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Located in the heart of nature, Chaurasi Temple is one of the ancient temples that live with us since ages and, Himachal being the favourite place for the divinity, this bestows you with amazing experience to cherish your life worth. You will love to admire each element of Shikhara Style architecture.

Top attractions in Chaurasi Temple

Champavati Temple

Another temple that spreads extreme tranquility, is the Chaurasi Temple. Apart from spirituality bliss, you will be amazed with the architecture of the temple.

Bhuri Singh Museum

Who love art! who live the art! It is for them. The Bhuri Museum in Chamba can be your one-stop-place to explore the artistic works including carved doors, copper plate grant, frescoes.

Things to do in Chaurasi Temple

Manimahesh Lake

This lake is an important pilgrim site to the Hindu devotees and can be found with hundreds of Hindu pilgrimages. Not only for the spirituality, but also to explore the best work of nature.

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Best time to visit Chaurasi Temple

Chamba is known for the beautiful nature and is mostly known for the snowfall during the month of January. Though, summers are great to explore to the fullest.

How to reach Chaurasi Temple?

Air- The nearest airport is Kangra Airport. After reaching the airport, you will come across a hub of bus service that go towards Chaurasi Temple.

Rail- If you are heading from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, then, Opting out the railway service is one of the best. The nearest railway stations to Chaurasi Temple are Nagrota, Chamunda marg.

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