Satara is a fascinating destination in Maharashtra that is strategically positioned at the confluence of River Krishna and its tributary - River Venna. It is replete with natural marvels, ancient forts, temples and museums that instantly grab the attention of travel enthusiasts, adventure junkies and holiday makers. From delving into an impressive heritage, catching an eclectic view of culture, discovering nature’s best attractions, marvelling serene vistas to indulging in adrenaline pumping activities, this place is where fun-filled vacation is an obvious manifestation. This heritage town in Maharashtra is the best option for people who are looking for an action packed holiday in the lap of nature. 

Best Time to Visit Satara

Satara is one of the most beautiful tourist Destinations in Maharashtra that is worth visiting especially during the post-monsoon and winter season that falls between September to February. The light drizzle and calming winter air elevates the beauty of its mystical landscape that includes mountain ranges covered under the thick emerald foliage, strawberry fields, lakes and cascading waterfalls. 

History of Satara

The erstwhile capital of Maratha Kingdom, Satara has a rich ancient past that piques the curiosity of many history lovers who visit here in large numbers to catch a glimpse of bygone era. This hill town is named after the seventeen walls of the magnificent Satara Fort that was built by the Shilahara but taken over by the Marathas in the 17th century. In 1848, the British captured the area and established their military post at Satara. 

The fort of Satara has witnessed the rule and downfall of many dynasties including Satavahanas who built it followed by Chalukyas of Badami, Silaharas, Yadavs of Devgiri, the Bahamanis, Adil Shahi etc in the past. 

According to various historical evidences and inscriptions from 200 BC, Satara boasts oldest inhabited places such as Karad and Wai which have been mentioned as Karhakada and Viratnagari respectively. It was also an abode of Pandavas during the 13th year of their exile.

Best Places to Visit in Satara

This place in Maharashtra offers a perfect blend of nature’s magic and the rich legacy of kingdoms that have ruled it in the past. There are many sightseeing places in Satara including heritage sites, pristine lakes, picturesque waterfalls, bird sanctuaries etc that are top attractions for the travellers. Here’s the list of 10 fascinating places in Satara. Check out!

1. Kaas Plateau & Lake. Reckoned as UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites of India, Kaas plateau is where you can grab the stunning views of different species of beautiful wildflowers. It is located at a distance of 24 km from Satara and is a great spot for picnic as there is also a lake in the vicinity that adds to the beauty of this place.  

2. Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum. One of the best places in Satara, Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum is a wonderful place to delve into the steeping history of great Maratha warriors. Tourists can enjoy walking through the galleries that display a wide range of their costumes, weapons, artefacts. 

3. Sajjangarh Fort. Sajjangad fort is one of the best places to visit in Satara that is located in the highland of the Western Ghats and is about 16 km away from the centre. It is reckoned as a famous pilgrimage site and is a prominent monument in West India that is well protected.  

4. Sangam Mahuli. It is a popular pilgrimage site in Satara that is home to ancient temples and religious shrines. Besides paying homage at the temple, tourists can also marvel at the architectural beauty of this famous tourist attraction of Satara. 

5. Village Bamnoli. This idyllic village is located at a distance of about 36 km from Satara and is famous among travellers for its spellbinding landscape. Besides grabbing some breathtaking views from the village, tourists also get a chance to enjoy boating and other thrilling activities. 

6. Mayani Bird Sanctuary. Bird watching is one of the top things to do in Satara and Mayani Bird Sanctuary is the place that simply amplifies the joy of bird watching experience in this scenic destination of Maharashtra. It is one of the best bird sanctuaries in India that is home to about 400 exotic species of birds. There are also several medicinal plants which makes it a paradise for ornithologists. 

7. Pratapgarh Fort. It is the famous hill fort in Satara district that is strategically positioned at an altitude of 3500 ft. Besides its massive fortifications, people get a chance to discover four pristine lakes that lie within the fort. There is an ancient Bhawani temple at the top of the fort and a magnificent statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji that is worth witnessing. 

8. Kalyangad Fort. Another hill fort in Satara is Kalyangad Fort which is located in the mountainous terrain of  Mahadev. The fort was built by Silhara King Bhoj II and was taken over by the Marathas in the 16th century. The entire fort has crumbled, however, the temple of Lord Hanuman in the fort is still in good condition and is visited by many tourists. 

9. Thoseghar Falls. The entire district of Satara is dotted with many magnificent waterfalls and Thoseghar Falls is one of them. It is located at a distance of 26 km from Satara and lies close to Konkan region. It is surrounded by emerald hills and jaw dropping landscape which is refreshing and a visual treat for the travellers. 

10. Char Bhinti. One of the best places to visit in Satara, Char Bhinti is a heritage site which fascinates the travellers with significant historical sites. There are plenty of monuments that were built by many great personalities such as Rani Lakshmibai, Tatya Tope, Rango Bapuji Gupte etc. 

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How To Reach Satara

Satara is one of the famous tourist places in Maharashtra that has good connectivity through various means of transportation. It is easily accessible by air, train and road. Check out the best ways to reach Satara mentioned below:

  • Nearest Major City. Pune
  • Nearest Airbase. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
  • Nearest Railhead. Satara Railway Station (STR)
  • Distance from Pune. 130 km
  • Distance from Mumbai. 270 km

By Air 

Lohegaon Airport in Pune is the nearest domestic airport to Satara and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai is best for international travellers. Both the airports are among the busiest airports and are well connected to all major flights. After deboarding, you can hire a cab for onward journey or consider taking a bus which will drop you directly at Satara.  

  • Distance from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. 264 km

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By Rail 

Satara has its own railway station which lies on Pune-Miraj gauge. There are regular express trains running to and fro on the route making it well connected to all major cities and states of India. 

By Road 

Satara boasts a 6 lane highway that runs between Mumbai and Chennai making it easily accessible from neighbouring cities like Mumbai and Pune along with neighbouring states. There are regular buses that ply from various routes making it convenient for tourists to travel to Satara by bus.  

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Satara

Q 1. What is Satara famous for?

A 1. Satara is famous for the Kaas Plateau which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and forts that display the legacy of Maratha Kingdom. It is also famous for its natural beauty. 

Q 2. Is Satara worth visiting?

A 2. Satara is definitely worth visiting as it is studded with many heritage monuments, ancient temples and wonders of nature. 


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