If you want to know how truly being awestruck feels like then you should think about traveling to Jampui Hills. Due to its beautiful surroundings, it is also known as the eternal hills of spring; the pleasant climate and the backdrop of lush hills is one reason why tourists love to visit this place.

Some more reasons to visit here include the endless tea plantations, beautiful orchids, oranges and so much more. And especially, the views from the valleys will simply blow your mind away. 

Best Time to Visit Jampui Hills

If you want to explore the undaunting beauty of these regions then the best time to visit here would be the month of November. It is an absolute delight to visit here during this time and we can guarantee that you won’t regret even a single moment spent here.

History of Jampui Hills

Since the 16th century, the region encompassing Jampui Hills has been occupied by the Mizo people. Over time, the descendants of these tribes came to be known as the Halam community. Later on, in history, Jampui Hills was occupied by the Mizo group under the leadership of the Zadeng, Rivung, and Thangluah tribes. 

During the timeline of the 17th and 18th centuries, Sibuta was considered one of the greatest Mizo chiefs. It is believed that the mid-18th century wasn’t a good time for this community. This was so as in the mid 18th century Jampui Hills had to be vacated due to a dreaded disease known as Zawnghri

Places To Visit In Jampui Hills

1. Ujjayanta Palace

This palace is basically now considered a museum and is also known as the former palace of the Kingdom of Tripura. Built between 1899 and 1901, Ujjayanta Palace is any history buff’s dream come true. Traveling here and discovering new stories about it can be the favorite pass time on your trip.

2. Tripura Sundari Temple

It is believed that this particular temple is about 500 years old and is also counted among the 51 Shakti Peethas in India. The majestic charm of this temple is omnipresent and pervades your emotions to the core. Historians claim that this temple was built in 1501; another reason why you all history lovers should not miss out traveling here.

3. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is not just a home to a great variety of wildlife animals but also functions as an academic and research center. Here, you will be finding several lakes to enjoy and relish in their beauty.

4. Chittagong Hills

If you are in search of someplace mysterious yet which is brimming with nature’s beauty to the core, then Chittagong Hills is the place to visit. The valleys, mountains wrapped in the layer of thick green are all that you need to make some unforgettable memories along with your loved ones. 

How to Reach Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills is an exciting travel destination to travel to and have loads of fun. It is located at a distance of about 2,362, 3,200, 1,461, 3,409 km from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru respectively. Here are the traveling details regarding the same. 

By Air

The nearest airport is the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IXA) situated about 200 km away. Managed and operated by the Airport Authority of India, this aerodrome is considered to be the third-largest airport in North-Eastern India. It was built in 1942 by the then Raja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur Debbarman. Overall it has good air connectivity with nearby cities and towns. From the airport, you will need to book some means of local conveyance to reach your destination.

  • From Kolkata - Board IndiGo, Air India flights from Kolkata Airport. The airfares will cost you about INR 4,000 - INR 5,000
  • From Guwahati - Board Air India, IndiGo flights from Guwahati Airport. The airfares will cost you about INR 3,000 - INR 4,000

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Jampui Hills

By Train

Depending upon your convenience you can deboard at either Dharmanagar Station, Panisagar, or Pecharthal station. All of these are situated within 100 km of Jampui Hills. The oldest out of them is the Dharmanagar station. From either of the station, you will have to take some local means of public transport to reach your destination. 

By Road

If you are living in nearby regions of Tripura then you can easily travel to this place via well-maintained networks of roads. From the towns and cities situated nearby, you can book buses, drive your own car or take a cab.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jampui Hills

Q. What are the main attractions in Jampui Hills?
A. Jampui Hills is known for its scenic beauty, rolling hills, orange orchards, and tribal villages. The main attractions include the Lusai Hill Festival, Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Kalaphai Cave.

You can plan your trip and create your own route to the city with Adotrip’s technically driven circuit planner. Click here


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