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Know the blend of nature and serenity at Pong Lake, Himachal Pradesh. The lake is also called Maharaja Pratab Sagar or Pong Dam Lake. It is surrounded by the magnificent thick forest and huge mountains. Away from the rush-striking place of city life that you won’t be missing anymore, is the heaven-like place. While the migratory birds dwell for a while, it will give you an amazing spectacle to remember all your life.

Top attractions in Pong Lake

Masrur Temple

The Indian treasure! This Masrur Temple dates back in the 7th Century. You will come across the vibe of history while visiting the temple.  

Pong Dam

Explore the Pong Dam and know what you really like about the dam. This is what that is the work of a great engineering.

Things to do in Pong Lake


What can be the best than angling on the banks of Pong Lake. if you are viewing around the lake, get this mind-exercise activity.

Bird Watching

Oh! What a pleasure watching different species of birds across the world. Yes! You will see here migrated birds too.

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Best time to visit Pong Lake

The weather of Himachal Pradesh looks more pleasant in the months of October-November. So, if you are planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh, you can choose accordingly.

How to reach Pong Lake?

The Himachal Pradesh is vastly connected with inter-regions as well as outer regions of the state. The nearest airport is Kangra Airport towards Pong Lake. Also, if you are opting out the railways, then the closest station will be Nandpur Bhatauli. It is just a few miles away from the Pong Lake.

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