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One of the most magical places in the state of Himachal Pradesh is the town of Sundar Nagar. It lies in the Mandi district and is perfect for people who wish to take a peaceful vacation. It has many tourist attractions to boast of such as Murari Devi Temple, Sukhdev Vatika, Rewalsar, Mahamaya Temple. These places give a perfect vibe to Sundar Nagar and makes it a worthwhile tourist destination to explore.

Top Attractions in and Around Sundar Nagar

Prashar Lake TrekThis is perhaps one of the best off-beat travel options to consider while travelling to Himachal Pradesh. The crystal clear body of this lake will take your breath away. The charm and mysticism of this lake are perhaps what drives the people to discover this truly amazing travel getaway.

Bhutnath Temple. This temple dates back to 1520s and has been devoted to Lord Shiva. When you visit this place - you will find the statue of Nandi who was Lord Shiva’s bull facing the entrance of the arch gate. A spiritual seeker cannot afford to miss this place.

Also Read: This district is named after a holy river and is visited by tourists for Bandel Church, Imambara and events and festivals like Poush Mela and Durga Puja

Pandoh Dam. The Pandoh Dam is located on the Beas River. It completed in 1977 with the primary objective to generate hydroelectricity. And as a piece of urban architecture, this place also draws a great number of tourists all year round.

Rewalsar Lake. Due to the presence of Buddhist monasteries, this place is of high spiritual reverence and is considered one of the best places to visit in Sundar Nagar. Furthermore, apart from the Buddhist monasteries, this place also has the presence of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Rishi Lomas.  

Trekking. Now, this is something which you must do - at least once. And seriously this would be something worth remembering and cherishing throughout your life. If you have children in your family then, trekking must be on your list with absolute certainty.

Bhima Kali Temple. Bhima Kali Temple is one of the most famous temples in Mandi which is dedicated to Goddess Bhima Kali. This temple is situated on the banks of River Beas and displays a great variety of statues and idols of various Gods and Goddesses which are located in the museum.

Events and Festivals in & Around Sundar Nagar

Ice Skating Carnival. There is no doubt in the fact that when the winter season sets in Himachal Pradesh is transformed into a magical place. Here you can spot white landscapes, vibrant travel destinations. Moreover, ice-skating carnival is also one of the popular festivals which is held during this time.

Halda Festival. Halda is a famous festival of Himachal Pradesh and is celebrated with great zeal. The purpose of this festival is to welcome the New Year by specifically paying tribute to the goddess of wealth, Shashikar Apa.

Lavi Fair. Celebrated in the month of October or November this festival is an absolute delight to experience. During this festival, it has been seen that the people generally participate in this fair with their horses, mules, pashminas, colts, yaks etc. Overall the vibe of this festival is quite infectious and you will find plenty of opportunities to make some long-lasting memories.  

Best Time to Visit Sundar Nagar

If you like snow then the winter season is the best time to visit Sunder Nagar. Otherwise, you can also consider travelling here during the summer months. As compared to the winter season, the summer months are relatively full of the hustle of city life.

How to Reach Sundar Nagar

By Air.  Planning a trip to Sunder Nagar via flights? Then you should know that there are three main airports which are located in Shimla, Kangra and Kullu. However, the nearest airport is the Bhuntar airport in Kullu district. Thus, you can plan your trip accordingly planning a route which suits you best. After you deboard at the airport, you will need to take a cab or some other means of public transportation to reach your destination.

By Road. The connectivity via road is quite good. So, if you are planning to visit Sunder Nagar by road then it will prove to be a seamless experience for you. Depending upon your convenience you can plan a trip to Sundar Nagar by bus, cab or your own vehicle.

By Train. It is a tough task to lay railway tracks at a place which is located at such a high altitude. And there is only one major railway station which is connected with other Indian cities and i.e. Kalka Railway Station and it is located around 90 kilometres from Shimla. Thus, it is generally recommended to travel by road or airways.

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