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It is said that there do exist some places, the history of which simply fills you with one nostalgic thought after another. And, Ramanathapuram, which is an adorable town situated in Tamil Nadu, is one such place. 

It was 1910, the era of colonial rule, when Ramanathapuram was formed by joining Madurai and Tirunelveli districts. It is interesting to know that during the British Raj this place was known as Ramnad and the same name has continued even after the independence of the country.

History of Ramanathapuram 

You will find the records of this place even in the Puranic ages. Such is the glory of this place. Ramanathapuram, which is also known as Ramnad is the same place from where, according to the legends, Lord Ram had initiated his invasion on Lanka. And after the battle was won, the chieftains of Ramnad were given the responsibility to protect the Ram Setu which is also known as Adam’s Bridge.

Talking about the history, this place was once even ruled by the Chola dynasty for a short while. And it was in the 12th and 13th century that this place was ruled by Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim. However, later in the timeline when the power of the Nayak Kings started declining the chieftains of the Ramnad declared their independence.

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Then by the 17th century, Raghunath Kilavan crowned himself as the King of Ramanathapuram. And to protect his land he took many strict measures, one of them was to build massive fortifications. 

After this, the historical story of this city unfolded in 1803, when Maruthu Padiyar from Sivaganga had rebelled against the British, with the help of Kattabomman of Panchalamkurichi. And then as mentioned earlier, in the year 1910, Ramanathapuram was formed by joining two districts.

Why You Should Visit Ramanathapuram?

It is a great place for travel and tourism activities. People typically visit this place for a variety of reasons such as seeing the Raja Palace, which is still occupied by the Sethupaty Raja and his family. And then, this place is also close to similarly incredible destinations like Rameswaram, Devipattinam etc. 

Places to visit in and around Ramanathapuram

Ramanathaswamy Temple - It is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was built in the middle of the 12th century. As per the legend, it is believed that this was the place where Lord Rama had prayed to Lord Shiva while his march towards Lanka. What adds to the flare of this place is the fact that it is also one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in our country.

Thiruppullani - It is another amazing religious site which is known for the presence of Shiva temples. One can see a great number of devotees here. This place is also quite famous for the Arudhra Festival which is held every December.

Things to do in and around Ramanathapuram

Visit Devi Patinam - Also famous as Navashabashanam, this place is a coastal village which is situated here for a very long time. Furthermore, it is also believed as per the legends, that Lord Rama had worshipped the Navgrahas in this place. If you really want to taste the flavour of traditional India then this is the place where you should head to!

Visit Kurusadai Island - This amazing island is located in the western direction of the Pamban Bridge. It is a great place for nature lovers. Travelling to this place would really be a fruitful experience for you and your family. Owing to the fact that this place also has a rich marine life, it attracts a lot of scholars and researchers to this place. 

Events and festivals in and Around Ramanathapuram

Arudhra Darshan -  Here you will find an ancient temple known as Manglanadha Swamy Temple situated in Uthirakosamangai. And perhaps, it is the only Shiva temple where one can find a 6 foot tall Shiva idol in his Natraja form carved in Emerald. This idol has been particularly kept inside the temple relished with sandal paste. This festival is held in the month of Marghazi on the day of Thiruvathirai. It is celebrated with a great fervour especially in the Chidambaram temple. On this day, people can witness holy pujas, baths conducted till the end of the day. 

Ervadi Santhanakoodu Festival - This festival is held in the Ervadi Dargah for observing the anniversary of Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha Oliyullah. His grave is a symbol of religious harmony. This is basically a month-long festival which is celebrated in the Islamic month of Dhu al-Qi-dah.

Best time to visit Ramanathapuram

The winter months from October to February are the best time to explore this amazing place. It is an overall great time for sightseeing and discovering new scapes of this place.

How to reach Ramanathapuram?

By Air - There are no direct flights to Ramanatha Puram. However, the nearest airports from this place are Madurai Airport which is located at an approx distance of 120km, and Tuticorin Airport which is located at a distance of around 125km from the town.  It would be convenient for you to catch a flight to these airports and cover further distance via a cab or some local transportation. 

By Road - If you are planning to reach Ramanatha Puram via road networks then it would be a convenient experience for you. It is well connected with cities and places like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune through NH 44, NH 50. 

By Train - The town has a railway station of its own which is well-connected to other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. Thus, to get a train from these train stations to Ramanatha won’t be an issue for you.

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