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15 Travel Myths

15 Travel Myths You Should STOP Believing Right Away

Internet being cluttered with too much useless and fake information nowadays can make the life of any regular person quite annoying. From politics, celebrity gossip to travel, nothing seems to be left out when it comes to loads of bad information.

However, we at Adotrip have always strived to provide our users with content that is apt, useful and fresh. Keeping this in mind and to dispel the clouds of all the wrong info, we have compiled a list of top 15 travel myths that you need to STOP believing right away. 

So, let's dive in and explore what are all the travel myths that need to be busted? 

1. Travel is Expensive

If you can do without living in all those luxury hotels and resorts and also fly economy rather booking a business class air ticket, then you can easily cut down the slog and travel way cheaper and happier while saving a ton of money.

In crux, it means that you choose Airbnb over those costly hotel bookings, bus over that premium uber taxi, economy class over first or even premium economy class, travel light, ask for those discounts. Even by doing just these simple yet effective things, you will be able to cut down well on your travel expenses and enjoy travel for what it really is - a magical experience worth cherishing.

2. Travelling can be Dangerous

Accidents do happen and are very real; they cannot be brushed under the carpet. However, behind all these kinds of unforeseen and unexpected events mostly lies ignorance and carelessness on the part of the passenger (s).

Anything bad of this sort can be easily avoided by taking some basic precautions which include

  • Buying travel insurance
  • Educating yourself about travel sense
  • Following all the laid out rules of the respective state or country
  • Take care of all the essentials like your wallet, documents
  • Avoid travelling alone in places which don’t seem safe

3. Street Food Makes You Sick