Lolegaon is a quaint, picturesque Lepcha hamlet in the Dooarslocated at 1675 meters above sea level. In the Darjeelingdistrict in West Bengal, right in the core of the Kalimpong sub-division lies Lolegaon. Way away from the rush and the hustle and bustle of life in cities and towns, time stands still here amidst nature’s greenery and the grandiose view of the Kanchenjunga mountain range. It is the perfect place to celebrate this scenic splendor. When the weather is clear, it is an amazing sight to catch the sun rising and setting and catch a sneak view of the icy white Himalayan peaks.

Best Time To Visit Lolegaon, West Bengal

Due to its high location, Lolegaon has a pleasant climate all year round. Summer is the best time to visit Lolegaon as the weather is clear and lovely; thus, the ideal time to behold some spectacular views of Kanchenjunga, Mt. Everest,the Eastern Himalayan range, and the fiery sunrise. The maximum temperature reaches twenty-five degrees during the summer months (March to June), while the evenings are quite chilly and cold. The other seasons – Monsoon from July to August is not the right time to travel because heavy rainfall makes it risky for tourists, while the winters could be a bit harsh for city-dwellers at 7 degrees Celsius (minimum temperatures).

Best Tourist Places To Visit In Lolegaon

The scenic beauty of this peaceful village is unmatched. Many Lolegaon sightseeing places that are a must-visit for tourists have been mentioned here:

Lolegaon Viewpoint
The Viewpoint is located higher up in the mountain, offering an imposing view of the surrounding mountain range and the quiet village below. Tourists can gift themselves stunning views of the Neora National Park and the white snowy peaks of the Himalayas. Truly a picnic spot and a must-visit place for all nature lovers.

Changey Falls la
This famous waterfall is about 10 km from Lava. Though not too huge, the waterfall is stop-worthy to mingle with the scenic beauty of the natural resource. The sound of the rolling water is music to the ears. It is also a perfect opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear water of the waterfall – a rare occurrence in cities and towns in India.

Located close to Lolegaon is Rishyap, another quaint village that renews the faith of romanticism in tourists. It is a hill station in the Neora Valley in West Bengal and is a must-visit place for trekkers. When the air is clear, tourists can catch a view of the Nathu la Pass and the Eastern Himalayan Range.

Neora Valley National Park
This National Park was established in 1986, covering an area of 88 sq km, and has the Neora River flowing through it. The forest cover is incomparably thick and lush, known for its rich biodiversity. The wilderness here is every wildlife lover’s dream come true. Few species to look out for include the elephant, Golden-throated Barbet, Hodgson’s Hawk Cuckoo, Bay Woodpecker, Jerdon Baza, and the red panda. Besides, the place is home to a range of botanical species.

Jhandidara lo
On the Lolegaon hilltop is the Jhandidara lo. It is a place where tourists love to sit back, relax and let their spirits get rejuvenated. Tourists can trek or even take a cab to drive up to the hilltop. The best thing is that the hilltop offers an incredible view of the Kanchenjunga Mountains, be it at dusk or dawn.

Eco Park
The Eco Park is in the city center, next to the main bus stand. It is an interesting place built to provide tourists to indulge in their daily morning and evening walks, yoga asanas, and meditation. Families with kids can also go for a day out or picnic here.

It is a tiny town located in the Singalila National Park. The river Ramman flows nearby. The place is a good stop-over for trekkers and nature lovers. The Rimbik market is a good place to buy some souvenirs back home.

Best Things to do in Lolegaon, West Bengal

Canopy Walk
The Canopy Walk is a walk through suspended and hanging bridges in the forests of Lolegaon. The Canopy is man-made, connected from tree to tree, offering an idyllic walk through the lush green thick cover of stunning flora. The Canopy is made of wooden planks and offers a majestic view of the trees and bushes below. It is heavenly; it is not something that most people usually get to see or experience, even on other wild forest tours. Daytime is the best time to take this Canopy Walk.

Nature Interpretation Centre lo
The Interpretation Centre is a building just at the entrance of the National Park at Neora. People keen to know more about the National Park, species of animals and plants present here, the tour guides and buy maps, etc. can find all relevant details here.

Tiffindhara Sunset Point
Lolegaon is famous locally for the astounding views of sunrise and the sun setting across the horizon. Tourists that wish to catch the perfect view can do so at the Tiffindhara Sunset Point. What makes this place unbelievably beautiful is the adjoining pine forest and the grand Himalayan range surrounding it on all sides.

How To Reach Lolegaon West Bengal

The tiny village can be reached via road, train or air. It is well-connected and easy to reach. Lolegaon is about 26 km from Kalimpong and about 32 km from Lava.

  • Nearest Metropolitan City. Kolkata
  • Nearest Airport to Lolegaon. Bagdogra Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station.New Jalpaiguri Station
  • Nearest City- Siliguri
  • Distance From Siliguri- 124 KM


The closest airport to Lalegoan is Bagdogra Airport (IXB). From the airport, it takes about five and a half hours by road to reach Lolegaon. The airport receives domestic flights from different parts of the country. It is well-connected with metro cities and other major cities of the country. After deboarding the flight, you can hire a taxi or board a state-run or private bus to reach your destination.

  • Distance from Airport. 111.3 Km

Here is a list of Indian cities from where flights are available to Lolegaon West Bengal


The closest railway station is NJP or New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. From the station, it takes about four hours to reach Loelgaon by road. The route involves taking NH 31 that connects Siliguri and Guwahati. On the way, the vehicle takes a diversion from Chalsa to reach Lolegaon via Lava through a district road.

  • Distance from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. 94 Km


The nearest town to Lolegaon is Lava, at a distance of 22 km. There are regular jeeps that can be hailed from Lava to reach Lolegaon by road. Otherwise, tourists can reach Lolegaon by road from Siliguri – different vehicles can be hired to reach the place in five hours. A lot of private taxis, cabs, and state-run buses are available to reach the destination.

  • Distance from Kalimpong 26 km
  • Distance from Lava. 22 Km
  • Distance from Siliguri.123 km
  • Distance from New Jalpaiguri. 99 km
  • Distance from Bagdogra. 103.3 km

This holiday season, make sure to book your hotel stay in advance with Adotrip for a serene stay amidst the huge pine trees, orchids, and cypress forest in Lolegaon. It is definitely an ultimate treat for the eyes and the soul – the best place to rejuvenate and revitalize the inner core. We are committed to bringing you the best tour packages and travel deals to make your stay memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lolegaon West Bengal

Ques 1- What are the top sightseeing places in Lolegaon?
Ans 1-
The best Lolegaon sightseeing places include -

  • Lolegaon Viewpoint
  • Changey Falls la
  • Rishyap
  • Neora Valley National Park
  • Jhandidara lo
  • Rimbik
  • Eco Park Kolkata
  • Canopy Walk
  • Nature Interpretation Centre lo
  • Tiffindhara Sunset Point

Ques 2- How to reach Lolegaon from Kalimpong?
Ans 2-
The best way to reach Lolegaon from Kalimpong is by road. The route is Kalimpong to Lava, which takes about one and a half hours. From Lava, you can reach Lolegaon in an hour by road.

Travel Tip

Although weather stays pleasant throughout the year in Lolegaon, it is advised to carry light woolens as evenings can turn chilly. If you are interested in witnessing snow-clad peaks, plan a visit in the winters.


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