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A place which is a home to many rock sculptures which are ancient and admirable at the same time. You will find such magnificent artistry here which will blow your mind to an extent you would have not imagined. Also, this place is largely famous for the Ashokashtmi festival. Do visit here for an experience life-long. Unakoti which is a small place in the state of Tripura has significant value because of an ancient Shaivite place which is a worshipping site with old and huge rock reliefs which are a mark of tribute to Lord Shiva. The place is also a prime tourist location for people to visit and admire the surroundings along with seek blessings from Lord Shiva. The pilgrimage spot of this place dates back to 7th and 9th centuries. The meaning of the name Unakoti in Bengali is ‘one less than koti’. There is a whole story behind this place which says that Lord Shiva was going to Kashi along with 1 crore other deities. They stopped to take rest at this place when Lord asked the other deities to wake up at sunrise and start the journey again. The next morning, only he was awake, and the others were still sleeping. Lord Shiva alone restarted his journey cursing the other deities to become stones. Since, then this place is known for innumerable no. of stone reliefs.

Top attractions of Unakoti

Chouddo Devotar Mandir

The Chouddo Devotar Mandir or as it is known the 14 deities temple is located at a distance of around 14 km from Agartala. Furthermore, this temple has been specifically dedicated to the Ama. And if legends are to be believed then the Maharaja Manikya dreamt that an idol of Tripura Sundari should be there.

Lakhi Narayan Bari

The Lakhi Narayan Bari is one of the most profound temples of Lord Krishna. This temple was installed by Krishnananda Sevayet and now in today’s times is valued as an antique monument.

Tea Estates

If you ever visit to Unakoti then you should definitely consider visiting the tea plantations. They date back to around 1916. At this place, tea is grown in a traditional manner consisting of all the great blending qualities. Moreover, this place is also known for the production of organic tea.

Things to do in Unakoti

You can visit the Haveli Museum in Tripura. It is basically a small museum where sculptures are displayed in the form of art. Here you can come across rare stone images, ancient coins along with archaeological findings etc.

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Visit Rabindra Kannan Park which is full of iconic views of natural lush beauty of nature. However, this was a private garden of Maharaja Birendra Kishore previously.

Kunjaban Palace was built by the King Birendra Kishore Manikya in the year of 1927. This Palace is practically a phenomenal monument displaying a very rich and artistic taste of the king.  

Best time to visit Unakoti

The winter season is one of the best time to visit Unakoti. The temperature is quite good and pleasant for sightseeing.

How to reach Unakoti?

The nearest railway station is in Kumarghat which is just 20 km from there. There are other transport services to this place as well such taxis, buses, helicopters etc.

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