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Chatra is a nice blend of waterfalls, picnic spots, and lush greenery. Some of the popular tourist spots include Bhadrakali Temple, Kunda Cave, and Tamasin dark forests. Apart from that, there are many festivals that are celebrated in this district as well, which attract a lot of attention such as Bhadli Mela and Kundri Mela.

Moreover, Chatra is the land that boasts the historical nuances of our past. This is a land associated with people such as Raja Ram Mohan Roy and even the Mughals. Not just that, it also has got an abundance of natural vistas where you can hope to click really good pictures. After all, what is traveling without taking some brilliant images of your journey!

And if you are planning to visit Chatra India, then the best time to visit it would be between October and March, because the overall temperature is quite pleasant in these months, especially from the perspective of someone who is on a vacation here.

History of Chatra

Chatra has a glorious past, having an eminent historical heritage. The land has been a silent spectator of a number of significant happenings.

Ancient period

In the ancient period, the area covered by the present-day Chatra was ruled by a number of states, which were collectively known as the Atavika states. These states accepted the suzerainty of the Maurya empire during Ashoka's reign (232 BCE).

Medieval period

During Muhammad-bin-Tughluq's reign, the territory which comprised Chatra came in contact with the Delhi sultanate. Later, it became a part of the Bihar Subah of the Mughal empire.

British rule

The British East India Company came in contact with this region for the first time in 1769. Raja Rammohan Roy worked as a Serestadar at Chatra from 1805–06 and stayed both at Chatra and Ramgarh while in office.

The most important battle fought between the insurgents and the British in Chotanagpur during the rebellion of 1857 was the Battle of Chatra. This decisive battle was fought on October 2, 1857, near Phansi Talab. It lasted for an hour in which the mutineers were completely defeated.

56 European soldiers and officers were killed whereas 150 revolutionaries were killed and 77 were buried in a pit. Subedar Mangal Pandey and Nadir Ali Khan were sentenced and hanged to death on October 4, 1857, at this very spot. The European and Sikh soldiers were buried in a well along with their arms and ammunition.

Post-independence, this place is a thriving tourist destination, known best for its picturesque scenery.

Major Attractions of Chatra Jharkhand

1. Kauleshwari Devi Temple

This temple is situated at the top of Kolhua Hill. It is said that this temple was built sometime around the 10th century. It is also considered the birthplace of the Tenth Jain Tirthankara, Sitala Swami.

2. Kunda Cave

Fundamentally, this cave is the ruin of an old Kunda Palace. This cave is well connected through a narrow path. There is also a beautiful narrow stream running through this region, highlighting its natural beauty. 

3. Duari

Near the bed of Balbal, Duari is a natural hot spring. The locals quite frequently visit this spot owing to its medicinal qualities. The gurgling waters along with the amazing scenic views surrounding this place are really amazing. This is hands down, a special gem of Chatra tourism.

4. Kolhua Hill

Kolhua Hill is another tourist destination that you can reach from Hunterganj by crossing the Lilangen River. Situated at an immense height of around 1,575 ft, the Kolhua Hill offers a very distinctive feel and vibe to the travelers visiting here. It, honestly, is one of the best places to visit in Chatra, Jharkhand.

5. Itkhori Festival

It is celebrated on a yearly basis in the Bhadrakali Temple premises. The main objective of this festival is to instill cultural harmony among people and cultivate a sense of international identity through performances of artists around the globe.

How to Reach Chatra

Chatra is a historical city located in the ‘land of forests and gold’ Jharkhand. From Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, Mumbai, you will have to cover an approximate distance of 1,128, 1,673, 1,336, and 1,786 km respectively to reach here.

By Air

The nearest aerodrome is the Gaya Airport. From here, Chatra lies at a distance of around 50-60 km. This airport is well connected with other Indian cities like Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh, etc.  

By Train

Chatra is not very well connected with train routes. And the nearest railway station is located at Gaya which is at a distance of around 66 km. After deboarding the train, you will need to take a cab or an auto-rickshaw to reach your destination. 

By Road

Chatra is well connected via the road network to nearby places. Bus services are frequent as well. You can also hire cabs/taxis to reach here.

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