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If you think that there’s nothing frantically engaging in Jharkhand, then you have not heard of Netarhat. Netarhat is a tranquil hill station which is always set to mesmerize you by its surreal beauty. This hill station attracts many tourists who are looking for a place away from the hustle-bustle of the cities. Netarhat is a town in the Latehar district of Jharkhand. The town is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Chotanagpur’ and is a very popular hill station of the state. 

The major land area of Netarhat is a plateau that is covered with thick dense forests everywhere. The town is around a few hours drive away from the capital city of Jharkhand which is Ranchi. Netarhat is famous for Netarhat residential School that holds the record of producing the highest number of toppers in the Bihar School Examination Board. 

History of Netarhat 

Netarhat is a part of Chota Nagpur Pleatue and its the highest hill of the Plateau. Not much has been documented about the history of Netarhat other than the fact the place was inhabited by many tribes for a long period of time. For many years after India gained independence Netarhat remained excluded from city life and travelers. 

Its been just a few years ago that Netarhat has started gaining recognition as a tourist destination in the state. The unexplored beauty of Netarhat hill station will definitely grab your attention at first glance and you feel like coming back to the place for its rich, raw and surreal surroundings.    

Places to Visit in and Around Netarhat

Betla National Park

If you are a nature lover then you will be finding the Betla National Park quite an amazing place to visit especially with your children. This national park is particularly spread over the hilly terrain of the attractive Palamau district. Betla National park is home to diverse species of flora and fauna that you can encounter on an adventurous safari in the park.  

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Upper Ghaghri Waterfalls

These waterfalls are extremely pleasant to watch and are located 4km away from Netarhat. The vast and cloudy sky makes the whole thing to be quite interesting. People from all across the country arrive here to experience the heavy streams of water falling down in front of them. The divine ambiance that surrounds the place and the joy one feels watching this magical view unfold cannot be expressed in words. 

Magnolia Point

Magnolia point is one of the most intriguing places to visit with your loved ones. Around six in the evening, tourists can watch the sun bid farewell to the periwinkle sky wrapping its day’s job. Now that is a moment to hold in your eyes and memory forever. And if you are with your family or loved ones with whom you are emotionally attached to then the whole experience can become quite overwhelming for you.

Things to do in Netarhat

Visit Sadni Falls

Sadni falls is quite an interesting place to visit. The Sadni falls is situated at about 35 km from the region of Netarhat. An amazing thing to consider here is that the waterfall is in the shape of a snake which is extremely intriguing.

Koel View Point

The Koel viewpoint is particularly located at a distance of around 3km from Netarhat. If you visit this place then you will be bestowed with the clear and mesmerizing views of the River Koel.

Netarhat Hills

The Netarhat hills are quite an amazing place to visit with your loved ones. The dense forests which are located around the hills offer lush scenic views of the place.

Events and Festivals in & Around Netarhat

Jitiya Bahiya Dooj

The Jitiya Bahiya Dooj is one of the most prominent festivals of Jharkhand and is celebrated in the entire state with a great level of exuberance. This festival is dedicated to love as well as the affection which brothers and sisters share. During this festival, the brothers bless their sisters with a promise of Supporting them through thick and thin.


This is a religious festival celebrated by the people of Jharkhand. The festival holds special significance for the tribal communities of the state. However, it is on this particular day that the devotees keep a fast for a complete 24 hours. Furthermore, cultural performances are also observed around a branch of the Sal tree in the very middle of open ground.

Bhagta Parab

The Bhagta Parab, as the name suggests is the festival of the devotees. The festival is celebrated between the end of the spring season and the beginning of the summer season. But among the tribals, this festival is particularly known as the worship of Budha Baba. During this festival, the devotees observe fast during the day and then in the evening, they carry the priest of the village from the bathing pond to the temple.

Best time to visit in Netarhat

Any time of the year is great to visit Netarhat, but if you are looking for specific months when the climate is extremely pleasant then visiting Netarhat in spring and the summer months is great. During this season one can explore the place to the fullest.  

How to reach Netarhat?

By Air. If you are planning to visit Netarhat then by air you will have to land at Ranchi airport and from there you can take a private bus or a taxi to reach the Netarhat hill station which is approx. 150km away. Flights from all parts of the country arrive at Ranchi airport hence planning a trip via airways can be a comfortable, convenient and faster option. 

By Train. There is good connectivity of train routes to Ranchi from all parts of the country. From Ranchi, tourists are required to cover another 150 km on a bus or a taxi to reach Netarhat. Trains from all the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru arrive here.     

By Road. Netarhat has good connectivity with all the major cities and towns thus it would be quite easy for you to visit Netarhat by road. From Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru one is required to cover 1,100, 1,600, 560 and 1,800km respectively to reach Netarhat. 

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