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10 Signs That Show You Are Addicted To Travel

There’s no doubt that traveling is the coolest thing in the world! It’s like an addiction that no one can resist, but a positive one! Travel satisfies your mind, body, and soul with this exciting tingling and arouses this indescribable feeling inside you. This immense happiness comes with you anywhere you go.

Travelling offers unforgettable adventures and experiences. With each vacation, you grow a little, and every time you come back home you’ll most likely feel that you have to go out again. It’s because of this freedom and feeling that comes along with traveling and makes anything possible – so addictive! Each vacation makes your thirst for travel even stronger for your next vacation.

If you are wondering whether you’re addicted to travel or not, have a look at these 10 signs that show you are addicted to travel! Let’s find out if you are a travel addict or not!

1. You Have A Collection Of Travel Guides

When all you have are travel guides in the name of books and your bookshelf is bursting at seams with travel magazines, phrasebooks, books about travel, books on places you want to go and you’ve been, it’s a clear sign that you are a travel addict.

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2. You Collect Foreign Currency

Another sign could be that you only collect foreign currency in your house and not your native money. Over your years of traveling experience, you never exchanged any leftover currency instead, you brought it all home, because hey, you never know when you feel like going back! Extra brownie points if the box you keep all your foreign currency in has maps on it.

How it Helps. Although it can be used, it is a kind of souvenir that tells you about your travel exploits!

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3. Your Inbox Is Filled With Offers From Airlines And Hotels

Most people do not want their inbox filled with offers from every travel site, airline, and hotel under the sun. Yet, the travel addicts out there celebrate every morning when they get to check their inbox for exciting travel offers. Oh, the excitement of imagining where the next adventure will be! Exclusive discounts on flight tickets never ruined any travel addict's day.

How It Helps. It keeps you informed about deals and offers by airlines and hotels.

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4. You Never Bother To Unpack

It may sound ridiculous, but travel junkies almost never bother to unpack! Suffering from a case of severe travel addiction, they always have a backpack ready to blast off where ever they want to and never want to unpack once they are back from their adventure. The reason is, you never know what the stuff in that bag might come in handy once again!

Travel addicts simply don’t like the idea of neglecting any travel opportunities. Oh and that lousy feeling of ‘it is over’ after returning from a fun vacation while unpacking…they can’t stand that too!

How it Helps. You save a lot of time that goes into packing!

5. Your Weather App Is Filled With Different Cities

As if collecting foreign currency wasn’t bad enough, watching the weather conditions of destinations with absolutely no plans to visit is possibly worse. However, travel addicts love living a spontaneous life, therefore, they have to be packed and ready at all times. Keeping an eye on the weather is simply being proactive just in case they end up there soon.

How it Helps. It keeps you aware of the weather conditions all over the world!

6. “Where Are You Travelling Next” Is The Question You Answer The Most

When your friends always ask you the same question “ Where are you traveling next?”. Know that you are addicted to travel. This is often the first question that all the travel addicts get from their friends whenever they meet them and it’s definitely a sign that travel is a big part of their lives.

How it Helps. You have clarity about your travel goals!

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7. The Only List You Care About Is A Bucket List

 The only lists travel lovers bother keeping are lists of places want to visit next or they already have been, and dream to eventually visit. Most of them keep their bucket lists going in a journal next to their beds constantly. Is this something that you also do? Be honest!

How in Helps. You have a positive mindset and always looking forward to gaining new experiences!

8. You Save Only To Travel Again

While a travel addict’s friends and colleagues are saving money for a new kitchen or a car, there’s only one reason they save the dough: to travel. They always know exactly how much they’ve managed to stash away, and more or less the exact number of trips their savings could finance if they decide to jack it all in and go traveling as soon as possible.

How it Helps. The only thing you splurge on is travel that brings you immense happiness!

9. Your Favorite Book Is Your Passport

Passport is one of the favorite books for travel addicts and remains at their side since they started traveling, that’s a lot of adventures and experiences. They love it because it fits in a pocket, opens up a world of adventures, reminds them of all the things they have done when while traveling as they flick through the pages, and when they have had enough for a while, it lets them go back home and tell their family and friends tales of adventures they have been on.

If you treasure your passport like a friend, and it is a part of you, then buddy knows that you are crazy about traveling and in a good way.

How it Helps. It helps you keep things safe that matter the most to you!

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10. You Feel Most Relaxed On The Road

For most travel addicts, the excitement of traveling to a distant place is as much about the journey as the Destination, and they are never more contented than when they are cruising the open road, looking back at the earth from 35,000 feet or watching the ocean from a windswept deck.

How it Helps. Help you stay connected with your inner self!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is a travel addict called?

A 1. A condition in a person with an abnormal urge to travel is also referred to as Dromomania. Such people who travel a lot and acquire new experiences tend to stay happier than others.

Q 2. Is it possible to be travel addicted?

A 2. Yes, it is possible to be travel addicted. When traveling to different corners of the world becomes involuntary, it is a sign of travel addiction.

Q 3. Why has travel become so addictive?

A 3. Travel becomes addictive because it brings immense happiness, gives an opportunity to acquire new experiences, every trip helps you grow more and become wiser. All these things lead to travel becoming addictive.

Q 4. What words best describes travel?

A 4. Words like peregrinate, journey, tour, pilgrimage, trip, trek, and voyage describe travel in their different forms. 

Oh...let us tell you a secret, after noting down all these signs that show you are addicted to travel, we got to know that we too are travel addicts! How exciting! Keep this excitement going on and plan your vacation with Adotrip! Book the cheapest flight tickets, hotels, and Tour Packages. With us, nothing is far!      

--- Published By  Arpita Mathur

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