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The deeper you go, the better you know! This phase stands perfect for the Sameli’s Baglamukhi Temple. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Bagalamukhi who is also called Maa Pitambari in north India. Bagalamukhi is one of the ten forms of the wise Devi, symbolizing potent female primeval force. 

While the temple is spread on a large piece of land, you will love the anonymity and forget the restless city life. Apart from spirituality, you will admire the structure of the temple that is chosen to inculcate in the mode of Shikhara architecture. The other main temples dedicated to Bagalamukhi or Bagala Devi are located at Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati, and Assam.

The shrine is dedicated to one of the ten Mahavidyas of the Supreme Goddess as per Shaktism. Devotees visit the temple with hopes of getting their wishes fulfilled, cases won, exams passed or life otherwise to be happy and successful. It is said that anything asked for after performing homagni and yajna at the temple is granted.

Top Attractions in Baglamukhi Temple

The Yellow-hued walls of temple. Did you know the secret of the yellow-hued walls of the temple? There is a purpose to layering up the walls of the temple in yellow colour. It is believed that the yellow colour is favourite colour of deity Baglamukhi.

Also Read: Commissioned by a commander of the Hoysala army, Bommanna Dandanayaka in 1246CE this temple has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu

Masroor Rock-cut Temple. The architecture of Masroor Rock-cut Temple is definitely its most praiseworthy feature. The explorers, historians and the new-age architect can get the glance of this amazing piece of art and then relish it for years.

Festival celebration. Many celebrations and festivals, like Navratri, Guru Purnima, Vasant Panchami, and other special pujas and aartis are performed in Maa Baglamukhi Temple.

Things to Do in and around Baglamukhi Temple

Photography. You will never get bored while capturing the beautiful scenery from the nature in Sameli. Not just roam around, bask in its glory.

Temple Worship. Devotees gather to offer yellow sweets to the deity. They themselves dress in yellow clothes. The whole scene looks so charismatic with hues of yellow all around. 

Best Time to Visit Baglamukhi Temple

If you want to experience the beauty of Sameli while giving the heartiest visit to the Baglamukhi Temple, you should definitely pick the months of the September-December. These months are neither very hot nor too cold - just the right amount of pleasant. 

How to Reach Baglamukhi Temple?

Air- The nearest airport is Kangra Airport. After reaching the airport, you can take a bus or taxi service to reach Baglamukhi Temple.

Rail- If you are heading from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, then, Opting out the railway service is one of the best. The nearest railway stations to Baglamukhi Temple is Kangra mandir Railway Station in Halehr Khurd, Himachal Pradesh.
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