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Top 18 Waterfalls Near Satara | You Must Visit In 2024

Get ready to be spellbound by the best Waterfalls near Satara, a natural wonder that awaits your exploration. Satara, located in the heart of Maharashtra, is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in the region. These cascading wonders offer a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Join us on a journey to uncover these remarkable waterfalls, immersing yourself in nature's grandeur. Be amazed by the thundering waters and lush surroundings as we reveal Satara's top waterfalls, promising an unforgettable adventure that will leave you utterly enchanted by their beauty.

So, let's eyeball the best waterfalls near Satara!

List of 18 Best Waterfalls Near Satara

Discover Satara's exquisite waterfalls and nature's beauty at its finest. Join us in exploring these stunning cascades that promise an unforgettable adventure in Maharashtra's heart.

  • Vajrai Waterfall | Natural Beauty
  • Thoseghar Waterfall | Scenic Wonder
  • Ekiv Waterfall | Nature's Elegance
  • Reverse Waterfall | Unique Attraction
  • Kelavali Waterfall | Pristine Charm
  • Revande Waterfall | Lush Paradise
  • Ghatewadi Waterfall | Tranquil Cascade
  • Lingmala Waterfall | Picturesque View
  • Sandavli Waterfall | Enchanting Cascade
  • Ozarde Waterfall | Refreshing Waters
  • Bodhewadi Waterfall | Serene Stream
  • Vijaynagar Waterfall | Hidden Beauty
  • Aaral Waterfall | Refreshing Flow
  • Pateghar Waterfall | Seasonal View
  • Bhairavnath Waterfall | Majestic Waters
  • Umbari Waterfall | Exquisite View
  • Banganga Waterfall | Natural Marvel
  • Sharyu Waterfall | Graceful Sight

1. Vajrai Waterfall | Natural Beauty

Vajrai Waterfall near Satara is a natural beauty. You can visit this wonder when visiting Satara waterfalls. It's a perfect spot for nature lovers; you can easily reach it for a day trip. Enjoy the view and the sound of water falling from great heights.

  • Distance From the City: 28.8 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Explore the picturesque Kas Plateau, famous for its vibrant flower blooms during the monsoon season.

2. Thoseghar Waterfall | Scenic Wonder

Thoseghar Waterfall is one of the scenic wonders near Satara. This should be on your list if you're considering exploring nature near Satara and Satara waterfall viewpoints. It's easy to reach and offers a breathtaking view. Plan a Satara waterfall tour and experience the beauty of nature.

  • Distance From the City: 26.5 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Don't miss the Thoseghar Plateau, which offers panoramic views of the Western Ghats.

3. Ekiv Waterfall | Nature's Elegance

Ekiv Waterfall showcases nature's elegance near Satara. If you're into Satara waterfall hiking and want to know how to reach this Satara fall, then don't worry. Accessing the waterfall is relatively easy, with a simple trail leading to its beauty. While hiking to Ekiv Waterfall, you'll be surrounded by the serene and pristine natural surroundings that Satara is known for. The reward at the trail's end is the sight of a refreshing waterfall, making your efforts truly worthwhile.

  • Distance From the City: 26.6 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Visit Satara, known for its historic sites like the Ajinkyatara Fort.

4. Reverse Waterfall | Unique Attraction

Reverse Waterfall is a unique attraction near Satara. It's a hidden gem among the best waterfalls near Satara. You can reach here easily and witness the waterfall's extraordinary beauty. Don't miss the chance to explore this natural wonder.

  • Distance From the City: 44.5 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Discover the charm of Tapola, often called 'Mini Kashmir,' and enjoy water sports on the Shivsagar Lake.

5. Kelavali Waterfall | Pristine Charm

Kelavali Waterfall, near Satara, stands out among the region's waterfalls. Its distinctive horseshoe shape sets it apart, making it a must-visit during Satara waterfall tours. This unique feature adds to its charm, with water gracefully cascading within the horseshoe formation, creating a captivating sight amid the lush greenery. Don't miss the chance to witness this remarkable natural beauty up close—it's an exceptional experience for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

  • Distance From the City: 31.2 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Explore the beautiful Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, home to diverse flora and fauna.

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6. Revande Waterfall | Lush Paradise

Revande Waterfall near Satara is like a nature lover's dream. It's a top spot for those eager to explore nature near Satara and engage in Satara waterfall hiking. The area around the waterfall is filled with beautiful plants and animals, and you'll often hear the melodious songs of birds. The waterfall is refreshing, making Revande a perfect spot for people who adore spending time in the natural world.

  • Distance From the City: 19.3 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Visit the scenic Kaas Lake and enjoy a peaceful boating experience.

7. Ghatewadi Waterfall | Tranquil Cascade

Ghatewadi Waterfall near Satara is a serene haven in nature's embrace. When planning your Satara waterfall tour and immersing yourself in nature's beauty near Satara, Ghatewadi is a must-visit spot. What makes it truly special is the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds it. The gentle flow of the waterfall adds to the overall tranquillity, making Ghatewadi an inviting spot for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing connection with nature.

  • Distance From the City: 26.4 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Head to the wonderful Kaas Pathar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its unique biodiversity.

8. Lingmala Waterfall | Picturesque View

Lingmala Waterfall, a renowned gem near Satara, offers an enchanting experience. Among the best waterfalls in Satara, it's a favourite on Satara waterfall tours. Lingmala's standout feature is its awe-inspiring view. The waterfall descends considerably, providing a captivating spectacle and excellent photography opportunities. If you're eager to witness the sheer grandeur of nature and capture remarkable memories, Lingmala Waterfall is a must-visit destination.

  • Distance From the City: 56.2 km
  • Nearby Attractions: Explore the bustling hill station of Mahabaleshwar and its numerous viewpoints.

9. Sandavli Waterfall | Enchanting Cascade