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Top 10 Countries That Offer Visa On Arrival For Indians

Are you someone who resists travelling to foreign countries due to the hassle involved with visa applications? Well, you are not alone as many Indians shy away from travelling internationally just like you! Most of them feel that visa application involves too many uncertainties. If the visa gets rejected, all the plans will go to waste.

However, with the visa on arrival for Indians, all the important paperwork can be completed after setting foot on foreign soil. Simply pay the necessary fees and submit a few documents to get complete access to your dream destination.

Here’s an ultimate list of countries that offer visa on arrival for Indians. Have a look and travel to your destination!

1. Thailand

Home to gorgeous beaches, Thailand is a favourite destination amongst Indian travellers of all ages. The weather of this tropical country remains pleasant throughout the year, allowing tourists to indulge in whatever activities they have planned for.

Furthermore, the sumptuous Thai food is simply to die for. As Thailand is surrounded by the sea, visitors can expect fresh seafood on their menu. The flavours on a Thai plate are best suited to Indians as well.

Best Time to Visit - If you desire the best weather conditions on your holiday then plan your vacation between November and April because during this time Thailand remains cool and relatively dry.

Avoid visiting Thailand between May and October as it receives heavy precipitation, which can wash off all your travel plans.

Visa for Indians

Type of Visa - On arrival for Indians

Visa Duration - Max 15 days

Visa Fees - INR 4600 per traveller

2. Mauritius

A popular travel destination amongst Indian tourists, Mauritius is yet another jewel in the Indian Ocean. The presence of world-class resorts and outstanding beaches make it an ideal spot for honeymooners.

With underwater activities like scuba diving and swimming with dolphins, this place attracts numerous adventure seekers.

Best Time to Visit - The weather in Mauritius remains dry, cool, and sunny between May and October, which is the perfect time for tourism. Avoid visiting Mauritius between January and April as it becomes prone to heavy rains and cyclones. Also, extreme temperatures may cause discomfort to visitors.

Visa for Indians

Type of Visa - On arrival for Indians

Visa Duration - Max 60 days

Visa Fees – Free

3. Indonesia

Bali is the first destination that comes to their mind whenever a travel freak speaks about Indonesia. However, the island country has many other stupendous travel destinations that one can visit.

Apart from the enchanting beaches and seas, visitors can also relish the delectable cuisine or experience the wildlife here.

Best Time to Visit -

May to September - From May to September, the weather remains dry and sunny, and temperatures remain cool, which is the best time to visit Indonesia.

Avoid travelling to Indonesia between October and April as most parts of the country receive heavy precipitation during this time.

Visa for Indians

Type of Visa – On arrival for Indian citizens

Visa Duration - Max 30 days

Visa Fees – Free

4. Maldives

The Maldives is yet another coastal destination in the Indian Ocean that you must visit. The super clean and gorgeous beaches of Indonesia are perfect for romantic getaways. Maldives has several interesting offerings for you if you are particularly fond of underwater activities.

Best Time to Visit - The best time to visit Maldives is between November and April as the weather remains clear and the temperatures remain pleasant.

It is advisable that you avoid visiting Maldives between May to October as this is the period when this island country receives heavy rainfall.

Visa for Indians

Type of Visa - On arrival for Indian nationals

Visa Duration - Max 30 days

Visa Fees - Free

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5. Bhutan

Bhutan is the perfect international destination for you If you desire to explore mountains, passes, and valleys. This landlocked Himalayan country is home to several swift rivers that offer many heart-thumping activities to adventure seekers. The world’s tallest unclimbed peak, the Gangkhar Puensum is standing at a height of 24,836 feet.     

Best Time to Visit -

The winter season between December and February offers the perfect opportunity to explore the country in all its beauty for tourists.

The summer months from June to August are also a favourable time to visit Bhutan and check out the Himalayas from proximity but rainfall during this time can lead to landslides.

Visa for Indians

Type of Visa - No visa required for Indians

Permit Duration - Permit for max 6 months or 180 days

Permit Fees - Free

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6. Seychelles

Seychelles is a paradise for travellers consisting of 115 coral and granite islands. It is home to some of the rarest wildlife species in the world, apart from impressive coast and beaches. Adventure seekers no need to seek adventure here as Seychelles offers a range of water activities.

Best time to visit - The weather remains cool and dry between April and October, which is ideal for tourists. However, it gets very hot and humid from November to March. Also, heavy rainfall can wash your vacation plans away.

Visa for Indians

Type of Visa - No visa necessary. But a permit is required for travel

Permit Duration - Permit allowed for a maximum of 3 months

Permit Fees - Free

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7. Malaysia