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Mylapore is one of the oldest and culturally enriched neighbourhoods, situated in the southern piece of Chennai. Mylapore, Chennai is known with one more name also and it is called Thirumayilai by local people, which is taken from a Tamil word signifying "the place where there is the peacock's shout". It is a confirmable place to an expansive number of peacocks which once meandered the place that is known for Mylapore before commercialization took place. The presence of peacocks is obvious from the architectural layouts of the Kapaleeswarar Temple or the San Thome Church - two old spots of the area.

A visit to the vivacious sites in Mylapore and in addition; a look around the location itself should be on each visitor's rundown who is visiting Chennai. In a single word, Mylapore can be known as the active hub of the city.

Places to visit in Mylapore

Kapaleeswarar Temple

This temple boasts of ancient history and cultural aspects of this city. Owing to which it is also one of the famous landmarks of this city. The architecture of this place is simply out of this place and offers a certain sense of charming vibe and aura. So, if you ever visit Mylapore then this is the kind of place which you must visit. 

Santhome Basilica

The historical significance of this place is simply out of this place. It is known for its architecture and the ancient grandeur which it has to offer to its people. And another interesting fact to know about this place is that the Santhome Basilica has been named after the St.Thomas and is also only of the three basilicas present in the entire world that was built upon a direct apostle of Jesus Christ. 

Things to do in Mylapore

Shopping At Luz

In this place, you will be finding everything ranging from textiles to all kinds of electronics. This place is considered as one of the most interesting places where you can hope to go shopping. And owing to the variety of things available here this place is quite famous among the locals and tourists alike. 

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Carnatic Cutchery at “Sabha”

This is the kind of place where you can hope to have an amazingly surreal experience. This is really an amazing opportunity for the people who love music to have an interesting evening for themselves. 

Heritage & Cultural Walk Across Mangalloi And Mada Veethis

The Mylapore is an amazing place to experience in all its might. Here you can hope to witness some really significant events and also several amazing options regarding shopping etc.

Events and festivals in & around Mylapore

Tamil New Year

The first day of the Tamil New Year Calendar this festival embarks the journey of new beginnings. The locals and tourists alike celebrate this festival with an amazing level of enthusiasm and they celebrate this festival by cleaning their houses, preparing fruits and flowers for the Puja on this auspicious day.

Yelagiri Festival

However, this festival is not as popular as other festivals but it is definitely worth seeing. It is held on an yearly basis in the month of May and June. 

Mahamaham Festival

The Mahamaham festival is celebrated once every 12 years. And the Hindus consider taking a holy dip at the Mahamaham tank to be quite sacred.

Best time to visit Mylapore

The months from November till March are the best time to visit this amazing tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. During this particular time, the overall weather conditions are really great for sightseeing here. 

How to reach Mylapore? 

By Air - The Chennai International Airport is the nearest airport from Mylapore. And from there you will need to get a cab or some other means of transportation to reach your destination. 

By Road - The overall connectivity via road networks is quite good. Thus, if you are planning a road trip to Mylapore then you will find it to be quite a convenient experience for yourself. 

By Train - The nearest railway stations are Chennai Park Suburban Railway and the Chennai Egmore Railway Station. And from there you will have to get a cab or some other means of transportation.

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