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Snorkelling in Mauritius

5 Best Snorkelling Spots in Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean, well-known for its stunning beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs. It’s a paradise for snorkellers who want to explore the rich marine life and colourful underwater scenery.

Mauritius has various snorkelling sports, ranging from calm and shallow lagoons to deeper and more adventurous sites on the outer reef and offshore islands.

We have listed some trending hotspots for snorkelling in Mauritius that you can add to your itinerary. All of these places are guaranteed to provide a lifetime experience. 

Also, read the tips for having a safe and memorable snorkelling in Mauritius.

Discover the 5 Best Snorkelling Spots in Mauritius

You can choose snorkelling tours Mauritius for various destinations such as -

  • Flic En Flac
  • Trou Aux Biches
  • Ile Aux Cerfs
  • Tamarin Bay
  • Coin de Mire

1. Flic En Flac

If you want a lifetime snorkelling experience, there is no better place than Flic En Flac because of its calm water. You will barely feel turbulence while exploring the underwater life. Once you dive in, you’ll be welcomed by the small group of fish. If you’re lucky, you can also witness blue-tarred parrotfish, white-spotted boxfish and Moorish idols. Plus, the water here is pristine and clear, so you can see sun rays entering the water, making a gleaming effect.

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2. Trou Aux Biches

If you’re looking for more than snorkelling, Trou Aux Biches is the one you should head to. This white sand beach is beautiful above and below sea level. Once you’re underwater, you’ll be spell-bounded by the coral reefs on the big rocks. There are colourful fish that swim with you, and you can see other marine animals.

3. Ile Aux Cerfs