  • From Chandigarh - 250 km via NH154
  • From Ludhiana - 293 km via NH205
  • From Sirsa - 474 km via NH205 

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here.

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